Friday, December 23, 2016

Saint Lucia: Woman knew her Doberman wanted to kill her kitten four months ado. Last week he almost succeeded.

SAINT LUCIA -- Cindy Charlemagne added 5 new photos · December 18 at 6:19am ·

It was about this time yesterday, 6:20 am, when I heard my overgrown kitten, Buddy meowing in distress.

I had heard this sound before and knew that it was synonymous with a fight but this time, it wasn't with a feline like himself!

I immediately fled from my bed and rushed to the area where the sound was coming from.

Lo and behold, OMG, I almost fainted. The scene was horrifying. My [Doberman Pinscher] Busta was trying to kill my kitten and had locked Buddy in his jaws! 

He was trying to do what he wanted to since the first day when he laid eyes on my baby feline... four months ago! 

Buddy however, was too swift...well up until now, obviously!

I raced into action mode, grabbed the chain that Busta was tied with and attempted to force him to release Buddy by shaking the chain/Busta, vehemently. I shook hard.

Those of us who are familiar with dogs should know about doberman (mix) breeds and could tell you about their powerful teeth and long jaws.

Anyway, after several attempts and screaming my neighbor's name and Busta's sequentially, he dropped Buddy on the ground near his cage. Buddy was frail by then, however, he was strong enough to crawl to safety while I held Busta by the neck. He was angry at me almost as if I took his breakfast away which "this time" he prepared himself.

I raced to Buddy's location, grabbed his almost lifeless body and brought him in the patio, far away from the claws of Busta. I was still in shock, not to mention Buddy! He was breathing hard, hemorrhaging from the mouth and extremely frightened.

Panick stricken (still) I flipped through my phone book searching for, Idk, anyone who could assist and advise me on how to administer treatment to my dog bitten, half dead kitten.

Suddenly, I came across Dr. Scotland's name and number and miraculously, he answered his phone immediately when I called. I must have saved the number a few years ago when I took Busta to him as a patient at his vet.

Anyway, Dr. Scotland was just waking up from his bed and although he would be opening for business at 8, he said I could bring Buddy over right away...and I did!

After examining my kitten, he discovered that, although the heart was ok, there was a deep puncture in Buddy's stomach and small hole in his lungs where air was escaping rapidly, forming a balloon. The words he kept repeating in my ears were, "I'll be honest with you, it DOES NOT look good!"

Buddy is now fighting for his life at the vet. I returned to visit him five hours after and although he seemed happy to see me and tried meowing to acknowledge my presence, it just didn't come out right cuz he was too weak.

Meanwhile, Busta is his usual happy self, jumping up and down with tail wagging in the air as if nothing happened!!! I love my dog too but I am so pissed at him right now! I never fed him yesterday as his form of punishment.

I can't be mean to him for too long because he was the one who helped save me last year when I got locked in the bathroom. He alerted the neighbor and her dogs and she rescued me.

Besides, Busta can't remember a thing that transpired. A dog's short-term memory span is only five minutes, while it's tripled that figure for a cat.
However, the long-term memory span of a cat is amazingly long. Cats select only what is important to them and store it in memory for a lifetime.

While driving to church hours after the incident yesterday, I found myself meditating and thanking God. It wasn't a family member, a close friend, a neighbor, a human being etc that I was driving to a hospital with punctured wounds about the body and I thanked Him immensely.

Life teaches us many lessons throughout our everyday experiences that things could always be worse than they are. Somebody is always experiencing a worse circumstance than somebody else. As such, we must give thanks to the Creator for his unseen EVERYDAY blessings.

I pray that Buddy pulls through, however, I'm thankful that my family, friends, loved ones, neighbors etc are not waking up from a hospital bed this morning, fighting for their lives. Get well soon my Buddy!