Saturday, September 16, 2017

Florida: Responsible Pit Bull owners turn over their dog after it attacks woman. Just kidding, they hid the dog and threatened the victim.

FLORIDA -- Susan Lissberger added 7 new photos to Facebook. September 12 at 3:59am ·

Yikes.... I was attacked by a pit bull..

In shock.

No words.

Linda Kallai - The dog needs to be put down, surprised it isn't already.
And the owner is an idiot! This is not cool!

Susan Lissberger - The owner of the dog has me as upset as the attack.

Susan Lissberger - Animal control, police and ambulance here now . I keep fainting. She threatened me for posting on Facebook . So it went from civil to criminal. They are all in hiding, hid the dog.

Police said they are crack addicts and at their house often.