Thursday, January 19, 2017

Georgia: Warner Robins woman says neighbor's pit bulls attacked her Dachshund

GEORGIA -- A Warner Robins woman is upset after she says her neighbor's pit bulls attacked her family's pet dachshund.

She's worried small children who play in the neighborhood might be next. Madison Cavalchire spoke to her and the owner of the pit bulls to find out what happened.

Rebecca Turner says Tuesday started off like any other day, but what she saw walking her kids to the bus stop still has her in shock.


"I don't think pit bulls are all the same," Turner said. "It just depends on how they're raised."

Two growling pit bulls, she says, approached her family. She was able to get her kids inside safely and shooed the dogs away, but the family's 15-pound dachshund, Junior, was nowhere to be found.

Instead, Turner says she saw, "Leaves and dirt were picked up and something was dragged, so I followed the drag marks over to my neighbor's yard," Turner said.

That's when she found Junior, bleeding with a neck wound.

"I rushed him straight to Griffin's Animal Hospital," Turner said.

But before that, she says she called animal control.

"I woke up and got a message that my dogs had gotten out," Jamie Weston said.

Jamie Weston says her two pit bull mixes haven't gotten loose before or attacked.

In the video clip, while claiming her dogs are friendly she
never allows the reporter into her yard with them

"Animal control said that day, and we even have the recorded phone call, that said they've never seen our dogs before, and that's one of the reasons why they went easy and wrote us one ticket, instead of a ticket per dog," Weston said.

Weston says her husband did receive two citations from an animal control officer, but neither of them were for harming another animal or person.

"One was because we didn't have a record showing that they had their rabies shots, and the other one was that they got out of our property," Weston said.

She admits, most likely, something did go down between the three animals, but she insists her dogs get along with others and aren't aggressive.


"But do I believe they slit a dog's throat?" Weston said. "No. I believe they would have been covered in blood and thirsty for it, and taken away from me if they did."

Weston says she did fix her fence to prevent the dogs from getting out again.

Rebecca Turner says she still wants to press charges.

( - Jan 18, 2017)

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