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Florida: Brittany Osborne, 21, starved her Pit Bull until she looked like a walking skeleton then had her friend take the dog to a gas station and claim it was a stray she'd just found. Meanwhile, Brittany went and got herself a new dog.

FLORIDA -- The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Sarasota woman on charges of animal cruelty after deputies connected her with the malnourishment of her 4-year-old dog named “Adria”.

Deputies began their investigation on July 7, when Animal Services Officers were contacted by a woman who claimed to have found a stray dog at a gas station just north of University Parkway on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.

When officers arrived, they scanned the dog for a microchip which traced back to Brittany Osborne, 21, of Sarasota.

When questioned, Osborne told deputies that Adria, an American Pit Bull mix, was missing for more than a month after she ran away because she was improperly latched.


After ridding herself of Adria, Brittany went and got herself a new dog. When asked, Brittany refused to take Adria back, claiming the two animals wouldn’t get along.

Due to her extreme emaciation, Adria was transported to a local veterinarian for care. Deputies noted Adria’s overgrown nails and staining on her body consistent with the animal being confined to a small space and forced to lay in urine or feces, which means she couldn't have possibly been running around, on her own, for a month like Brittany claimed.

An evaluation by the veterinarian confirmed that Adria was severely underweight and malnourished.



Further investigation revealed the woman who initially claimed to find Adria at the gas station on July 7 was actually a friend to Osborne.

When interviewed, Osborne admitted to asking the woman to call animal services to claim Adria was a stray dog so that she would not get in trouble.

Osborne claimed that she couldn't afford to take Adria to the vet to find out what was wrong with her so she concocted this ridiculous ploy to abandon her.

Osborne was arrested Friday and charged with felony animal cruelty and confinement of animals without food or water. She is also not allowed to have any contact with or ownership of any animals. She remains in custody today on $2,000 bond.

Adria continues rehabilitation under the care of Animal Services staff and may be eligible for adoption in the future.

Name: Brittany A. Osborne
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthdate: 10/12/1995
Arrest age: 21
Address: 5120 Lahaina Drive

(MySunCoast - July 21, 2017)

California: Firefighters bring nearly dead dog back to life with pet-sized oxygen masks donated by local Girl Scout troop

CALIFORNIA -- A California fire department says a little white dog named Jack is recovering after firefighters rescued him from a burning home and brought him back to life.


In a video posted to the Bakersfield Fire Department's website that has been widely shared online, firefighter Matt Smith is shown carrying the nearly lifeless Shih Tzu from the house on Wednesday.


Using a pet oxygen mask donated to the department by a local Girl Scout troop, Smith and his partners slowly bring Jack back to life.

By the end of the video, Jack is sitting up, alert and looking around, though panting heavily.

He was then reunited with his worried owners, a married couple who were unharmed by the fire.

Jack suffered respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet, but the dog was doing well on Friday after receiving extensive oxygen therapy, department spokesman John Frando said.


Frando, who shot the video of Jack's rescue, said it looked so dire for the pooch that at one point he stopped recording.

"I thought Jack was going to die," he said. "He was in really bad shape."

Frando said Smith found Jack behind a couch in the home, which was billowing with smoke by the time they arrived.

 Smith and Jack were reunited Thursday at the veterinary hospital where he was being treated.

(ABC7 Chicago - July 21, 2017)

Georgia: Little boy, 2, in critical condition after being attacked by a Pit Bull

GEORGIA -- Chuck Baldwin posted on Facebook July 6, 2017 at 6:13pm ·

Urgent prayer request from friend Danielle Chambers...
We are asking for prayer for family. My cousin Dianne's 2 year old son. Gabriel was attacked by a pit bull today and has lost a lot of blood. They airlifted him to the hospital and are saying that it doesn't look good. Please be praying and get the word out he needs lots of prayer.

Salem N Rodney Tant - Prayers Chuck

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Is this local??

Chuck Baldwin - No, the requester lives in Colville, WA. I'm not sure if the baby and his family live there or not.

Danielle Chambers - Georgia

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Any update Danielle Chambers?

Danielle Chambers - They took him into surgery last night to stop the bleeding in his face and do some reconstruction. They called this morning and said that he made it through the surgery and doctors are now hopeful. He is still in critical condition and needs lots of prayer as does his family.

California: "I was attacked by a pit bull yesterday he was so big he ran like a tiger went straight for my face"

Frank Grijalva posted on Facebook July 11, 2017 · Hawthorne, California ·
I was attacked by a pit bull yesterday he was so big he ran like a tiger went straight for my face if it wasn't for my lightening quick reflex who knows what may have happened jyst saying thats was crazy😬

Frank Grijalva - Good thing he had no teeth 😎

Andrea Marie Romo - That's just crazy

Leonard Zuniga - My son after spending $2,000 on a baby pitbull and steroids and vitamin shots not not included.. 

He found out the hard way after it bit his brother, brother's friend and the gas man and left stitches on each except the gas man. He tried from the very beginning to convince me his was going to be different. But admit it that their problems such as viciousness and unpredictability is a big problem. 

Personally I am extremely careful around such dogs, even though others say different.

California: Poodle mix named Lukey attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull

CALIFORNIA -- Amanda Moffitt posted on Facebook July 9, 2017 ·

Poor Lukey. While we were at Great America yesterday, he was attacked by a pit bull down the street.

Thank you Maureen for taking care of my boy. He hasn't moved much today but he seems ok. Going to keep a close eye on him though. He growls every time I pet his back legs. Please watch your animals people.

Kelli Jepson - How did he get attacked? Did the pit bull come through the fence?

Amanda Moffitt - No maureen, was taking him for a walk and the dog got out somehow.

Angela Ferrel - Amanda Moffitt, hopefully you guys made a police report! Make them pay for your dogs hospital bills

Amanda Moffitt - Angela Ferrel we spoke to animal control but they didn't help. Should I make a police report?

Michele Rene Richmond - oh no! 😒

Angela Ferrel - Amanda Moffitt, I would call the non emergency police station number and ask them to guild you in the right direction on who to contact.

Michele Rene Richmond - Amanda Moffitt, if you know where that dog lives then yes make a police report.

Jere McGrew - So sorry, yes make a report. Maybe he's attacked others

Tina Puett - Oh no, I would definitely call it in, If you know where the dogs live so the owner can be held responsible. My dogs are part pit and I hate always hearing bad stories about pits. It is all in how you treat your pet what kind of pet you will have.

Um, no Tina. It's not "how you treat them".

Maureen Fuertes - I called the non emergency number and reported the attack.they were not much help. - yeah, no surprise there

the dog came from its property and attacked Lucas on the sidewalk.the dog did not manage to break the skin and lucas got away.It is a pit bull mix. rather on the small side.they had rescued it from being euthanized. I hope they rethink that decision and get rid of it.

Hmm, maybe it was at the pound set to be euthanized because it had attacked other people and/or pets in the past and that's why no one would take it. But these shelters, desperate to keep their "kill" numbers down, shuffle these dogs right out the door to 'rescues' who pawn them off onto new owners.

South Carolina: Man and his dog attacked by a Pit Bull owned by a Sheriff's deputy. Did he report it or just tell the cop to pay the vet bill?

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Kit Palmer posted on Facebook July 1, 2017 · Summerville, SC ·

Georgia-girl and I went for our Saturday morning walk today.

About half an hour in, we got attacked by a pit bull that escaped from it's owners yard.

GG got between me and the other dog and took the brunt of it, but we all ended up in a ditch full of water. I managed to get the attacking dog subdued after a few minutes but lost a bit of skin to do so.

We are both ok, but GG is getting some stitches at the vet right now.

Please understand, I don't blame the other dog. Pit bulls are territorial just like mastiffs and they will protect their home from any perceived intruder. It is the owner's responsibility to control their pets.

People, secure your pets or give them to someone who is responsible enough to take proper care of them!


Nicole Lynn Tolbert - Ridiculous!! I am so over the attack of pit bulls in this area !! People need to understand those dogs can't be let loose. This is what happen to me and Cooper and he almost died and I had tendon damage and blood from head to toe .. it dragged us ten feet on the concrete ... and it took 6 surgeries to save Cooper . I don't walk or walk my dog anymore because I have such PTSD from my attack . I hope she and you both heal quickly . Don't forget to get an antibiotic for your bite or loss of skin ... it's important you get that because dog bites are dangerous. Hang in there air hugs to both of you

Leslie Friend Wright - Thank God you to are alright! You are exactly right. As a previous breeder of pit bulls if that dog attacked it WILL do it again and I hate to say it but it should be put down. I don't say that lightly as I'm an owner of 3 dogs one if which is a bully breed. I am watching his behavior closely because if it happens once he will have to go. I rescued him off the internet as a little thing because I was afraid he would fall into the wrong hands. People pay attention to your animals and be responsible because if you don't this is what happens.

Tim Strickland - Hope you are okay Kit. I understand what you are saying but if I had my choice of a dog it would not be a pit bull. I worked probation for years and it seemed every yard we pulled into a pit was loose in the yard. Glad Georgia Girl is okay. She is a good girl!

Leeanne Field - So sorry to hear that & glad you are both ok. My dog was nearly killed by a pit bull staffy cross in march. It was running loose when we were out walking. I didn't have a hope of getting it off, thank god a man helped me. It did a lot of damage but I don't blame the dog I blame the owner. At least now it is registered as dangerous. So glad you managed to get it off & hope you will both be ok.

Phyllis Owings Emerine - Kit Palmer to know that GG was trying to protect you and take the brunt of the fight speaks volumes of the love and loyalty she has for you. So sad you two were hurt. Did the owner get notified? I would also send them both bills from your doctor and GG's Vet!

Kit Palmer-  Talked to the owner right after it happened. Believe it or not, he is a deputy sheriff. Made him lock his dog(s) up. Also brought him the vet bill after we got GG looked at.

What he needs to do is contact Animal Control and file a report. If he doesn't report it, it never happened. Then when this Pit Bull attacks or kills someone's pet or chases a child or a grown adult down the road, knocks them down and mauls them, it will be this guy's fault because he never told anyone other than the dumb cop to keep his nasty dog up. Even the person who used to breed Pit Bulls says in the comments that this dog WILL attack again.

Report it. Even if there are no vicious dog laws, at least it will be on record and when this dog does something else, the authorities will hopefully have enough to force him to put the dog down. 

Tennessee: Woman knocked down and her dog attacked by Pit Bull, whose owner was said to be "horrified"... but likely has no intention of putting his vicious dog down.

TENNESSEE -- Samantha Newark posted on Facebook July 16, 2017 ·

Poor fur baby Gracie was almost killed this morning by a pit bull on a walk with my Mom. The dog also knocked my Mom down hard in the road and she got banged up and hurt her hand.

Thank God for the 24/7 emergency vet. They were wonderful although a hefty fee of $500. Which the neighbor will hopefully reimburse.

Gracie has a really nasty gash on her back that they had to staple and horrible puncture wounds on her neck. But she's stitched up and on puppy pain pills and thankfully will be okay.

The poor guy who owns the dog was such a nice guy and was utterly horrified. Thank God he was able with another neighbor to pull the dog off Gracie or he would have killed her. He had his dog on a chain but she bolted and broke her chain and tore after Gracie.

Is this "nice guy", who was "horrified" by what his Pit Bull had done, nice enough to do the right thing and have his vicious dog put down? Doubtful.

Such a blessing it was not even worse than it was. #poorgracie

Thanks everyone for all of your heartfelt well wishes for Gracie and my Mom after the nasty pit bull Attack Sunday. Gracie totally turned the corner today Finally!!! and is vocal and wagging her tail again. She vomited blood yesterday which was so scary. We took her to vet again and now she's off her antibiotics and she is feeling so much better.

We thought my Moms hand was fractured from the dog knocking her down but it's horribly bruised but okay πŸ˜ƒ Jeeezz what a week!! It was so sad to see Gracie all battered and stapled up and obviously freaked out. Thanks again for all your kind words, so grateful πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’•

Still no word that this "nice guy" is having his mauler euthanized. Also, no mention of Animal Control being called to take a report to document the attack.

New York: Abandoned French Mastiffs likely to go up for adoption; Former owner, Bentley Valdez, faces $68,500 bill for care of the surviving canines

NEW YORK -- The animal rights lawyer representing a Fulton County shelter that took in 12 French Mastiffs in April said nine of the dogs will likely be up for adoption by Friday.

Attorney John Schopf, representing the Brennan Humane Society, said a July 20 court order requires the dogs’ owner, Bentley Valdez, to pay $68,500 to the humane society to cover the cost of boarding the animals and other expenses associated with their care.


Schopf said if Valdez does not pay within five days, the dogs will be forfeited and turned over to the Humane Society for adoption.

“I don’t think he has the financial resources to [post the bond],” said Schopf. “He has a public defender, and as I understand it, the property [where the dogs were found] is in foreclosure.”

A total of 22 French Mastiffs were found abandoned and emaciated on a Stratford farm belonging to Valdez, 55, on April 5.


Nine of the animals were found dead. One escaped on the farm’s property when police arrived, and three later died.

Nine of the dogs -- at the shelter or with temporary foster families -- will eventually be available for adoption.

Schopf added that the Humane Society was unlikely to recoup thousands of dollars spent caring for the animals, but the point of petitioning the court to have Valdez repay the shelter was to force him to forfeit the animals.

Valdez faces animal abuse charges in a pending criminal case. It was unclear this week whether he will fight the court order to pay the Humane Society or if he is fighting to retain custody of the animals.

Fulton County Assistant Public Defender Allen R. Day, who is representing Valdez, said he has not yet conferred with his client on whether to fight the court order.

Day would not comment further, citing the pending criminal case.

Valdez initially retained Johnstown-based attorney Gerard McAuliffe to represent him in the animal abuse case. McAuliffe did not return a request for comment about when he stopped representing Valdez.


Schopf said there may be a way for Valdez to appeal the court order, but that it’s unlikely.

“I don’t really see legal recourse for him right now,” he said.

He added that the nine French Mastiffs under the shelter's care are doing well, and their health continues to improve. Schopf said the humane society should have legal custody of the animals by July 28, after which they will begin accepting applications for adoption.

He cautioned that, due to the case’s high profile, it’s likely those looking to adopt one of the animals will be subject to increased vetting. Each animal will also need to be cleared by a veterinarian for adoption.

TJ Hall, an official at the humane society, said each French Mastiff in the shelter’s care has put on an estimated average of 18 pounds since being rescued.

“They’re nice, friendly and lively dogs -- much different obviously then when they came in,” said Hall. “But the personality of the dogs is really good.”

The case of the abandoned French Mastiffs attracted massive attention when word of their plight broke in early April. A T-shirt was sold, and a social media campaign was launched; the dogs became known as “The Stratford 22.”

Schopf estimated the shelter has received between $20,000 and $30,000 in donations from around the world by people who learned of the dogs’ plight. Those donations covered all of the medical bills and a good portion of the food, but the shelter has still incurred significant costs, he said.

According to court documents, police were initially called to the farm after a foreclosure agent visited the property to take photos for a bank and saw the condition of the dogs. The agent notified Town of Stratford Dog Control Officer Karen Jaquay, who visited the site and immediately notified police.

In the court order compelling Valdez to pay the humane society, state police officials who were on the scene April 5-6 testified that the animals had no access to food or water. Police are not sure how long the animals were without care.

Veterinarian James H. Smith Jr., who was brought on to assess several of the animals soon after they were found, testified that they suffered from various ailments, including malnutrition/starvation, dental tartar, discharge from ears, yeast infection, hair loss, skin lesions, hypothermia and overgrown nails.

Smith Jr. described one dog in particular as weak, depressed and emaciated, and said the dog was suffering from “a severe ear mite infection, congenital eye condition, thick, ulcerated sores, starvation for at least two months and dental issues,” according to court records.

That dog passed away April 6, the records show.

At a Stratford Town Court hearing on April 21, Valdez faced a phalanx of animal rights activists who called for stiffer penalties against those convicted of animal abuse.

The Humane Society, in the petition filed by Schopf, asked for nearly $20,000 for storing the deceased dogs, as well as between $800 and $5,600 for each of the 12 French Mastiffs that were initially in their care. Schopf said the deceased dogs were stored at the request of Fulton County District Attorney Chad Brown’s office.

“I believe necropsies have been done on several of them, but I don’t think all yet,” said Schopf.

Fulton County Court Clerk Nancy Garavelli said Brown filed a 26-count indictment against Valdez, which includes seven felony counts and 19 misdemeanor counts. The indictment was not available by press time.

Garavelli said Valdez has yet to plead to the indictment filed by Brown, despite having pleaded not guilty to the 22 misdemeanor counts he faces in Stratford Town Court.

She added that prosecution of the case has shifted to the county DA’s office. Brown did not return a request for comment on the case against Valdez. Garavelli said a conference with the attorneys involved in the case is scheduled for Aug. 4, but she could not find any court dates scheduled thereafter.


(The Daily Gazette - July 21, 2017)


Maryland: James Huckaby, 37, killed his dog after dragging it around a Walmart parking lot while it was dying from heat exhaustion

MARYLAND -- A Glen Burnie man was arrested Wednesday on charges of animal cruelty, and possession of heroin and paraphernalia.

Passers-by called police when they saw a man "passed out or sleeping" in his pickup truck outside the Walmart at 407 George Clauss Blvd. in Severn, Anne Arundel County Police said. A distressed dog was in the back seat.

Police said they responded to find James Huckaby (aka James Rufus Huckaby Sr.), 37, dragging his bulldog by the leash across the parking lot.

Huckaby told police he fell asleep while waiting to pick his friend up from work, police said.

Upon searching his silver Nissan Titan officers found five clear capsules of suspected heroin, two cut straws with white-powder residue, which were believed to be used for snorting heroin, police said.

Police said they called Animal Control officers because they believed the bulldog, called Diesel, was suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion. 

When Animal Control arrived they saw the dog collapse after stumbling in an attempt to stand, police said.

Animal Control transported Diesel to an emergency veterinary clinic where, police said, the veterinarian recommended the dog be euthanized because of the "rapid deterioration of the dog's health and the poor prognosis."

Huckaby was released Thursday after a bail review.


Visitors and volunteers at the Anne Arundel County Animal Control Facility in Millersville said Friday that they saw a man arrive in a silver Nissan Titan truck and overheard him talking on his cellphone "saying several times that he was going to kill police officers for shooting his dog," police said.

The visitors and volunteers ran inside the building, locked the doors and called police.

Huckaby fled before officers arrived, police said.

Police officers were able to identify him and located him at his residence in Glen Burnie. He was arrested him without incident on charges of threats of violence, disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct, police said.

Huckaby was still in custody pending a bail review Monday. Neither he nor a representative could be reached for comment before the hearing.

Full name: James Rufus Huckaby
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthdate: 08/06/1979
Arrest age: 37
Agency: Anne Arundel County Police
#1 Possession of heroin
#2 Possession of paraphernalia
#3 Animal cruelty
#4 Threats of violence
#5 Disorderly conduct
#6 Disturbing the peace

(Capital Gazette - July 17, 2017)

Louisiana: Elderly man knocked unconscious after being attacked by a Pit Bull

LOUISIANA -- JoAnn Newman posted on Facebook July 3, 2017 at 5:53pm ·

Please say a prayer for Bill. He got attacked by a pit bull today and it made him fall and he was knocked unconscious.

I had to call his son to take him to the doctor cause he wouldn't listen to me.

Debbie Shelton Bennett - PRAYERS

Deborah Stanga - prayers

JoAnn Newman - He says he is but I called Pat to make him go get checked out. He wouldn't listen to me and fought Pat on it but finally got him in car to go
JoAnn Newman - Pat took him to doctors office and they sent him to emergency room. Pat said they took him back right away

Debbie Shelton Bennett - DID THE DOG BITE HIM

JoAnn Newman - No just jumped on him and he fell down. The woman grabbed dog and got him away from Bill

Lori Reckard - God dog was attacked by a pit bull a few years back on July 3rd as well...and it was horrendous. When I finally got him to the vet,, after a exams and stuff I had to take him home with a iv attached and administer pain Meds for 3 days. Fortunately I saw the pit coming and picked biscuit up so he was semi protected. It was horrible..he was black and blue and vet told me d ont ever take him near that dog again because pits instincts are to kill and he would want to finish my dog off

Melvina Doss - Prayers that he doesn't have a serious injury.

Lori Reckard - You know if you talk to a pit owner they always say it's the way you raise them..I CALL BULLSHIT ON THAT...ITS HEREDITARY..they were trying to ban them a few years ago

JoAnn Newman - They are just aggressive dogs, and can and will hurt you. I have even seen them attack their owner



Texas: This is so confusing. Now they're saying the family attacked by the Pit Bulls did NOT own them; that they belong to Jose Quiroz and Beanira Cervantes de Iracheta - who wanted the vicious dogs returned to them. Thankfully a judge said NO WAY JOSE!

TEXAS -- Two pit bulls that attacked a 6-year-old boy on July 1 will be euthanized despite the family's request the dogs be returned, a #GalvCoTX justice of the peace ordered on Tuesday (7-11-2017).

Judge Alison Cox said the two dogs "caused serious bodily injury" and thus needed to be destroyed. She issued her order Tuesday morning after a brief hearing.

In her order, Galveston County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Cox denied the request by the dogs' owners, that according to court records are identified as Jose Quiroz and Beanira Cervantes de Iracheta, that the dogs be returned.

Beanira Cervantes De Iracheta, 32, detained for a driving-related offense
By, Texas City, TX. Mon Mar 9, 2015 

Court records show too that animal control officers said the dogs were being kept in a dog run in the backyard of a house on 13th Avenue North in Texas City without food or water.

The address in court records differs from the one given by police the night of the attack.

And why is that???


While the family can appeal Cox's order in county court, Galveston County Animal Resource Center spokesman Scott Packard said the two adult dogs
involved in the attack are scheduled to be put down on Wednesday (7-12-2017).

A puppy that was with the two dogs in the kennel, but not a part of the attack, will be put up for adoption, Packard said.


Hearing today for pit bulls involved in attack on boy in #TexasCityTX

The family of a 6-year-old boy who was attacked by two of the family's three pit bulls, will go before a justice of the peace today seeking to have the dogs returned.

On July 1, as the family moved into their new home in Texas City, the boy wandered to the backyard where an adult male, adult female and one female puppy pit bull were in their kennels, Texas City Police Department officials said.

The boy opened the kennels and was attacked by the two adult dogs.

His parents rushed him to Mainland Medical Center in Texas City before he was flown by air ambulance to the Texas Medical Center for treatment.

A responding officer who saw the boy at the Texas City hospital said the boy had bites around his neck and head.

The boy's condition since the attack has never been confirmed by officials, but his injuries were listed as non-life threatening at the time of the attack.

The two dogs as well as the puppy were taken by animal control and have been in a mandatory quarantine ever since.

Police said there was nothing criminal involved in the attack citing that the family did the responsible thing and secured the dogs.

Still, it is up to animal control authorities to handle the investigation to determine whether the dogs should be returned or not. Animal control will make its recommendations to the judge and the family then gets to make its argument.

A judge will make a determination after that.

Scott Packard, the spokesman for the Galveston County Animal Resource Center, said that if the family had not wanted the dogs back the two adult pits would be euthanized, since they were involved in the attack.

The puppy, however, was determined to be a, "a sweet, happy and submissive dog," Packard said. If not returned to its family, that dog would be available for adoption, he said.

Um, look at this photo. The two attacking Pit Bulls also used to be "sweet, happy and submissive"... until they began to sexually mature.

However, the family did make a request for the dogs to be returned. So a hearing is set for this morning in Justice of the Peace Judge Alison Cox's court in Texas City.

There she will determine whether the dogs can be returned to the family. Even if she does decide the dogs can be returned, they will have to be classified as "dangerous" and certain restrictions will be placed on the dogs Packard said.

If Cox rules against the family, the animal resource center will move ahead and put the two adult dogs down and the puppy up for adoption.

The family, however, can appeal that decision to a County Court.

(i45NOW - July 11, 2017)