Friday, June 9, 2017

United Kingdom: Chloe Cutler, unmarried, 24 years old with two children and pregnant with a 3rd, is told by judge 'I hope you care for your children better' but doesn't even order her to spend a single night in jail after she was found to have purposely abandoned her Rottweiler puppy to starve to death, with plans to secretly return and bury it "once it finally died"

UNITED KINGDOM -- A pregnant mother who starved her puppy to death so she could bury it in the back garden without anyone knowing has avoided prison.

Chloe Cutler, 24, chose to starve the little Rottweiler puppy "for months" while she prepared to move into a new residence and was allegedly told she could not have a pet at her new place.

Instead of taking the puppy to the shelter or putting an ad online to find it a new home, she chose to starve it to death.

The desperate animal became so thirsty it drank bleach from the toilet before suffering a long and painful death which was 'entirely avoidable', a court heard.

Horrified RSPCA officers found the dog's emaciated carcass hidden under a blanket when they raided Cutler's empty house in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

They also found three tins of dog food on a sideboard but Cutler had not opened a single one to help save the dying animal.

Prosecutor Kevin Campbell, for the RSPCA, said the dog endured a long death that was 'entirely avoidable'.

'When the RSPCA got into the property they found a very skinny Rottweiler carcass. It was sent off to the pathologist who said the dog died of starvation over many months.

'It could have been avoided had she have just given it some food. There were three tins of dog food on the side. The dog had also drank bleach from the toilet because it was so thirsty.'

Cutler, who already has two children, said she moved out of the house just before Christmas because she lost her electricity card.

She went to stay with her mother and could not take the dog because her mother already had animals.

Probation officer Jayne Todd said: 'She knew the dog was losing weight for about four weeks but CLAIMS could not afford vet care. She returned to the house and left the dog again fully aware of the dire condition it was in.

'She planned to return [after it finally starved to death] and then bury it in the garden thinking nobody else would need to know about it.'

Cutler admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal between December 23, 2016 and January 23, 2017.


Magistrates reduced her sentence to 17 weeks because of her guilty plea and suspended it for 18 months. During sentencing a magistrate told Cutler he hoped she 'cared for her children better'.

She was also ordered to pay £360 legal costs and a £115 surcharge and was banned from keeping animals for life.

Cutler's defense attorney, Calum Terry, made excuses claiming she was 'a young girl struggling on her own with two young children' at the time.

He added: 'She takes full responsibility and has been upset since the very start of this. At the time, her priority was her young children.'

Maybe her priority should be BIRTH CONTROL and GETTING A JOB.

Nick Edgar, chair of the bench at Newton Aycliffe Magistrate’s Court, said: “I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of yourself, this is a particularly callous case.

“You stayed away from a property that you imprisoned this dog in hoping it would die so you could dispose of it. It’s absolutely terrible. I hope you’re caring for your children better than you cared for the dog.”

(Daily Mail - June 8, 2017)