Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Texas: Pekingese named Annabelle mauled by Pit Bull which has apparently been terrorizing the neighborhood

TEXAS -- Jennifer Marie Nagg posted on Facebook August 11, 2017

Please please say a prayer for my sweet little girl Annabelle!

She was attacked by a pit bull. Her jaw is broken in multiple places and just hanging off her face, puncture wounds all over her little body and possible broken back leg.. 

when the vet finally let me see her she was laying in the corner of the cage crying in pain and shaking so hard, when she saw me she tried to stand up and come to me😭 hoping she will be able to get her reconstructive surgery tomorrow, if not tomorrow then they will make her wait until Monday depending on how she is...

she is being well taken care of at the vet with iv pain meds and water to keep her hydrated and sedated.. say a little prayer for me too if you don't mind cause I'm a mess... nothing bad has ever happened to my baby so to see her like this and not her happy playful self is heart breaking....

Also PLEASE if you have an aggressive dog put a muzzle on them and make sure they are being taken care of properly... my boyfriend also got bit by the pit while trying to break up the fight... I love all animals but have realized that charges must be pressed in order to save the next victim 😢

Sandy Anastasi - Yes please press charges. I used to breed Pekes and a student of mine bought a brother and sister that became like children to her, going everywhere with her for years. One night she was out walking with her boyfriend and her Pekes and two off-leash pit bulls came running by, grabbing her little girl and ripping her apart between them and running off with her, also biting her boyfriend who tried to grab the poor thing from their mouths. She never saw her baby again. Her little boy died a short time later.

I hear so much about people who want to talk about how gentle, loving and protective their pit bulls are but remember the breed was bred to hunt, attack and kill and those are instincts that make many of them lethal outside of their own pack.

Pit bull and other attack-bred breed owners need to remember that and those dogs should never be allowed off leash or unmuzzled when around other dogs and people not part of their pack-family.

I am sending huge love and healing to your little girl. ❤️

Julie Kempke - Mine was attacked by a Rottweiler. He lost a eye but made a really great recovery. My heart breaks for you

Jennifer Marie Nagg - Currently we are dealing with animal control and our angry neighbors ): they haven't been able to do the surgery yet ): we are about to go check on her and see how she is at the vet I will keep you guys posted as best as I can thank you all for your sweet wishes of healing thank you so mucb

Sharmon Lester Beasley - Please press charges. Praying for you and your baby .When I was a teenager a pit attacked my peek, Pojo . Puncture wounds, and a slit across his throat, several days under vet care and weeks of recovery. He was timid after that when walking him. It breaks my heart to see pekes or any animal hurting. I would press charges for sure. I know it's awful but , the pit that attacked my Pojo , died from lead poisoning. My Daddy didn't play about his babies. He knocked on the mans door and ask him if he wanted to tell his dog goodbye.

Bonnie Barber-Jones - I'm so so sorry you and Annabelle are going through this. My Sugar Bear lost an eye to a Pit Bull attack. Then a few years later a Queensland Heeler knocked out several of her teeth and tore open her hind end at the dog park. I will be praying for little Annabelle.

GoFundMe: Surgery fund for Annabelle

Annabelle our beloved Pekingese was violently attacked last night by a Pit Bull. The dog ran my dog down and immediately tried to kill her, the dog almost severed Annabelle's bottom jaw completely off. 

Annabelle needs a very expensive reconstructive surgery for comfort and quality of life for the future. Never one to ask for help, but I need help. Anything you can do is appreciated this is me and Jennifer's baby and she is everything to us.

This is Annabelle after her violent attack she is doing ok out of critical but a long way to go. This is our baby and it is a tragedy that she is going through this..
We visited Annabelle today, to comfort her and show her love they have her on lots of meds, the surgeon that can fix her will be doing procedure Monday morning. So she is staying in hospital until most likely Tuesday. They are taking good care of her and trying syringe feeding, this is a horrible tragedy that no sweet fur baby should ever have to endure. We are looking into legal actions against the owner of the aggressive dog and the apartment complex who did nothing after reports of this aggressive dog! 

Keep Annabelle in your thoughts and prayers she is our everything.

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