Thursday, January 12, 2017

Texas: Dog named Sammy attacked by a pit bull. Pit bull "locked" onto dog and wouldn't let go

TEXAS -- Tracie Spurlock Fritz posted on Facebook Jan 11, 2017

Oh my Gosh!! Sammy just got attacked by a pit bull!! I think he's ok. He has a couple puncture wounds that aren't really bleeding. I washed them & put antibiotic ointment on them.

I love pit bulls but this one is known by the owners not to be dog friendly & it wasn't leashed & only supervised by a young kid who could do nothing to help me.

He clamped down on Sammy's cheek & would NOT let go even tho I was beating him on the head & face! Finally a couple came & the man kicked him. My problem is the apts don't know I have Sammy so I can't really complain. One thing I know for sure...we won't be going that way anymore!! Sammy seems unphased playing with his toy. Meanwhile mom is having a heart attack!!