Sunday, January 1, 2017

Texas: Woman trying to feed dogs is bitten. Officer who responds gets bitten too

TEXAS -- Two people, including a CCPD officer who was responding to the 911 call, were attacked by a dog today.

 It happened around three this afternoon on Bear Ln. near Navigation.

 Police say a woman was feeding the stray dogs when one of the dogs bit the woman on the leg.


She called 911 and animal control. CCPD responded to her compliant, that's when an officer was also attacked.

CCPD Lt. Phillip Bintliff comments on how people should exercise caution before approaching homeless animals.


 "People want to help the stray animals but you have to be careful you just don't know if they're territorial they may be aggressive just depending on the time of day so you have to pay attention and protect yourself".

According to the police, this is the second time animal control has had to respond to this same location for a dog bite.

It doesn't look like they're strays. It looks like they're being used as guard dogs to protect this fenced business.


The dog was taken to animal control for now.

Both the woman and officer suffered only minor injuries.

(KRIS - Dec 31, 2016)

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