Friday, September 22, 2017

Ohio: Knox County sheriff investigating report that infant was killed by Pit Bull

OHIO -- The Knox County Sheriff’s office is investigating the death of a 1-month-old boy following a reported dog attack.

According to dispatchers, paramedics and deputies responded about 6:10 a.m. Wednesday to a 911 call from a home in the 16000 block of Wooster Road (Route 3) about seven miles northeast of Mount Vernon.

The homeowner, Teddy Hagans, told the dispatcher that his dog had attacked and mauled his baby boy in his bassinet.

Hagans, 25, at one point was asked by the dispatcher if he needed the dispatcher to walk him through CPR, according to the 911 recording. Hagans declined, telling the dispatcher that the child’s head injuries were too severe.

The infant was pronounced dead at the home. The coroner was called to the home along with the county dog warden’s office, which removed two pit bulls from the residence.


The boy’s mother, Courtney Cole, 23, a certified nursing aide from Fredericktown whom authorities say is not married to Hagans, was not at the Wooster Road home at the time the incident occurred. She later called 911 twice.

The first call, from her mother’s house, was seemingly to confirm what she had been told had happened. The second call a short time later was to advise dispatchers that her mother was driving her to the scene at a high rate of speed and to ask that sheriff’s deputies please be told not to pull them over for speeding.

Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer has released no further information about the death while the investigation continues. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is assisting the sheriff’s office.

“There is probably more that we don’t know than what we do know right now,” Knox County Prosecutor Chip McConville told The Dispatch.

Ella Goheen lives down the street from where the incident happened.

"Keeping the families in my prayers. It's a sad thing to lose somebody that young and that's all we can do," said Goheen.


Seeing these posts show the Pit Bull, like all Pit Bulls, has an inherent, high-prey drive. Instead of doing something to try to change the dog's behavior (you can't; you can only take measures to keep it from attacking), they think it's funny.


With an earlier infant, they seemed quite proud about having it near the dog. Francesca brags about Pit Bulls and babies. It's not that this Pit Bull didn't want to kill this baby; it's just that it never got an opportunity. This created a false sense of security to its owner who assumed his dog loved babies and was protective of them -- when really, the dog's intense staring at the baby is like a dog staring at its prey, waiting for the opportunity to attack.


Meanwhile, less than 2 hours away in Summit County, the humane society is pushing Pit Bulls onto families, trying to convince them that they're misunderstood wigglebutts:

(The Columbus Dispatch - Sept 20, 2017)

United Kingdom: Court told of ‘horrific dog attack’ yet killer Pit Bull given back to its owner, Victoria Beagan, who's currently in jail on an unrelated crime

UNITED KINGDOM -- A woman has told of her heartbreak after her beloved pet dog ‘Misty’, a small Pomeranian-cross, was killed by a larger Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier called ‘Thunder’ on a street in Ballymena.

Doris Stewart from Lettercreeve in the town was speaking outside Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday where Thunder’s owner was fined £500 after being found guilty of a charge of being the keeper of a dog ‘which attacked and fatally injured another animal belonging to another person’.

The owner of the dog, Victoria Beagan (28), whose address was given as Larne Street, Ballymena, was not present in court as she is currently serving a jail sentence for an unrelated matter and is not due for release until October 18.

Little Misty

‘Misty’ was killed at Ballymena’s Antrim Road on November 4 last year as it was being walked by a friend of Ms Stewart’s.

Beagan had contested the charge but was found guilty by District Judge Peter King after he read the papers in the case.

A prosecutor said it was an “horrific” attack.

Defence solicitor John McAtamney said the defendant had recently bought the dog and was “unaware of its strength”.

Why would you even consider giving this killer dog back???

He said there had been no further incidents.

Judge King said pictures of the deceased dog underlined his lack of sentencing powers in dealing with such a case.

He said the circumstances were “unhappy” and nobody should have to endure witnessing such a fatal attack.

And he said he could “only imagine” what Misty’s owner had gone through as a result of the attack.

Killer Pit Bull given back to owner

Judge King said it had already been agreed that ‘Thunder’ would be muzzled.

As well as fining Beagan £500, he also ordered to pay court and professional costs of £134.

Thanks Judge King. For nothing. Let this killer dog move next door to you and your family and we'll see how you like it.

Outside court, Doris Stewart (56), her eyes filling with tears, explained that she was heartbroken that her beloved ‘Misty’ was killed after stopping “to answer the call of nature” as she was being walked by a friend.

“Misty was my wee soulmate but that day I had to go away and a friend was looking after her for me.

“The dog stopped to answer the call of nature and the next thing the other big dog came bolting across and had her by the neck. Other people tried to get the dog off but there was nothing they could do once the jaws were locked on.”

Doris said attempts were made to ensure she did not the see how terribly ‘Misty’ had been hurt.

“They wouldn’t even let me see the photos of her injuries, they were that bad,” she said.

Doris added that she intends that ‘Misty’ will continue to be central in her home.

Misty's devastated owner Doris Stewart

“Because of the court proceedings the Council had to hold onto Misty but now I can get her back and intend to cremate her and keep her on my fireplace in the center of my home where she played such a big part in my life.

“She was the loveliest, friendliest, wee dog and everybody loved her,” said Doris.

(Ballymena & Antrim Times - Sept 21, 2017)

United Kingdom: Four-year-old boy's face ripped open in dog attack after he was savaged by 'American pit bull' outside his house

UNITED KINGDOM -- A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy’s face was torn open in a terrifying dog attack outside his front door.

Anton Scanlon was left with a 7cm (almost 3 inch) gash in his cheek by the American pit bull-type beast.

His mum Amy, 25, dragged the animal off her son in scenes she described as being like from a “horror film”.

She told Wales Online: “If I wasn’t there Anton would have died. I was holding him and I was having a panic attack. I could hardly speak. When I phoned the ambulance I was hysterical.

“I have never seen a dog attack a person like that. I felt like I was in a horror film. I felt broken.”

Mark Evans, 43, Amy’s neighbor in Cardiff, was sentenced to six month in prison in June 2016 after pleading guilty to being the owner of a dog which was dangerously out of control.

The judge ordered the dog called Rocky to be destroyed and Evans was banned from keeping dogs indefinitely.

Now five, Anton has been left with a scar on his cheek and suffered with nightmares after the traumatising experience in April 2016.

She added: “If you ask Anton about what happened he will talk about it but some days he will just come out with ‘Rocky bit me’

“You have to reassure him he is not coming back, he is gone.

“I don’t feel like we had justice for Anton.”

Amy told how she had never seen Rocky with a lead on prompting her dad Paul Scanlon to call for a change in the law.

He wants to see it illegal to let dogs off a lead in public.

Paul said: “If you ask him about his scar he says ‘A dog ate my face’.

(The Sun UK - Sept 22, 2017)

Pennsylvania: Woman Severely Injured in Dog Attack

PENNSYLVANIA -- The Pennsylvania Game Commission has confirmed to 6News that the woman who was found in Conemaugh Township Thursday night was injured in a dog attack.

The woman's injuries are said to be severe.

First responders and members of the Game Commission found her near the Staple Bend Tunnel Thursday evening.

A member of the Game Commission says the attack happened at a residence and not in that area. They currently do not know how she got there and the location of the residence is not known at this time.

We have no word on the woman's condition this morning.

(WJAC Johnstown - Sept 22, 2017)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Florida: Responsible Pit Bull owners turn over their dog after it attacks woman. Just kidding, they hid the dog and threatened the victim.

FLORIDA -- Susan Lissberger added 7 new photos to Facebook. September 12 at 3:59am ·

Yikes.... I was attacked by a pit bull..

In shock.

No words.

Linda Kallai - The dog needs to be put down, surprised it isn't already.
And the owner is an idiot! This is not cool!

Susan Lissberger - The owner of the dog has me as upset as the attack.

Susan Lissberger - Animal control, police and ambulance here now . I keep fainting. She threatened me for posting on Facebook . So it went from civil to criminal. They are all in hiding, hid the dog.

Police said they are crack addicts and at their house often.

Mississippi: Pit Bull shot after charging Long Breach police officer; owner claims dog was tethered when shot and broke loose only after being shot. Um, yeah.

MISSISSIPPI -- A Long Beach police officer shot a pit bull Friday afternoon after the animal broke free from a lead and charged the officer.

According to Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell, the officer responded to an attempted burglary call at an apartment complex on Park Row Ave. around 1:15 p.m. As the officer made his way around to the back of the complex to investigate, the pit bull came after the officer.


McDowell says that the officer fended off the animal at first, but the dog came charging at him a second time and the officer fired his gun. The dog was shot in the paw, and its owners have taken it to a veterinarian for treatment.

The chief confirms that five shots were fired, and no one in the complex was in danger.


"As we do with any shooting, we'll do a shooting review board. But after I personally watched the video, I believe the officer was justified in what he did."


The owners, Heather Jones and Joey Jones, claim that the Pit Bull was tethered outside the apartment building and that the dog only broke loose from the tether AFTER it had been shot in the paw. However, the police chief has already watched the video, which will be public record, and says the officer was justified in shooting the aggressive Pit Bull which repeatedly attempted to attack him.

In the screenshot below you see "Joey-Heather Jones" claim that the Pit Bull only broke its tether to attack the officer after the officer "started shooting at her". Well, they weren't there so how would they know?



John Haley, Tiffany Haley and Charles Penton commented on this story. Will be interesting to see who they call if and when they need help since they hate the police so much.

(WLOX - Sept 15, 2017)

Pennsylvania: Woman attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull says he refuses to show proof that his dog was vaccinated, forcing her to endure series of rabies shots

PENNSYLVANIA -- Police are investigating after a woman said she was attacked by a Pit Bull in her friend’s neighborhood last weekend.

Angel White, of North Braddock, said she was walking across the street from her home, going to a neighbor’s house last Sunday night, when the neighbor’s Pit Bull started charging directly towards her.

The dog was not on a leash.

“I had flip flops on. I tried climbing over the fence; it was the owner’s fence. When I got to the top, the dog bit into the back of my right leg; then, I fell back into their yard,” White said.

White said she did nothing to provoke the Pit Bull.

When she started screaming, the animal’s owner tried to get the dog off her, but the Pit Bull wouldn’t let go. He bit both legs and literally took a chunk out of her left leg.

She said, “The puncture wounds on my right leg weren’t as deep as the other leg, but you can see his teeth marks. I felt it when he sank his teeth into my leg.”


White described her neighbor as a friend, someone she’s known for years, and she can’t understand why now he won’t provide proof that the dog has had a rabies vaccination.

“I can’t sleep at night,” she said. “My main thing is, I don’t know what I’m facing. I don’t know if this dog had his rabies shots. It will be a painful experience for me. I just want to see the [rabies] paperwork, that would ease my mind.”

North Braddock Police are handling the investigation.


(CBS Local - September 14, 2017)