Saturday, November 26, 2016

South Carolina: Little dog named Termite horribly mauled by loose pit bull

SOUTH CAROLINA -- This is our Termite! He needs your help ! He has to have more surgery after being attacked by a pit bull! Please donate to help us save him!

Termite has taken a turn for the worse! He has developed infection and has to have more surgery ! Guys we need your help! We have exhausted our funds down to rolling change! That's all we have now. If you can pitch in a few bucks here and there so we can save our little guy we would appreciate it so much! We don't have any other option at this point! We hate to beg for money but we don't have a choice now! Thank you!

GoFundMe "Termite's Medical Fund"

On November 18th, Glenn and Debbie Joyner nearly lost a member of the family, Termite (their fur baby). My mom and dad were visiting with some friends who had left the house for just a short amount of time. My mom and dad had already been inside of the home and my mom went back outside to get a charger out of the car with termite by her side (as always) and as she was making her way back inside, she was attacked by a large dog.

As we all know, a dog will always defend his family at any cost and that's just what termite tried to do! He ran in to rescue his mom from her attacker and in the process, the large dog turned on him. My mom's precious fur baby was bitten multiple times. Luckily, by the grace of God, my dad was there and after many attempts, was able to fend the dog off!

With termite being so small and the other dog being so large, the attack did some serious damage to not only termite but my mother as well! My mom has gashes on her hand and is undergoing rabies treatment for 3 weeks due to the health of the larger dog being unknown! Termite on the other hand was torn on both sides and his hide was separated from the meat as well as having internal damage. He was rushed to the emergency vet in Columbia, SC and was immediately taken in for surgery! Termite was in surgery from 7:30 Friday night until 8:15 Saturday morning and had to be cut further to tack his hide back to the meat on his sides.

The vet cleaned it as much as possible and termite was put in a half body cast and has a cone to keep him from doing anymore damage. They have him on antibiotics and pain medicine and he must be crated for the next two weeks and kept completely still! The vet has done what they can but termite will have to go back a couple of times and have shots and so forth.

The next two weeks are crucial for him and the only thing that my mom can do is comfort him and pray that he makes it because as of now, the odds are against him! The last thing they need to worry about now are medical bills but they are stacking up and fast! Termite's vet bills so far are ranging in the thousands and the drive back and forth from my parents house to Columbia where my mom and termite will still be undergoing treatment is nearly two and a half hours round trip.

My parents are on a fixed income with little room to spare! Anything would help them so much at this time! As I said before, this should be the last of their worries right now as they have their fur baby to take care of! Also, I'm asking even if you can't donate to please keep Termite, my parents and everyone else who was involved in your prayers! This has been very traumatizing for everyone!

Also, so no negative remarks are made! The other dog was put down and it is so unfortunate because he was also a member of the family of the owners. They had him from the time he was a puppy and he had never showed aggression towards anyone! We believe he may have gotten attacked by a wild animal and may have contracted rabies which would explain the behavior! Please keep that family in your prayers as well as they're going through a difficult time with their loss! Thank you and God Bless!

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