Friday, April 21, 2017

Georgia: Off-duty police officer credited with saving man from vicious Rottweiler attack

GEORGIA -- The victim of a vicious dog attack in Walton County remains in a coma and family members say the quick actions of an officer are credited with saving his life.

The dogs were on the loose in a neighborhood in Monroe when they savagely charged 52-year-old Tommy Joe Byrd.

An officer driving by happened to catch the attack and he immediately came to Byrd's rescue.

Family members are calling it a miracle because Officer Robert Orr wasn't sent here by 911. In fact, he doesn't even work in Monroe. He was just passing through on his way to his job in Social Circle, and with no concern for his own safety, his instincts kicked in.

Officer Orr ended up shooting both dogs, saving Byrd just in time.

"I was scared and nervous. I didn't know what was going to happen," said Orr. "There were two large dogs attacking him. It was gruesome. There was a lot of blood."

At first, no one knew where the dogs had come from.

Later, the owner came into Animal Control, asking if anyone had seen his missing dogs. When he described the two Rottweilers to staff, they realized he was looking for the dogs involved in this attack, and they cited him for negligence.

Walter Clark is charged with two counts of letting dogs run loose, two counts of creating a public nuisance and two counts of not getting his animals vaccinated, which are all misdemeanors.

Doesn't Georgia have state laws covering criminal charges when vicious dogs maul and/or kill people?

One of the two dogs survived the shooting, but with no vaccine record, it was put down in order to be tested for rabies.

CBS46 stopped by Walter Clark's address hoping to get a response, but he didn't appear to be home.

Meanwhile, Byrd's family is waiting for him to awake from a coma.

"He's got a long road to recovery. But another thing, I wish there were more officers out there like (Officer Orr)," said Byrd's nephew, John Blackwell.

"We really need more officers like (Orr) in our community. We just want to thank him and thank God for sending him that way, because he saved my uncle."

(WGCL - April 20, 2017)