Monday, December 19, 2016

Oklahoma: Calgry Smith and his brother Calvin Smith starved their horse to death. They're facing even more serious charges after they lied about how much they'd paid for the horse they killed.

OKLAHOMA -- Calgry Dewayne Smith, 25, and Calvin Dewayne Smith, 22, of Muskogee are facing charges of cruelty to animals and perjury after a horse in their care died of starvation, according to documents filed with the case.

The brothers called veterinarian Dr. Chester Smith to their property on Dec. 17, 2014 to “come look at” the horse. He told police he was not informed that the horse was dead.

When he arrived to the property at 907 N. 7th St., the horse was laying in a stall with its teeth clenched around the bottom pipe of a pipe gate.

Upon conducting a necropsy, Dr. Smith determined that the horse had very little food in the intestines, but about five gallons of food in the stomach, which he said meant the horse had not eaten in awhile, but had been overfed that day, and had died six hours before he showed up.

The horse, which Dr. Smith believed hadn’t been fed up to two days prior, developed colic and died shortly after being fed pelleted food.

The Smith brothers under deposition claimed that they had bought the palomino stallion for $24,000. It was later shown that they bought the horse for $1,400.

The brothers could face up to 13 years in prison and numerous fines.

(Muskogee Now - December 19, 2016)