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Kansas: Nearly three months after attack, little boy mauled by his friend's Pit Bull mix still hospitalized but slowly making progress

KANSAS -- Nearly three months ago, nine-year-old Chance Orozco was at a friend's house playing. This friend had a Pit Bull - German Shepherd mix that was chained to a tree.

At some point, Chance wandered close enough to the dog, which attacked him.

Chance lost his left ear, portions of his scalp and now has a tracheostomy.

The Kansas Highway Patrol worked the incident and told Chance's family that the attack lasted about 20 minutes. Initial news reports said that police had no plans of conducting an investigation, preferring to chalk it up as a "tragic incident".

Note: An investigation always needs done when an attack is this severe. Where did they get the dog from? What's its history? Has it bitten before? Why was a chained dog able to maul this little boy for 20 minutes without an adult intervening? Were the boys left alone? Were the children in this household afraid of this dog? Is that why it was chained to a tree? 

It's irresponsible policing to say no investigation is going to be conducted when this little boy has a lifetime of injuries he'll be dealing with.

This photo was posted recently showing Chance still hospitalized and slowly making progress. Like I said, a lifetime of recovery. 

Despite all this, his father Stephen Orozco told a reporter he doesn't blame Pit Bulls. He's one of those who desperately wants to believe in "blaming the deed and not the breed". 

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Patrick Nakfoor

United Kingdom: Gizmo hangs on for 6 agonizing days before dying from horrific Pit Bull attack

UNITED KINGDOM -- On Saturday 10th of February 2018 I took my beloved Gizmo out for his usual walk in his usual place nothing out of the ordinary..

we turned a corner and could see another dog running loose with its owner, I automatically put him on a short lead as I always do when we meet other dogs as all good owners and handlers do.. this said dog is a PIT BULL!!


It spotted Gizmo and came running at him grabbed him by his scruff and threw him in the air there followed a horrific attack which lasted 15 minutes or possibly more ..

during this time the dog was uncontrollable the owner could do nothing with it.

the dog eventually let Gizmo go, I scooped him up in my arms and turned my back in that split second the dog jumped up at me and snatched Gizmo from my arms.

Again the dog would not let go, the said owner dived on the dog and was screaming at me to grab Gizmo and run with him (good ehh).. I proceeded to punch and kick this dog to get it to let go of my precious Gizmo he wouldn't harm a fly!!

In this time again the owner was laying on the dog still screaming at me to grab Gizmo and run. The said dog again let go I scooped Gizmo up and cradled him but the dog jumped up again and snatched Gizmo from my arms. The noise was horrendous and something which I'll never forget..

again the dog let go with all the screaming and shouting the said dog managed to get free and snatched Gizmo for the third and final time but this time sends shivers down my spine as the noise my darling Gizmo made as he was pulled by his back leg I can not describe.

Many of my neighbours heard the racket and came running out to help us, it took two men to wrestle the dog off gizmo and get the dog under control and back on its harness!! Yes it had no collar on or harness! One of these men escorted the dog and owner back to her property whilst the other scooped Gizmo and myself up and drove us to the Vets!!

But as I'm writing this totally heartbroken and so so angry it is with such sadness that I have to say after 6 days having intensive care from the vets my beloved chunky monkey sadly passed away late last night from a massive cardiac arrest!

We have been left with a tremdous vets bill and the said owner is unlikely to pay anything towards this, so I'm hoping that this story tugs on the hearts of all you dog lovers out there to help us with as much or as little as you possibly can.. Thankyou x

GOFUNDME: Support and Funds For Gizmo
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Colorado: Great Pyrenees attacked and torn apart by Pit Bulls

COLORADO -- Please help my friends in Colorado who I adopted ItsyBitsy from! There beautiful dog Thor was attacked by pit bulls and is in Critical condition and needs surgery!

They are dear to my Heart and I do appreciate if you can help. Prayers to Grace and Jolene that Thor comes Home again! Thank you, Donna and Bunny

Update 1
Thank you all for the donations and kind words! Thor is still Critical but did wag his tail! He needs surgery to close and drain all his puncture wounds! We appreciate the prayers and donations so Thor can get the Help he needs! ❤

Update 2
Thank you all for your genorous donations! You all have touched my Heart and are saving Thor! He had a surgery today to out drains in and see up Torm muscles. He is still Critical but wagged his tail!

His VET Bill is up to 5000! What we do for our Furbabys! My friends say Thank you for helping Any Amount helps!! I will keep you all posted on Thor's progress! Prayers!

GOFUNDME: Please help my friends in Colorado
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United Kingdom: Man and his Pug attacked by a Pit Bull

UNITED KINGDOM -- Posted by Mandy Grace on the Facebook group page New Bargain Bay (Liverpool& North West) February 20, 2018

Today my mum and dads pug dog was attacked by a Pit Bull on Knowsley road.

the pug was on a lead having a walk when my dad walked pass a Pit Bull chained up to a lamp post and never thought anything would happen as it was secure but as he walked pass the Pit Bull got free from its chain and attacked the tiny pug,

my dad wrestled with the Pit Bull to stop it from killing the pug of which he sustained injuries as well as the pug

please if anyone knows who this dog is please let me know as this could have easily of been a child, the pug has puncture wounds and is in shock,

she has been the vets and is on antibiotics, anti inflammatory tablets and also strong painkillers, please help as this is a dangerous dog and attacked for no reason, thank you

Canada: "The pit bull broke his chain collar and in an instant had Charlie in his mouth crushing him with his jaws before I had a chance to get to him"

CANADA -- Melinda May Matthews posted on Facebook February 21, 2018 ·

Taylor my nine year old daughter and I watched in horror today when a loose pit bull fatally attacked our precious little 5 lb dog Charlie who was tied to a post for his morning ritual pee.

We stood there helplessly crying and begging for it to stop as it was happening in front of our eyes.

The pit bull broke his chain collar and in an instant had Charlie in his mouth crushing him with his jaws before I had a chance to get to him. 

We will forever have nightmares of the squeals that came out of my precious little Charlie. The owner had to punch his Pit Bull in the head several times before it released Charlie, once released there wasn't any more squeals just twitching. 

My Charlie died on the way to the animal hospital today. My family and I are devastated this preventable accident happened.

Owners of aggressive dogs towards other animals please wear a muzzle on your dog. Charlie would be sitting beside me right now because he was my shadow and the dog that attacked him would also be alive. Heartbroken 💔

Delaware: After unvaccinated Pit Bull attacks its owners, it's found to have rabies - was allowed to roam loose so health officials worried it gave rabies to others

DELAWARE -- A family dog in Houston, Delaware tested positive for rabies after biting his two adult owners. The victims were bitten while attempting to put the dog in a kennel and the animal became aggressive towards them.

The dog was not leashed when outside and the home has no fenced backyard, so it is not possible to determine how or when the animal got infected.

So are they saying they let this Pit Bull roam loose, free to attack anyone or anything it wished???

Additionally, the dog was not up to date on its rabies vaccination. The animal was euthanized and tested for rabies, which returned a positive result. The two individuals bitten by the dog have begun treatment.

The dog was an adult, medium-sized male pit bull, red and tan with white markings.

Anyone in the Houston area (Kent County) who thinks they might have been bitten, scratched, or come in contact with the rabid Pit Bull should immediately contact their health care provider or call the DPH Rabies Program at 302-744-4995. An epidemiologist is available 24/7. 

Anyone who thinks their pet may have been bitten by this Pit Bull should call their private veterinarian or the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) at 302-698-4630.

Since Jan. 1, 2018, the Division of Public Health (DPH) has performed rabies tests on 20 animals; this is the second positive case for 2018. A raccoon tested positive in January. In 2017, DPH performed rabies tests on 143 animals, 16 of which were confirmed to be rabid, including five raccoons, six cats, two dogs, two bats, and one fox. Six of the positive rabies cases in 2017 involved a bite to humans. DPH only announces those rabies cases for which it is possible the animal had unknown contacts with humans and there is a risk of exposure to the community.

Rabies in humans and animals cannot be cured once symptoms appear. If the animal is of unknown origin, or unavailable to be quarantined or tested, DPH recommends that people receive post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment, a series of four vaccinations, as a precautionary measure.

Rabies is an infectious disease affecting the nervous system of humans and other mammals. Infection can occur through the bite or scratch of an infected animal or if saliva from such an animal gets into the eyes, nose, mouth, or an opening in the skin.

( - February 20, 2018)

Florida: Woman's Pit Bull attacked two dogs at the dog park, killing one. She then grabbed her dog and pulled a "pit and run" and drove off

FLORIDA -- Victoria Guerra posted on Facebook February 21, 2018 ·

*𝗧𝗿𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗼 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗱 𝗕𝗹𝘂𝗲 𝗣𝗶𝘁 𝗕𝘂𝗹𝗹 𝗢𝘄𝗻𝗲𝗿 𝗶𝗻 𝗮𝗻 𝗢𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲 𝗗𝗼𝗱𝗴𝗲 𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘁𝘂𝘀*

Today at 4:30 PM, my mom took our two dogs to the West Kendall Bark Park.

A blue, unaltered pit bull was running around off-leash outside the gate, and he attacked both of our small dogs.

One of our dogs made it out okay, and our other dog was killed.


The owner of the blue (grey) pit bull drove away with her dog in an orange Dodge Stratus. She ran multiple red lights to escape us. 

She probably lives in the Kendall area, and she was a woman in her 20s to 30s (Hispanic, dark hair). If you have any idea who this person is, please message me. We are so so sad, and this person should answer to what she allowed her dog to do.

Note: What she needs to do is immediately file a police report. They can do a search for all registered orange Dodge Stratus' in the area and go from there. Likely not her car -- more likely it's her boyfriend's car that she uses to take her mauler to the dog park so it can kill other pets.

Minnesota: "From playing in the white sand to patient at the vet. Attacked by a pit bull on our walk this morning"

MINNESOTA -- Katrina Welch posted to Facebook February 16, 2018 ·

From playing in the white sand to patient at the vet.

Attacked by a pit bull on our walk this morning.

Tough girl is doing ok but in some serious pain. Think mom might be more traumatized than girl but, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain meds and a whole lot of rest and she will be ok.

Gonna be a rough week ahead.

United Kingdom: Horror injuries of girl, 7, mauled in her face by neighbor’s Husky – and owner continues to walk dog past their house every day

UNITED KINGDOM -- A mom has shared horrific pictures of bloody dog bite marks on her daughter's face, as the pet responsible is still being walked daily past her family home.

Kerry Garforth’s seven-year-old Mia was attacked in June last year and she has decided to speak out as the owner is still exercising the husky around their West Yorkshire village.

Kerry, 33, said: “I want to make everyone aware of a dog that gets walked round Roberttown/Norristhorpe, it’s a Husky and is walked by a man in his mid-30s. This dog bit my daughter in the face for which she needed nine stitches.”

The mum-of-two said she asked an old school friend to look after Mia while she went for a hospital appointment and went back to pick up her daughter.

Kerry said: “I was sitting on the sofa chatting to my friend and Mia was with her son having some tea. Suddenly I heard Mia screaming. The dog had bitten her after trying to take some food from her plate. She was stood there shaking.

“We took her to Dewsbury Hospital but she was transferred to Pinderfields where she had about eight to nine injections and the wounds cleaned out with salt water.

“My daughter’s father reported it to the police but when they came to see me about three to four days later I must admit I down-played it as she and her partner were friends and I didn’t want to get them into trouble.”

However her friendship with her old friend has since disintegrated and she says she feels guilty about not protecting her daughter better.

She says on Facebook: “He continues to walk past my house with the dog which is not only very upsetting for my daughter but I have to live with the guilt of what that dog did because I was at their house when it bit her.

“The dog should never have been left alone with the children and I have to live with it, I think it’s very unfair I’m getting reminded by seeing the dog myself and seeing my daughter upset.

"Yes, it’s a public road but there’s absolutely no need for him to walk past my house.

“Roberttown is a village full of children and I just want to warn anyone that has children playing out to be cautious.

“I’m not saying the dog will do anything but considering the circumstances I’m now making it known to you all.”

She said her daughter, who has since recovered, is now anxious around dogs and added the attack left her stressed about Mia.

(The Sun - February 18, 2018)

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Virginia: Beautiful little dog killed by neighbor's Pit Bull

VIRGINIA -- Julia Lambert is feeling heartbroken. Posted on Facebook
February 19, 2018 ·

With the heaviest heart, I have to post that our sweet Clutch has crossed the rainbow bridge.

He survived all night, just to be attacked & killed by a neighbor's pit bull.

He was the greatest baby, & will be missed more than words can describe. He was truly a blessing in every way & no other fur baby will ever take his place.

Thank you to everyone that searched for him, prayed for him, & loved him like we did.

Rest In Peace sweet boy, we will always love you forever & ever ❤️

Ohio: Tina Jackson charged with Animal Cruelty after dogs found starved to death, decapitated

OHIO -- The Butler County Sheriff’s Office Dog Wardens received information last week advising that there were several dead animals in the backyard of 1325 Oxford State Road in the City of Middletown.

Upon arrival, they observed a total of four deceased dogs. Two of the dogs were found in dog houses, another one was found in a black plastic tote, along with a decapitated dog’s head. 

The owner, Tina Marie Jackson, 39 year old female, stated she ran out of dog food and she never provided bedding in the dog houses to keep the dogs warm. She did not offer an explanation on the decapitated dog.

Officers had necropsies conducted on all four dogs, three were found to have no food in their stomachs and the cause of death was ruled starvation.

There could not be any determination on cause of death of the severed head due to lack of specimen.

“I am beside myself,” said Sheriff Jones. “Owning one animal and treating it like trash is appalling but this woman had four. I am disgusted that these poor animals suffered and I am glad Ms. Jackson is behind bars.”

The discovery also shocked Jackson’s neighbor, Victoria Sharp.

"We volunteer at a rescue so knowing that that could happen just two doors down really hurts and really affects me," Sharp told WCPO.

Jackson said the animal crates in her backyard were left over from when she helped her ex-husband board and breed dogs. Bowls caked in spaghetti show the last meals the dogs ate.

"I was feeding spaghetti and scraps, trying to feed what I had, you know?" Jackson said.  "I wasn't getting my income that I was supposed to be getting, and I was barely making it to even feed my kids."

Jackson’s neighbor, Victoria Sharp

Sharp said she got a look at Jackson’s dogs when they got loose and went into her yard.

"They didn't look like they were being malnourished or abused," Sharp said. Now, Sharp said, she regrets returning the dogs to Jackson.

"I can't put it into words … it hurts really, really bad knowing that we could have kept them here or found them homes," Sharp said.

One surviving dog is under the care of Joseph's Legacy Animal Rescue.

The only surviving dog

Ms. Jackson was arrested and charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty to companion animals. She was transported to the Middletown City Jail.


Bailed out of jail, Tina Marie Jackson didn’t have an explanation for the gruesome discovery of a decapitated dog in her backyard.

"How it happened I do not know, and the body … I don't know where it is," Jackson, 39, told WCPO after returning to her Oxford State Road home on Tuesday.

(Breaking911 - February 20, 2018)

Florida: Utility worker beats Pug to death; claims it bit him

FLORIDA -- On Valentine’s Day, a young woman’s small dog was killed by a Gainesville Regional Utilities employee who hit with a pry bar.

In a Facebook post, with more than 500 shares, Kiley Walker said it took two more days before she learned how her pug, Bentley, died.

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) officials claimed to The Sun that the event was unfortunate and that the dog, accompanied by a pit bull mix, became aggressive, leaving the employee with few options.

GRU is not releasing the employee’s name because of what they claim were  online threats.

Billy Gault, a meter operations supervisor, said it’s the first such incident he’s encountered during his 20-plus-year career.

“We’re not out to hurt or harm any dogs,” he said. “We’re out there just trying to do our job.”

On Feb. 14, Doug Mercer, GRU’s utility operations manager, said a truck dropped off meter readers on Northwest 35th Street. He said two dogs quickly came running down the block, headed for the GRU workers and appeared to suddenly become aggressive.

Mercer claims the Pug was biting a GRU employee’s leg, while the larger dog started to growl. The employee then [beat the small dog with an 18-inch metal pry bar] used to lift manholes, he said.

GRU officials say the employee followed protocol and training received from Bulli Ray, a company that specializes in training employees around the country on how to avoid dog attacks.

David Warm, a GRU spokesman, said the utility had at least three employees bitten in 2017, one that sent a man to UF Health Shands Hospital. GRU has logged about 30 dog bites over the last 10 years, he added.

Mercer said the GRU employee will not be disciplined.

“He was trying to defend himself from two loose dogs that weren’t at its residence,” he said. “They were running loose in the neighborhood.”

Walker, in her Facebook post, said she questioned the workers after finding her dog, but wasn’t given any answers. Gault said Walker left the scene, distraught, carrying her dog, assuming a car ran him over.

Two days later, GRU officials told Walker what happened.

“There is no excuse for this kind of animal cruelty,” Walker wrote. “A grown man thought he needed to defend himself against a pug who isn’t even 25 pounds. Bentley should have not been hit so hard that he was killed. This is animal cruelty being swept under the rug.”

Walker has received a wide amount of support and condolences on her post, with some suggesting she sue the city-owned utility.

“It’s very unfortunate,” Gault said. “We are very sorry for what happened.”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Kiley Walker posted on Facebook February 20, 2018 ·

This year on Valentine’s Day my baby boy Bentley was killed by a worker for the Gainesville Regional Utilities, FL (GRU).

Without my roommates and I knowing, our lawn guys left the back gate open after mowing the yard Wednesday morning. Bentley and Luna (a roommates dog) were let outside to play. They escaped through the open gate and began to roam the neighborhood without any of us knowing.

As soon as we realized they were missing, we immediately started running around the neighborhood looking for them. Luna was found but Bentley was not.

My roommate noticed a few GRU trucks and workers down the street and decided to go ask if they’d seen anything, and when she approached them they seemed flustered. They asked if she was looking for a pug and when she said yes they said he was laying up here. She ran up to find Bentley’s limp body in the grass.

She asked them repeatedly if they knew what happened to him and each time they mentioned there were cars driving by and the dogs chasing a meter stick but never clearly addressed what had killed him. We assumed that whoever did it hit and run in a car.

On Friday, 2 supervisors of GRU came by my house to inform my roommates and I that Bentley had in fact not been hit by a car but that a worker that was on scene during the accident had really struck and hit him with a meter stick, and that was what killed him.

He claimed that Bentley (a pug) was charging them and this was an act of self defense. Anyone who knows Bentley knows that he was the sweetest boy. There is no excuse for this kind of animal cruelty.

A grown man thought he needed to defend himself against a pug who isn't even 25 pounds. Bentley should have not been hit so hard that he was killed. This is animal cruelty being swept under the rug.

The workers of this company let my roommates and I believe that someone had hit my sweet Bentley in a car, all the while they sat and watched us cry over his dead body knowing what they had done but said nothing.

And still they continue to do nothing about the situation. They will not release this awful mans name to me. Please help share bentleys story to protect future innocent animals and bring justice to my little man. #JusticeForBentleyBoy

Note: Unfortunately, unless a witness comes forward or someone nearby had surveillance cameras, this guy is going to get away with it. She needs to sue them in order to force them to provide her with documentation showing that this guy actually went to a doctor and was bitten. He needs to be deposed by her attorney, his coworker needs deposed. His criminal history needs to be looked in to. Yes, you have a right to defend yourself if attacked by a dog, but give me a break... a Pug?! 

North Carolina: Plumber is fired from PF Plumbing for viciously kicking client's dog in the face, but what about the coworker who saw it and never told his employer what this guy had done???

Texas: Entergy utilities employee caught on camera pepper spraying small dog

Texas: CenterPoint worker caught on tape for animal cruelty

Texas: Homeowner calling for changes after Entergy worker pepper sprays her dogs

(Gainesville Sun - February 21, 2018)