Friday, April 14, 2017

Oregon: Update on the little dog named Beowulf, which was attacked by homeless guy's pit bull

OREGON -- On Sunday, April 9 my mother and I took my dogs for an afternoon walk. We encountered a homeless camp with a dozen or so tents and structures.

An unleashed pit bull mix exited a tent and ran straight for us. He grabbed a hold of my chihuahua mix, Beowulf, and refused to let go until several people intervened.


When it was all said and done Beowulf's front leg was severely mangled. His radius was broken and his ulna was ripped away from the joint and stabbed out of this skin under his "elbow." He received bite wounds and bruising to his abdomen.

Beowulf is my adventure dog who loves hiking, camping, and rafting down rivers.

I was initially told by the vet that Beowulf would likely lose his leg. The bone and tissue damage is very severe. It is very important to me that Beo is able to do things he enjoys most, so I made the costly decision to attempt the repair in lieu of an amputation.

Additionally, my mom received eight stitches and a tetanus shot for dog bite wounds on her hand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! It's impossible to plan for expenses like these and the fact that the culprit's owner is homeless means that I will receive no compensation.


Just wanted to post an update and let everyone know how Beowulf is doing.

He had his surgery on Monday to put his leg back together and has been in and out of the hospital since then for various cast replacements and infection checks.

This afternoon I received a call from the doctor and it looks like the skin around the bite wounds on his chest is dead or dying. He will require an additional surgery on Monday to remove this tissue.

Additionally, the wound to his elbow may be infected. Hopefully the antibiotics start to kick in so he can keep his little leg!!

I want to thank everyone for their donations and well wishes. I'm overwhelmed with all the support he's received!

GoFundMe link: Beowulf's Surgery
Created April 12, 2017
Jenna Barganski