Friday, January 27, 2017

Indiana: Neighbors terrorized by pit bulls owned by man who "rescues pit bulls"

INDIANA -- Cindy Ellis Keeney posted on Facebook January 26, 2017

Tonight while walking our dog on a leash, our little Henry was attacked by three pit bulls in the Port Fulton neighborhood. Henry is in the hospital, but he is expected to survive. He will eventually be fine.

My husband is black and blue from trying to beat the dogs off Henry. Other neighbors came out to help too.

I am so angry. This is the fourth neighborhood dog attack by the same neighbors' dogs. This neighbor rescues pit bulls. I think they deserve rescuing. I think it's noble. However the same neighbor opens his front door and allows these dogs to cross the street by themselves to go into the park so they can relieve themselves.

He has been warned several times but he continues to do the same thing. This is irresponsible. Something has to happen to make him stop. Taking his dogs away doesn't help. That happened before and two weeks later he just got three more. I am so angry and sad at the senselessness of this and our lack of power to do anything about it.

Cindy Ellis Keeney - Police were called. He is being cited for letting them out without leash. Everyone just needs to be aware

Jackie Maynard - You would think after multiple reports of attacks that they would charge him with something more serious. Just awful. I hate irresponsible pet owners.

Cindy Ellis Keeney - me too.

Eric Dyer - That's ridiculous. The owner should be more responsible. While I'm sure the dogs were just trying to play, those are very large dogs anyone with any sense in their head should know that they need to take them out on a leash.

Cindy Ellis Keeney - Yes but they most definitely weren't trying to play

Michelle Wyatt - Animal control will not do anything when it's a dog on dog attack. They told us they will only put a dog down or quarantine it if it attacks a human. The dog that attacked Milo came through the people's front glass screen door and ran across the street to attack Milo. The owner was a complete jerk and it took forever for them to pay us back. You have to pay your vet bill and then go after the owner to pay. They still own that dog too......

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