Friday, December 16, 2016

California: Hospitalized Grover Beach man called a hero for saving dog attack victim

CALIFORNIA -- A brutal dog attack Tuesday afternoon sent two people to the hospital, both hurt so badly, they're now in critical condition. Grover Beach Police have confirmed that the dog owner is one of their police officers.

"There was blood everywhere and pieces of ripped up clothing, it was a pretty horrific scene," neighbor Craig Perry said.

Craig Perry has known the two victims for years.

"When I saw them both, both of them were laying in the street maybe 10 feet apart," Perry said.

Witnesses say a loose dog began attacking 85-year-old Betty Long and her two small dogs on Nacimiento Avenue in Grover Beach. That's when next-door neighbor David Fear jumped into action to save Long.

The man's brother, Steve Fear, says David suffered dog bites to his stomach and arms. The injuries are said to be so severe that the two arteries in his arms were severed, which contributed to him losing six pints of blood. Steve also says his brother has an infection from the bites and may have to have his hands amputated.

"Still trying to.. little bit of a shock, keeping them in our prayers, they're still in pretty bad shape last time I heard from Dave's wife," Perry said.

David Fear's family released a statement Thursday, reading in part: "At this time his injuries are quite extensive. We are gratified by the outpouring of love and support from our community. At this time, however, we ask that you respect our family's privacy."

The officer's roommate tells us that the dog was put to sleep following the attack. She also said the dog owner is out of town.

"We're just so thankful that Dave was home," Betty Long's son's girlfriend, Missie Roth told us.

Missie Roth is Betty Long's son's girlfriend. Long suffered a broken shoulder, broken pelvis, head cuts and bite marks all over her body from the attack.

"Was such a brave man to jump into a dog fight, risking his life, which is still really in jeopardy, to save our mom, Betty Long," Roth said.

The dog was a personal dog of that police officer. SLO County Animal Services is leading the investigation.

(KEYT - Dec 15, 2016)


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