Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Pit bulls at large

ILLINOIS -- To the Editor:

An editorial is in order regarding this ongoing reporting about pit bulls.

In March, two pit bull-mastiff mix dogs made an unprovoked attack on my elderly collie on my property. I was helpless, and there was nothing I could do with this beast’s head down in my collie and literally shaking her to death.

Like handguns, the pit bull family is a weapon. A handgun can be quite an impressive piece of art at home, and a pit bull can be a great family pet. When you fire a handgun in the air, you are to blame for the damage the bullet inflicts. Unfortunately, our laws don’t seem to cover that same responsibility when a pit bull escapes.

Instead of it being a crime scene, law enforcement considered the mauling of my collie and her untimely death nothing more than “dogs at large” and a “petty offense.” This is like someone running my dog and I down with their car on the sidewalk and getting a ticket for an illegal lane change.

Whether it is a handgun or a pit bull mix, both are weapons that can inflict damage and death when not properly secured. I don’t mind people owning these dogs, or rescuing these dogs, but these dogs need special treatment as a weapon, and the laws must hold owners accountable.

If property is damaged or if a person is hurt, the owner of the dog(s) must be responsible for more than just a ticket for “dog at large.”

Tim Sheridan, Cary

(Northwest Herald - July 21, 2012)