Friday, May 11, 2018

Oregon: Woman's dog attacked by homeless couple's Pit Bull. Even though they refused to give her any information about their mauler, she says not to judge them -- and says she still likes Pit Bulls SMH

OREGON -- Susan Doll posted on Facebook May 1, 2018 ·

Brody got attacked by an off-leash pit bull tonight while we were out for our bike ride.

The owners were very shocked and apologetic, but also homeless and not forthcoming with much information.

"Not forthcoming"... you mean they refused to tell you anything.

I'm not looking for judgments on the homeless population, or on pit bulls, thanks, just worried about a big bill later if an unseen puncture abscesses.

Brody is current on his shots. He seemed ok when we left the couple, but I found a small puncture on his neck when we got home. Rinsed it with saline per the phone vet tech's instructions & will keep an eye on it. Still looking for any others, but haven't found them yet.

Brody has really thick fur and thinks wiggling is helpful, which makes the search & rinse difficult. He seems to have bounced back alright attitude wise, but I'm still keeping a worried mom eye on him.

Please, even if you think your dog is the friendliest pooch in the world, use a leash when out in the general population, you don't know what is going to be THAT factor for your dog. I was so paranoid about making sure Brody was well contained that I didn't consider that another dog could be the aggressor. I wonder if I could make him some leather plate armor. Or just wrap him in a really big bubble...

Homeless people with their vicious dogs is a growing problem, though mostly occurring on the West Coast whose liberal states have encouraged and permitted homeless encampments and in the case of San Francisco, homeless drug addicts urinating and defecating on the streets of San Francisco, used needles lying everywhere including playgrounds and dangerous gauntlets of homeless, vicious dogs, trash and human waste lining the greenways and bike paths in larger cities.

If you or your dog is attacked by a homeless person's dog, you might as well assume a few things: 1- the dog is NOT vaccinated against rabies 2- the homeless person will not cooperate and wait for authorities to arrive to quarantine their dog 3- they may attack you if you persist in them "doing the right thing" and waiting for authorities to arrive 4- you will NEVER be reimbursed from anyone for your bills.

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