Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ohio: Todd Meeks and Diane Dunbarger both cited for their vicious dogs

OHIO -- The Washington County (OH) Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page:

Todd Meeks' vicious Boxer mix repeatedly allowed to run loose

On 17 Dec 16 Sgt. McGilton was called out to the residence of Todd Meeks, 845 Sandhill Road, Marietta, in regards to his dog running loose from his residence.

The brown Boxer mixed breed dog went into the roadway and charged towards an individual while walking past this residence. The individual was extremely fearful of the dog which led the individual to pepper spray the dog. The individual advised Sgt. McGilton that this is the fourth time this has happened to them with this same dog. 

Meeks had been warned to restrain his dog approximately one month earlier as a result of another complaint.

Sgt. McGilton requested that a summons through Marietta Municipal Court be issued to Todd Meeks, age 38, for failing to restrain his dog.

Diane Dunbarger refuses to keep her vicious dogs on her own property

On 20 Dec 16 Sgt. McGilton was dispatched to 1185 Dunbarger Road, Lowell, Ohio, in reference to three dogs belonging to Diane Dunbarger running loose again.

The dogs were reported to have gone into the roadway and attacked a vehicle. The dogs had also chewed the front bumper of the vehicle causing significant damage. 

Sgt. McGilton responded to the residence and the dogs were loose and in the roadway as Sgt. McGilton approached. Sgt. McGilton activated the siren of her patrol vehicle to get Dunbarger's attention so she could restrain the dogs, for fear they may cause damage to her patrol vehicle. Dunbarger finally exited her residence and began to gather the dogs and take them inside.

As Sgt. McGilton entered the driveway, one of the dogs bit the passenger side front tire tearing a hole in the side. 

Dunbarger advised she knew why Sgt. McGilton was there and advised she had let the dogs out earlier and they attacked a vehicle. Diane L. Dunbarger, age 66, was advised she would be cited into Marietta Municipal Court for failing to restrain.

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