Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nevada: Woman and her Pomeranian named Bebe attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull

NEVADA -- Mari Jepson posted to Facebook on June 10, 2017 at 11:21pm ·

The most scariest thing ever just happened to me and Bebe. We were just attacked by our neighbor's pit bull on our way to our mailbox. As soon as we crossed the street in front of our house our neighbors pit bull comes running after Bebe (who was on a leash).

My 1st reaction was to pick up Bebe off the ground. While holding Bebe that big dog lunged up and jumped on me, mouth open, teeth out as he tried to get Bebe from my arms. 

I kicked him and he came back from my backside trying to bite her again and I slap him again. It's a good thing he didn't bite me! 

By that time his owner grabbed him and took him away and apologized. He said he has never done something like that before but, I saw his eyes with his mouth open trying to kill my baby.

I love dogs but this makes me think about how dangerous Pit bulls are. You never know when they'll just snap. We are so lucky to be safe but, I am still so scared and shaking from all this. Thank God for keeping us safe