Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ohio: Social media post involving Amish-owned horse causes outrage

OHIO -- A Facebook post involving a horse caused outrage across social media.

The post showed a horse that was locked in a stanchion for weeks along a state highway in Noble County.


Viewers have told 7News that after multiple trips to the area by the Sheriff, the Amish owners have moved the horse across the street into a round pen.

Residents of the area believe the horse was put into the stanchion next to the highway as a way for the owners to desensitize it.

So I guess if your kid is afraid of heights, you'd dangle him from the roof for "several days"??? If your child is afraid of spiders, you'd lock him in box with a bunch of tarantulas for "several days"??

The horse reportedly was used to pull an Amish buggy and was run off of the road, making the horse afraid of traffic.

(Your Ohio Valley - May 12, 2017)

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  1. Now this is a little to far. Not with how the horse was treated for his fear of traffic but for how the media overreacted. This is the Amish means of transportation. They have kids nine times out ten and need to make sure this horse will be safe when their kids are riding. This is their way of life. That's like us judging parents like myself for disciplining a child in public.( example my daughter is not old enough yet) It may not be humane for you but let me ask you do you use your horse to pull a buggy, if not then how would you know if this is a proper method in training the horse to over come its fear of traffic to make safe for every family.