Monday, July 23, 2012

Pennsylvania: Loose dog chases 2 girls, paper delivery boy in Lawrenceville

PENNSYLVANIA -- Animal Control officers were called to Lawrenceville after a loose and aggressive dog put an entire neighborhood on edge.

Neighbors said the dog chased two young girls as they were walking to a bus stop. Witnesses said the dog got loose from a home and ran out the front door.

"I heard two girls screaming and a dog barking," said neighbor Stewart Rorison.

"Very aggressive," neighbor Augustus Floyd said. "It was in a stance, and it didn't want anyone around."

Floyd and Rorison said they heard the girls' screams for help and watched as they ran behind a fence to protect themselves.

"The dog was going crazy," said Rorison. "He was looking for something."

A short time later, the dog began chasing a paperboy has he tried walking the girls to the bus stop. He said he used a newspaper to swat the dog away.

"He was walking the kids to school. It lunged at him. It lunged right at him," said Floyd.

The dog eventually ran back into its home after another neighbor threw some lunch meat inside and it took the bait.

"The dog came out and I started feeding it and threw it in the door. I closed the door," said the neighbor.

City animal control officers investigated and said the dog's shots were all up-to-date. Officers said the owner will only get cited if neighbors come forward and testify.

(WPXI - Jul 13, 2012)