Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Mexico: Woman whose arm was nearly torn off in horrific dog attack shares her story

LOS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO -- A woman mauled by four dogs on Sunday in Valencia County is sharing those horrific moments.

Carolyn Lucero said she nearly lost her arm after four dogs attacked her in a neighborhood outside Los Lunas.

"I got by the stop sign and all of a sudden, there were all these dogs," she said.

Video captured on a neighbor's surveillance camera is dark and fuzzy, but it captures the moment Lucero walks along the road and multiple dogs pounce.

"The dog that had me by my arm, I gave up on that one," she said. "I started just fighting the other ones off of me."

She said it was an excruciating 10 minutes that felt like an eternity.

"Screaming for help and nobody would come out," she said. "A car passed by me and didn't stop."

A neighbor nearby heard her screams and ran outside to help.

"I appreciate everything," Lucero said. "I told her she's my guardian angel."

As of Monday, Lucero had a third surgery on her arm. She's been told even after everything, she may lose mobility in that limb.

The Valencia County Sheriff's office is assisting animal control with the investigation. Two dogs have been picked up. Sheriff's officials said animal control is going to file charges against the owner.

Note: A neighbor described one dog clearly as a white Pit Bull, the second dog as a black and white dog covered in blood. Video shows Animal Control removing what appears to be a white Shepherd mix and another smaller dark mixed breed dog. The owner denies owning the Pit Bull and black and white dog despite neighbors saying they were typically chained in the owner's backyard. What likely happened is that her husband drove them off somewhere and is hiding them.


(KOB - April 3, 2018)

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