Friday, September 30, 2016

Texas: Woman tells us her cousin was attacked by 8-month-old family pit bull; then she lectures us to not "blame the breed"

TEXAS -- My little cousin was attacked by a family dog and it wasn't vaccinated, so now she has to get the rabies shots! Ugh it wish people would vaccinate their pets!!

Cindy Meier Thurman: Their family pet??

Thomasina Turner: oh my lord? Praying she recovers quickly :( what happen to the dog.?


Debrenda Davis: It was her aunt's dog
Debrenda Davis: He was put down

Miki Ruppert - Cornette: Omg so sad!!!! Was the dog not trained? I sure hope your cousin is ok!

Debrenda Davis: They had just got it... He was only 8 months old.

Miki Ruppert - Cornette: Holy crap so young! Why would the dog behave that way so sad

Tracy Davis: I have real trouble with anyone trusting a child alone with a large breed puppy/dog they don't know inside & out. Many children just aren't taught the proper way to treat dogs & bigger dogs will defend themselves if they are fearful. (Alone can be right in the next room or 5 feet away)

Debrenda Davis: Well these girls were not alone with the dog and knew the dog very well!

Sara Sandoval: Omg poor baby, how terrifying πŸ˜£πŸ’”

Debrenda Davis: Please don't make this post a debate war on pits!! Just keep my little cousin in your prayers please!

Debrenda Davis: As much as I hate to see anyone get attacked by a pit I DO NOT think all pits are bad!!!



Christina Reid: In the 70's it was Dobermans, in the 80's it was German Shepherds & Rottweilers, now it's Pits. Any dog regardless of breed or size can be dangerous. My grandmother has one of the most vicious tea cup chihuahuas I've ever met! It's how animals, and people, are treated that determines actions...not breed.

Really, it's an insult to keep repeating this phrase about "first it was the Dobermans, then it was the German Shephers"... because it was basically cribbed from a quote regarding the Holocaust: MARTIN NIEMΓ–LLER: "FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE SOCIALISTS..."

Have you ever seen a Chiweenie do this much damage?

Debrenda Davis: She's healing fine. Still got a long road ahead but she's hanging in there!

Antoinette Marie Haley: No problem.............even as a Pit advocate I find this disturbing. The poor girl.

Debrenda Davis: Update...... Morgan went for her second round of rabies shots today and got her drain tube taken out still healing good

Convince this victim to "blame the deed and
 not the breed". Has a Whippet ever done this?

Terry Balderas: This was very serious I'm so sorry Prayers for her speedy recovery this looks so painful

Carlos Cretarolo: How is she doing?

Debrenda Davis: Update.....Morgan got her staples taken out today. Ready to go to school tomorrow. They go Wednesday to get her 3rd round of rabies shots. Doc says it's lookin good.

I don't know why she had to endure rabies shots. Even if the dog wasn't vaccinated against rabies, either cut off its head and test it or put it in quarantine and observe it. The only reason she would have needed rabies shots is if they ran off with the dog and hid it...

Kansas: Piper Dunbar, 2, attacked and killed by two pit bulls that belonged to family friend. Meanwhile, Dad tells us not to judge pit bulls.

KANSAS -- Around 8 p.m. Saturday night, 13 NEWS learned that the Topeka Police Department responded to a house located on the 800 block of SE Carnahan after a 911 call that 2 year-old Piper Dunbar was reported missing.

"We looked everywhere, I screamed her name so loud,” said Piper’s father, Donnie Dunbar. “Can’t believe that quick the most precious thing on earth can be taken away from you."

Police began searching the area and found little Piper dead in her front yard underneath a tarp. 

Dunbar says he and Piper fell asleep earlier that evening and he told 13 NEWS he was unaware of what was happening.

"She figured out had to open a child safety lock with her fingers,” said Dunbar. “She could turn the knob and open a dead bolt that’s on the back door, she was so smart."

If those vicious dogs weren't in the backyard in the first place, this never would've happened.

Throughout the course of their investigation, police say they obtained enough information to believe Piper had been the victim of an animal attack.

Animal control responded to the scene and seized two pit bulls that Dunbar says belonged to Margaret Jaramillo, a family friend who had been staying with Dunbar to help take care of Piper since he is a single father. 


Jaramillo says she was running errands during the attack and made the 911 call as soon as she realized Piper was gone.

"I saw her from the distance they wouldn't let us close to see her, from what I understand they think her injuries were caused by the dogs,” said Jaramillo.

Jaramillo says the two dogs were in the backyard and doesn’t know how they made their way to the front where Piper was. Police are continuing to investigate the case, but both Jaramillo and Dunbar are torn by the loss of Piper.

"She just loved attention and loved to be hugged,” said Jaramillo.

Dunbar and Jaramillo were taken to police headquarters and interviewed and TPD detective Brian Wheeleus. Wheelus says the police investigation will be submitted to District Attorney Chad Taylor's office.

According to, Margaret Jaramillo also goes by the name Margaret Johnson. She says she's married to James Johnson who also has a 2nd Facebook page James Brook Johnson. If you look at Jaramillo's Facebook page, the URL says Brook Lowe so that may be yet another alias she uses (as James is using the middle name Brook).



A relative of Piper posted: 
Those who pray, please do so for my cousin's lil 3 year old daughter, Piper. She was found dead today in a ditch in East Topeka, and that's all I know. Piper was an adorable lil girl who played with my daughter Abbey-Jo almost every weekend from last November until April, when Judge Watson pulled her bullshit.

Angela Stamps: So sad to hear....prayers...😞😞😞


Tyrone Carstarphen: Prayers

Cherie Ratcliff: Prayers to you and your family and anyone who had the joy of this baby girl.


April Rudin: you know I find it funny whenever it involves a dog pits are always the ones doing it but nobody fails to look at the fact it's the owner at fault who neglected the dog bc if the pit had a good owner he or she should not be running loose if dog was not loose then owner should do better training so he or she not mean now the dog is gonna lose his or her life for nothing that was his or her fault but the owner or breeder.

I got a pit bull had since he was a pup and he is the most biggest baby ever and I would hurt anyone who tried to hurt my dog I have a 2, 4, 5 year old he was even around my kids as a baby 1,2 year old at time when I got him and protects my kids and other kids from other dogs coming around he even protects us and the only training we trying to do is teach him to let us know when strangers are on property but not to bit which he to much of a baby hard to get him to do he'll we can play with him stick hands in food dish he don't do shit but when this happens its the dogs fault never the person who owns or breeder dog but hell lets keep killing pits and banning them from county to county I seen other bred of dogs go crazy and kill people that are not pits it the OWNERS PEOPLE NOT THE DOG


Jocelyn Gonzalez-Castillo: Why is this even a topic of discussion? and why are we making assumptions that this is what happened to the child? There has been no updates on what happened. Let's quit the arguing over a dog and pray for a two year old who lost her life. Ppl seem to be more concerned over a damn dog and what's going to happen to it over that poor child.


April Rudin: yeah once again not dogs fault he or she didn't ask to be trained as a fighting dog dogs can't speak their minds they just do what they are trained to do

Derek Neal: Which is why the owners need to be screened, to protect the animals rights and innocent people

April Rudin: they are not born with it in their Damn DNA just like humans we were not born to kill or am I missing something is that I our DNA too bc we kill too it's all in how we are raised and taught as humans and we make the choice if we wanna live out how we are raised dogs can't do that pick how they wanna be once the owner puts shit I their minds they carry it out just like racists people I can't stand those type of people y they would choose to treat others that way but I guess its in our DNA too

Derek Neal: Behavior of an animal is genetically linked. That's why zebras aren't trained like horses. Their temperament is too ingrained in them and they are near impossible to get to follow directions.

Sheryl DePriest: I agree 100% Derek Neal. Just as retrievers retrieve, greyhounds run and bloodhounds track scents. ALL dog breeds were created by humans.

April Rudin: but u may as well call humans dogs too bc we were born as killers and to hurt others like dogs we ain't no different u people are really pathetic to say it's DNA bullshit u all are corrupted in life just like policeman think they got a badge they big shit do whatever they want we are all nothing but fuvking guinea pigs in life just bc ur a cop lawyer don't mean shit we are all alike hell I know cops who do drugs and then go bust others who do it when they do gor themself wow people


Susan Sender: They're called the nanny dog everybody look it up they're not vicious to children unless they're taught


Look at Victorian paintings: Nearly all of the dogs shown
as "nanny dogs" are Collies and St. Bernards (click to enlarge)

Piper Nevaeh Dunbar obituary:
December 16, 2013 - September 24, 2016
Our little angel arrived on December 16, 2013 and entered in to heaven on September 24, 2016. Left to grieve her departure are her parents Donald (Donnie) Dunbar and Stephanie Rhoads-Dunbar; grandparents, Dennis and Estelle Dunbar, Jeremey Rhoads and Jessica Howard; aunts and uncles, Lisa and Josh Bourland, Billie Rhoads, Ashley Flectchall, and Joshua Kline; and many more extended family members.

She was preceded in death by her grandmother, Lorene Dunbar.

Donate for her funeral expenses here: GoFundMe "Piper Dunbar"

Piper with her mom, Stephanie Rhoads


California: Black Lab mix attacked by pit bull mix at Donner Lake

CALIFORNIA -- My friend took my very gentle Black lab, Boss, to East End of Donner Lake yesterday, Sunday September 24th around 1:20pm. Along the main trail to "Dog Beach" he was attacked by a light colored tan pit bull mix.

The owner was a young woman (mid 20s) with pink hair in a bun and was driving a silver SUV (maybe 4 runner) and she had another dog, a smaller terrier. My friend did not realize that the Pit bull bit him and tore a 4 inch gash in his head. (His big floppy ears hid 4 inch gash) and so she did not get this woman's information.

Even if the dog had not suffered a devastating injury, they should have gotten the owner's information to report it to Animal Control. Animal Control needs to know about all these types of incidents -- should this same dog eventually attack a child, they need to be able to show that the owner KNEW OF THE DOG'S AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR. You can only do that by filing reports and having law enforcement CREATE A RECORD of having spoken with the owner about the incidents.

PLEASE if this was your dog or if you know this woman, please come forward and accept responsibility by contacting me at (928) 607-1560.

This is NOT just about the hefty VET bill that we are now straddled with for his surgery today, but also about ensuring the safety of all OUR common Dog beach. One bad dog endangers all of our safety, access to Dog Beach and lenient leash laws.

I don't think this woman knows how much damage her dog did and in trying to find her we encountered 2 other dog owners with run ins with her pit mix as well. If you have any information or know who this woman is, please reach out to me with information. I've owned an aggressive dog before and i know its hard, but its not fair to our gentle pooches that these dogs are off leash in public places. Thanks in advance for your help and everyone be safe out there.

Amber Elyse Cannizzaro: The irresponsibility of this person is super sad! I'm so sorry to read about your dog.

Carina Eady-Toledo: It was on us to check him thoroughly before leaving the situation bit sadly I wasn't there so just trying to clean up afterwards. He's out of surgery, in pain, but hopefully on the mend. Thank you

Amber Elyse Cannizzaro: I understand it's all around a sad situation.

Paige Butterfield: Surgery for a cut?

Carina Eady-Toledo Paige: Butterfield it wasn't just a cut. He ended up needing 15 stitches I think, 4 inch long but very deep, full anesthesia and antibiotics, etc. It was infected within 12 hours and very close to his ear. He's home now on pain meds with a cone and doing better.

Paige Butterfield: Poor doggo. I hope the other owner comes forward.


Indiana: Man asks news reporter to do story about elderly man attacked by three dogs

INDIANA -- I think you should check on the story bout the man the was attacked by the 3 dogs. Such a sad out come

Eric Stidman Will do, Bennie. Thank you!

Bennie Williams A story about a 63 year old man getting attacked by 3 loose dogs & everyone is blaming the old man. He had a heart attack about a year ago & could barely walk let alone fight off 3 dogs. Thank you sir for replying to me

Sheri Schlomer B do you know the guy? If so how is he doing? I have been thinking about him

Bennie Williams He lost a lot of blood & he cant go home to his wife because she can't care for him because she isn't in the best of health either. He lives 2 apartments away from me. I've watch him make a come back from his heart attack but it was slow then this. He was going to get coffee from Walgreens.

Sheri Schlomer So sad

Bennie Williams Yes it is. Both arms & legs are bad & i think a bite to the head & possible broken bone. Sheri Schlomer he was real lucky

Sheri Schlomer B I can only imagine the horror that poor man felt. The guy who owns the dogs should be punished and sued big time

Bennie Williams I agree 100%. That could have been anybody & it shouldn't be swept under the rug

Sheri Schlomer I agree.. Seems like it is tho

Bennie Williams Just because you don't have a lot of money doesn't mean someone with more can get away with this. Its not right

Virginia: Chance Davis charged with shooting puppy, leaving it to die on the side of the road

VIRGINIA -- The Campbell County Sheriff's Office says it has arrested a man they say shot and killed a dog, then left it on the side of the road earlier this month.


Deputies took Chance Davis into custody around 5:00 p.m.

Chief Animal Warden, Benny David said Davis is charged with felony cruelty to animals and could face multiple years in prison.

Although the dog appears alive in this photo, it is
dead. Its head is at this angle from being crammed
inside the pet crate and then shot to death by Chance
Davis who then dumped his body on the side of the road

David said Davis shot the 8-month-old puppy in the head while he was in a crate and left him to die along the side of Holcomb Path Road in Campbell County.

A reward was offered for information leading to this arrest.
PETA is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this crime.
The Danville Area Humane Society and the Virginia Alliance for Animal Shelters are each offering an additional reward of $1,000, which brings the total reward to $7,000.
Who is Chance Davis? Well, when he's not allegedly stuffing young dogs into crates, shooting them to death and then dumping them on the side of the road, he works at Ceco Pipeline Services and is expecting a baby with a woman named Kaylee Bordelon. I guess people like putting the cart before the horse nowadays but whatever.


(WSET - Sep 30, 2016)


Pennsylvania: Leonard Hughes, 44, charged with animal cruelty after 13 starving horses seized

PENNSYLVANIA -- Charges have been filed against a Corsica man after 13 starving horses were seized from his property nearly two weeks ago.

Leonard W. Hughes (aka Lenny Hughes), 44, Corsica, has been charged by Jefferson County’s humane officer with 14 non-traffic summary counts of animal cruelty. The charges were filed with District Judge Gregory M. Bazylak of Brookville late Thursday.

In connection with the charges, Jefferson County humane officer Deborah McAndrew asked the court to collect a total of $4,200 in fines and more than $4,000 in restitution.

Additionally, she is asking for possible imprisonment for nearly half the cases.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, McAndrew first visited the property at 1418 Howe Road on Aug. 30 after receiving complaints that grossly thin horses were on the property.


In court records, she said she spoke with Michelle Secka because Hughes was unable to speak to her due to injuries he suffered from an accident. At that time, McAndrew told Secka about her concerns for the horses on the property as there was no hay visible and they were underweight.

She said she told Secka at that time to get the animals veterinary care within one week before she returned.

On Sept. 3, McAndrew came back to the property after receiving a call from state police about a horse that was down and barely breathing. When McAndrew called Secka she confirmed that horse was shot to end its suffering and that a vet wasn’t called as instructed due to money issues.


McAndrew stressed to her the need for vet care and hay for the horses, as well as for a brown dog on the property who was thin and needed vet care.

On Sept. 14, McAndrew returned to the property to find the horses were still not cared for.

In the affidavit of probable cause, McAndrew, who has owned horses for more than 25 years, said she believed that “due to lack of sustenance and veterinary care if these horses do not receive immediate intervention...they will die.”


The horses were seized by search warrant the next day and are currently owned by the state as their cases work through the court system.

Willow Run Sanctuary & Adoptions, Inc., known as the hub for humane services in Jefferson County, is the caretaker of the animals on behalf of the state.

The horses have since been split into several different foster homes for their own protection and so they can be provided with the care they need.

(Courier Express - Sept 30, 2016)

Kentucky: Dennis Grimsley, 37, charged with animal cruelty

Full Name: Dennis Grimsley
Gender: Male
City: Russell Springs, Kentucky 42642
Height: 5'04"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Arrest Age: 37
Date: 09/29/2016
Arresting Agency: Russell Springs Police Department, Kentucky

Kentucky: Edward Craver, 58, charged with animal cruelty

Full Name: Edward Craver
Gender: Male
City: Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353
Height: 5'08"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: GRY
Eye Color: BLU
Arrest Age: 58
Date: 09/30/2016

Michigan: Good Samaritan comes to woman's rescue after she was attacked by two pit bulls

MICHIGAN -- Thanking God for being here! Got attacked by two pit bulls today and I am still here walking around. Luckily God has bigger and better plans for me.

I was simply walking to the store then out of the blue the dog just charged at me and to the ground I went. As I was fighting off this dog here comes the other one. I thought "Oh Lord" then some kind man in a van pulled up and ran the dogs off. I was left with only a few bite marks on my left hand and a swollen face due to the dogs stepping on it. But I thank God because it could have been alot worse!

Dorothy Chambers: Glad you're ok. Did the owner ever come out

Alexandria Banguil: Thank you and no we never found the owner.

Michigan: Family, who breeds and sells pit bulls, angry after their child attacked by neighbor's pit bull

MICHIGAN -- A West Michigan mother, whose 13-year-old daughter survived a vicious pit bull attack which led to hours of reconstructive surgery, now wants the dog put down.

The family tells us they are dog lovers, and they even own and breed pit bulls. 

My sympathy (for the parents, not the child) ends here. They're part of the problem. 

According to their GoFundMe page, they're homeless and jobless. How can they be breeding pit bulls if they don't have anywhere to live?

Tonight, they say they blame the owners--and not the dog for the attack.

Keisha Howell says these deep lacerations and bloodied scars tell the story of what happened when a neighbor's pit bull latched onto her daughter Jakiah's face.

"She tried to pet the dog and the dog jumped up and bit her. All the other kids were used to playing with the dog but the dog was running around loose," Howell said.

Howell rushed to her daughter's aid after she got a panicked call on Friday evening about a pit bull attacking her daughter.

"She was in shock, I'm sitting there crying. I mean her lip! She even tried to smile but her lip was just busted wide open," Howell said.

The furious mother says the neighbors should have kept a closer eye on their pit bull.

"I just started yelling, control your dog why don't you know your dog. Why did you guys let your dog hurt my child like this," she said.

Bleeding profusely, the 13-year-old was taken by ambulance--the next few hours--a blur of exams, stitches, and shots.

"The pit bull had torn muscles in her cheeks and in her mouth from this side and a nerve because the pit bull but all the way through, so it tore a muscle and a nerve where she could not feel anything," said Howell.

And two days after the attack, unsure what happened to the dog, Howell learned police removed the dog from the home.

"This morning, once I got into work, we declared the dog as vicious and the dog was picked up and taken to our animal holding facility," said Albion Police Chief Scott Kipp.

On Monday, the 7th grader's face appears to be healing from the outside but on the inside, things are remain unsettled for Howell.

"I say it's the owners fault, not the dogs fault, because you should know your dog or put the time in to know your dog if you have new people around, and you are allowing them to be in your yard," Howell said.

The teen says despite what she went through she is still a dog lover.

Police say the dog's owners have the option of signing off on the dog and putting it down or getting liability insurance for their pit.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.

State representative Jon Hoadley introduced a new bill that would put dogs that bite, or dogs with a violent history on a dangerous dog registry.

He also wants to hold their owners accountable for injuries or damages caused by dog bites.

From her GoFundMe page: My daughter Jakiah 13 has had plastic surgery and over 200 stitches on her face after being attacked by a vicious Pit bull. I need any kind of help with medical bills due to the fact I am a single mother of 6 children currently homeless and out of work, I am going through a divorce and have no funds for transportation or the bills if you can find it in your heart to help in anyway it will be so greatly appreciated

(WWMT - Sept 29, 2016)