Friday, December 16, 2016

New York: Sharon Padget, 66, was hoarding 22 dogs inside her home, say police

NEW YORK -- Sixty-six-year-old Sharon Padget of Elmira, is facing animal cruelty and several other charges as a result of improper care of 22 dogs residing in her home.

Elmira Animal Control officers were called to 211 Franklin Street due to what Elmira police described as a 'permeating odor coming from the residence.'


"We had asked if it was ok for us to go in and we were denied that," Director of Animal Control, Craig Spencer said. "We ended up getting a search warrant and making entry. The inside was pretty bad, floors covered with feces, furniture with feces, dogs in crates."


What Spencer and his team found inside, was something out of a nightmare.

"A lot of the dogs were covered in feces and had feces matted in their fur," Spencer said. "They had urine on their feet."

All 22 dogs, were gathered and transported back to the Elmira Animal Shelter to be properly treated.


"Bringing the dogs in, we had to cut a lot of the mats off so they could move freely, and started bathing and grooming the dogs," Spencer said.

On top of grooming, the animal shelter is currently vaccinating the dogs and ensuring they are healthy enough for adoption when the time comes.


"At this time, we do not have a time that we will be putting them up for adoption," Spencer said. "We still have a lot of work, cleaning them up, grooming them, getting their nails clipped."

Since recovering the animals, the shelter has been receiving constant donations. One local resident was so appalled by the incident, he felt the need to donate $1,000 to help with the grooming and revitalizing process.

Ultimately, Sharon Padget is due in Elmira City Court at 10 a.m. on January 20th.

But, despite an unfortunate past, these furry friends are due for a bright future.

( - Dec 15, 2016)