Thursday, January 12, 2017

South Carolina: Elderly woman and her Yorkie attacked by pit bull

SOUTH CAROLINA -- K.e. Harleston posted on Facebook Jan 12, 2017

Yesterday my elderly neighbor and her Yorkshire Terrier were attacked by a pit bull right by my apt. I really tried to get the pit bull off of them, but he was so strong I could not. I was boxing him hard, but he didn't care. It was very traumatic and bloody and seemed to go on forever. It was all happening so intensely that I forgot all about my taser in my apt.

Then two other neighbors came to help while I called 911. One of them threw up while helping because it was so traumatic.

The Yorkshire Terrier will live and comes back from the vet hospital today. The old lady wouldn't go with the ambulance because she had no insurance. Her hand is damaged from a bite. We think the pit bull came from a fighting rink puppy mill. I am still sore and exhausted from it all.

Cheryl Craig - Oh no--so sorry to hear this. I hope all will be ok. i heard if you have a shirt or sweatshirt u throw it over the pit bulls head and pull it back... it covers their mouth or head. ugh thats scary.

K.e. Harleston - His jaw was clamped down on the dog and the woman was on the bottom holding on to her dog. It all happened so unexpectedly. I thought for sure the little dog was going to be killed in front of me.

K.e. Harleston - I rushed up on it after they were in that situation. They were on the ground on the side of my apt. I heard the screaming. I thought maybe a kid fell off a bike or something. I wasn't prepared.

Cheryl Craig - K.e. Harleston terrifying for sure- I'm not sure what I would have done--mabye froze for a bit-- you were so brave--truly

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