Saturday, December 24, 2016

Australia: Bradley Presbury, 20, and Reece Parke, 22, charged with animal cruelty, accused of raping a pet pig and torturing to death seven chickens

AUSTRALIA -- Bradley Presbury, 20, and Reece Parke, 22, have been charged with bestiality and torture after they allegedly molested a pig named Polly and tortured several chickens at a farm in Nimbin on the New South Wales north coast.

When Presbury and Parke appeared in Lismore Local Court on Friday they were both refused bail. Both men will remain behind bars over Christmas and until January 17 when they are due to reappear in court.


Workers at Nimbin farm Djanbung Permaculture Gardens made the gruesome discovery on Wednesday, December 15. Owner Robyn Francis told the Gold Coast Bulletin she discovered the animals when she went to feed them at 7.30am.

She said she saw dead chickens, some with their heads decapitated, strewn across the barn.  

Two of her heritage chickens also appeared to have had their necks severed with a blade and thrown into the pig's house. 

The pig, a family pet, suffered bruising and swelling to the rear of her body, had a chunk of hair ripped out near her right shoulder and was finding it difficult to walk following the attack. 

“She has nasty injuries on her face and nose, near her eye and on her rump.”

Ms Francis also told the Northern Star Polly retreated to her pig house and didn't come out at all the following day.

Both Presbury and Parke were on parole when they allegedly committed the crime on Wednesday last week, the Northern Star reports.

Presbury's lawyer Steve Bolt sought a non-publication order from the magistrate in the hope his client's identity would be suppressed, but he was unsuccessful.

The police prosecutor argued it was in the community's interest to know details of the crimes and the alleged offenders, the Northern Star reports.

Six people were sleeping just 50 metres away from the animal barn when the gruesome attack took place, the Northern Star reports.

Ms Francis said she did not hear anything during the attack but realised the morning after Polly the pig had been muzzled to prevent her from making any sound.

'She's so friendly and trusting of people.'

(Mogaznews - Dec 22, 2016)

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