Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Mexico: Little dog named Arnold attacked by a pit bull when his owner took him for a walk

NEW MEXICO -- Mel Rivera posted on Facebook · December 16 at 7:10pm ·

My baby was attacked by a vicious pit bull yesterday.
Had surgery today 😢

Mel Rivera - J was out walking and the pit bulls started running toward them J was able to kick one of them but the other one bite Arnold on the neck. J was able to wrestle him off. A man that was driving buy stopped and helped J, he put our dogs in his car and gave J a ride home. Arnold is doing well well, he had a 3 inch gash and torn muscle.

Josefina Enriquez - Wow is Jay ok, did they get the dogs,

Mel Rivera - J is ok thank God. Nope they didn't find the dogs. We have a report, so hopefully they will be able to find the stupid owners.