Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New York: Authorities say it wasn't wasn't criminal to hoard 30 cats inside a 1-bedroom apartment

NEW YORK -- More than 70 animals have been rescued from a New York apartment.

At least 30 cats were removed from a one-bedroom apartment in Utica on Monday.

A total of 44 dogs were removed from the same apartment last week.

They propped open a window to get fresh air inside.

Experts said keeping that many animals in a confined space can do harm to the pets and the owner.

"You want to be very careful about the diseases these cats and dogs can spread," said Linda Troutman of The Neighborhood Center. "Environmentally, you may be creating a high toxic ammonia level if they're not allowed to go outside or you don't change the litter often enough, that can be toxic to the individual."

There are no state limits on how many dogs or cats an individual can own.

The women who are accused of animal cruelty did not break any laws - just city ordinances.

(Cleveland 19 News - March 8, 2017)

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