Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Florida: Woman and her small Poodle mauled by next door neighbor's 70-pound pit bull in their own yard; husband gets gun and shoots pit bull

FLORIDA -- A pit bull attacked a woman and her small dog Saturday morning and was shot by a neighbor, police said.

About 11:30 a.m., Largo officers responded to 132 10th Ave. SW, where a woman was in her yard with her small dog when her next door neighbor who was walking her 70-pound pit bill wasn't strong enough to control her vicious dog that was lunging to get its target - the little poodle.

It, of course, yanked the leash out of her hands and snatched up the little poodle and proceeded to "pit bull" it.


The poodle's owner tried to protect her dog and was bit eight or nine times, police said. After hearing screams, the woman's husband came outside and saw the attack. He and other neighbors tried to pull the pit bull away from his dog.

The husband of the poodle's owner tried to hit the dog with his cane first, then got his personal handgun and apparently with consent of the pit's owner, shot the dog twice.

When that didn't work, police said, he retrieved a .38 caliber handgun and shot the pit bull twice.

"I just think it very well could've been a child.  But this damn dog, it didn't matter.  It would've brought you down big time.  When he locked that jaw down, you ain't moving.  You ain't going nowhere.  That's what bothered me," said neighbor Rick May.


Largo Police arrived minutes later and the pit bull was still flailing around. The Pit bull owner consented to officers putting it down.  Neighbors were told to go inside, then heard two loud gun shots.

The woman was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Her dog was taken to a veterinarian; its condition was unknown Saturday, but they say it was "seriously hurt".

What about the Pit bull owner? Wasn't she injured? After all, this is ALL HER FAULT. The Poodle owner tried to pry its jaws open and was also attacked. What did the Pit bull owner do??? Anything other than just stand there and scream and cry about her pibble who "never acted like this before!"?

And, as usual, the police aren't bothering to charge the Pit Bull owner. I'm sure they're calling it a "terrible accident". She knowingly chose a breed of dog known for attacking and killing. She was required, by law, to be strong enough to control her dog when walking it on a leash. She let go of the leash, allowing her property to attack and try to kill another dog and a woman. She wasn't mauled by her Pit Bull so did she fail to render aid? She'll just go out tomorrow and buy a replacement Pit Bull because she was not held accountable in criminal court for the decisions she made which resulted in this woman and her dog being mauled.

Shame on Largo Police for being lazy. This earns them a "bad cop" label.


(Tampa Bay - June 3, 2017)

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