Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ohio: Facing theft charge, Angelo Sullo refuses to tell judge what he did with Army private's dog

OHIO -- A man facing a petty theft charge for getting rid of a dog he was watching for an Army private, appeared before a Cleveland Municipal Court judge Tuesday.

Angelo Sullo pleaded not guilty to the charge, and was released on a personal bond.

Army Private Katelyn Gallagher told Fox 8 on Monday she left her 120-pound Bloodhound, named Buck, with Sullo in May when she went to an Army training program.

She said she corresponded with him while she was away and he told her Buck was doing well.

When she returned home in December and went to get Buck, Sullo told her he couldn’t take care of the dog and gave him away. He refused to tell her who has the dog.

Fox 8 reporter Ed Gallek saw Sullo outside the courtroom Tuesday and asked him where the dog was located. Sullo would only respond by saying “lawyer” to every question asked.

We did try contacting his lawyer but were unable to reach him.

Sullo is due back in court next week.

Gallagher had to return to base Tuesday but said she is receiving several tips on where Buck is located and hopes he will be found soon.


(Fox8 - Jan 3, 2017)