Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kentucky: If you know Taylor, please keep your children away from her dogs because she is delusional

KENTUCKY -- Taylor read the article about the little boy who was killed by, what his aunt described as, "his best friend" -- a pit bull named Tiny. Most people are horrified by what happened to this little boy and shaking their heads thinking, "Pit bulls again?". Not Taylor.

&& let the bashing of the pit bulls start.

This breaks my heart for this family.

But please do not start bashing this breed. Not all pit bulls are mean. No one knows the back story to that dog. I would bring any of my three around anyone's child. Yes, mine are a handful and wild but two of the three are pups. One is a rescue and the other two came to me as puppies. So I have seen how the love you give them can make them wonderful companions for anyone.