Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ohio: "So I just left Marymount hospital, my neighbors pit bull attacked my daughter"

OHIO -- Latonya Goldsby posted on Facebook July 11 near Cleveland, OH ·

So I just left Marymount hospital, my neighbors pit bull attacked my daughter and bite her twice in the leg... People if you have animals...

Please put them on a leash. Your dogs should not be able to run up and down the street. Thank God it's not worse.

Jamie Rice - Wow did they take the dog?

Latonya Goldsby - I'm not sure, I will find out tomorrow.

Jamie Rice - Yes hope she gets better soon! Hope the scars heal.

Lavelle Thomas - I smell a lawsuit coming!

Mary Brady - Glad she ok

Latonya Goldsby - Yeah she has two of them and she let's them run loose everyday

Anita Vlchek - I'm glad it wasn't worse. She really needs to file a police report and one with animal control. That owner must be made to lock her dogs up and that's the only way it will happen. She also needs to produce proof that the dogs have rabies vaccinations in a timely manner. For your daughter's safety.

Latonya Goldsby - Yes, I took my daughter to the hospital, a police report was made and the Dog warden was called.

Jessica Ferrato - Glad she is okay. That's scary. I was attacked by a pit bull once, lunged right at my chest. Luckily it only got a scrap of fabric in the middle 😆 ruined my shirt but it coulda been so much worse.

Erika Price - That Bitch is wreckless with them damn dogs. She gone fun around and have them put down because she ain't shit!! My Rae Rae😢

Latonya Goldsby - The kennel is picking them up today.

Marta Solomon - Just saw this. All good.

Marta Solomon - I carry a stun gun ever since a pit bull busted his collar and attacked my pit bull on a leash. Yeah, $1100 dollars later to repair ear cartilage, the owner could only cover $430 of it, never again am I standing helplessly by. 800k shock will disable a dog, adult... without killing them unless they just don't make it. Not my problem.