Friday, May 11, 2018

Indiana: After Pit Bull attacks elderly woman and mauls to death her beloved Poodle named Baby, authorities hand the mauler back to its owner

INDIANA -- Paula Herrig is feeling sad. Posted on Facebook May 3, 2018 ·

Need to vent!! Please Share. Maybe we can get this to the public and news in Indiana. Monday, my moms dog was viciously attached by a neighbors dog. (Mom is in Indiana with my sister, Peggy. That is where this took place)

Mom, 82 yrs old, fought to save her dog, Baby, not once, but twice. As the first time she got Baby, the pit bull attacked again, ripping Baby from her arms. She again fought the pit bull for her Baby. 

Baby was in critical condition, until this morning, when she passed away. Mom was bit in the "fight". The pit bull was returned to it's owner!!!!!Where it still is!!!!! 

The owner admitted to fault, stating they knew the dog was getting out, but they couldn't afford a "better" fence. But the dog is still returned to that home!?!?

Are you kidding me???? What has to happen for a dog to be removed??? Killing a pet and biting the pets owner isn't enough?? INDIANA, WTF!?!? JUST SOOO WRONG!!!!

My heart aches for you mom!! LOVE YOU!!



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