Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nevada: Famiy's Pit bull attacks and kills their 6-month-old baby

NEVADA -- A baby died Monday afternoon following a dog attack near N. Fort Apache and W. Centennial Parkway, Metro said.


The 6-month-old was taken to Centennial Hills Hospital for treatment, but the child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The incident happened in the 9100 block of W. Brilliant Prairie Court around 1:15 p.m.


There's no word on what prompted the attack, but Metro said the mom was home with the child when it happened.

The dog is said to be a Pit Bull Terrier mix.  Animal Control has taken the dog into custody.

The dog will be held in quarantined for 10 days, but it could end up euthanized.


I wonder if new parents, before they leave the hospital with their babies, are instructed about the dangers of dogs and of forgetting your child in the car? Maybe this family thought they'd gotten the dog used to the baby and, after six months, felt like the dog was accepting of the baby? Very sad.

No baby should ever be left alone with a dog - even a small dog - or left unattended where a dog could get access to the baby while the parent is occupied (in the shower, on the phone, etc.). Babies are foreign creatures to dogs and even a small dog has the ability to kill an infant if left alone long enough with it. 

(8News - May 8, 2017)

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