Sunday, May 13, 2018

California: Woman's Dachshund mauled by Pit Bulls; she refuses to get vet care for the injured dog named Buddy

CALIFORNIA -- June Crawford posted on Facebook May 3, 2018 ·

On Monday poor buddy got attacked by three pit bulls

GOFUNDME: Please do not donate
Created May 2, 2018
Elizabeth Lee

Please do not donate as the owner of the little dog Buddy has refused to get the medical services he was in need for.

We are sadly not able to help him since the owner removed her dog from the veterinarian hospital.

If we are able to recover him now it sound like it's to late as he took a turn for the worst.

However we are still praying that the owner works with law enforcement and we can help Buddy,  if we are able to we will definitely keep you posted on Facebook as well as our sanctuary website.
Again thank you.

Update 1
Okay, here is an update on Buddy. The situation has turned dire. His lacerations on his abdomen are now infected. He is at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos, California. If you can please share this and get more people involved we can get him the treatment and care that he needs before it's to late, he cannot wait that much longer without treatment. Right now he is suffering, if the surgery is not performed euthanization maybe his last resort.

*The vet will Not accept donations directly.*

Phone:(760) 466-0600
Address: 2055 Montel rd, San marcos ca 92069
Owners name : Jean Roberts

Update 2
To all the donors!

Jean Roberts has not helped her dog in twentynine palms and has let him down, due to this situation and us trying to reach out and help and her not wanting to care for Buddy we will be asking GoFundMe to return all fees from the donors.

We appreciate your support and we are so sad and heartbroken that Jean has not wanted to work with the Sheriff's department and veterinarian services as well as our sanctuary to help Buddy.

Again we thank you for your support and please make sure GoFundMe has returned all payments as we are now asking GoFundMe to return all donations.

Update 3
All donations are being sent back to all donors, please make sure you got your refund within 7 days GoFundMe has stated it could take up to that time, unfortunately the owner of Buddy took him from the veterinarian hospital and is not going to treat her dog, we are saddened by this and its unfortunate as Buddy is going to die.

We have worked with the Sheriff's department on a recovery mission however that didn't end well as now animal welfare is going to be taken over and law as we can not help as a sanctuary home now as its 100% out of our hands.

Its Buddy who needs help and it is him who is the victim that unfortunately we reached out to help but the owner is mentally unstable and isn't capable of being a responsible pet owner.

The owner needs to be charged with Animal Cruelty and Buddy needs to be taken for the needed vet care immediately. No, the owner will NOT go to jail. They will likely make her surrender Buddy, find a better home for him, and hopefully ban her from having animals for her unsupervised probation time - which won't be more than a year. That's hardly any punishment at all - but to leave Buddy suffering these horrifically painful injuries is outrageous.

Again we thank you and your support.
If the situation changes we will post it on our website and Facebook.

Thanks again


  1. Many pit bulls are genuinely sweet by nature but if their owners are teaching them aggression (or they were rescues from owners who did), they should be kept leashed and muzzled. I have however, met several pitties who were so sweet and loving. Couldn't pass me on the street without begging for kisses, because they were so grateful to be rescued. Don't blame the breed, blame the owners. And they're usually great with kids. One recent story in the news was how one stayed with a young child lost in the woods until they were found.

  2. I believe that it is necessary to bring to account those owners, who refuse to provide the necessary medical assistance to their pets.

  3. do not blame the breed blame the owner, she refused to get help for her poor puppy and let him die. this woman should go to jail for animal abuse. the owners of the pit bulls should be brought in front of the court too, any animal can be trained to act aggressive by their shitty owners. maybe if they dug a little deeper it would have been possible to find the bigger problem, animal fighting rings all over the country, the people who abuse their animals and make money off of animal cruelty

    1. that last picture of the status reply actually makes me sick and is blatant discrimination and ignorance. if you do not have experience with animals you should have no voice in the matter. wanting to wipe out or ban pit bulls is the single most disgusting thing i have ever heard. once again, it is never the dog it is the sick abusive owner we should call to question.

  4. How may I get in touch with the blog administrator?

  5. Hello Buddy! I hope you are okay now. In exotic animal vet near me there's a lot of cases like this and I hope you can get a lots of supports.

  6. Hello again how's buddy doing ? i hope he's fine and healthy now.

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  9. What is sad is the dog died and the owner still has other animals.. Investigators with my department worked hard for justice but in the end the woman walked off without even a day behind bar's.
    We did find out that the owner of the little dog put her dog over the fence where the dog was then attacked, understanding this we also found out with our investigation that the owner has done this before, trying to clam money from independent individuals and organizations for financial help.
    Jean Roberts who is still a known resident in Twentynine Palms has been charged with possession of illegal narcotics in the past and has a record that also includes child abuse but nothing about animal abuse due to the system has failed to charge her due to her failure to comply and show up to her hearings, due to this the court found it just cause to move forward regardless that there was no justice for buddy, the little dog was a victim of the crime against him and the abuser is still walking free.

    This still makes me very disappointed in our system in the Mojave desert as the law enforcement and state Judge failed him.

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