Sunday, February 26, 2017

New York: "Please say prayers for my grandson gage he got attacked by a pit bull"

NEW YORK -- Audrey Youmans posted on Facebook February 24, 2017

Please say prayers for my grandson gage he got attacked by a dog (pit bull) not sure how bad yet my daughter just called me got his side and leg at emergency room right now

Clara L Braley - Omg poor little guy. Shoot that dog .

Audrey Youmans - Thats what I said

Holly Felicetti - Prayers!!!!! Please keep me updated

Jessica Templar - He had 15 stitches

Holly Felicetti - Ouch!!! Is there any internal damage to ligaments or anything

Jessica Templar - Holly Felicetti, no just have to keep it really really clean cause the bite marks are deep ..we are at home now he is dosing in and out ...but we got to take him to doc Monday morning for them to check on it and make sure it's still vary clean

Canada: "This would never been be on the news anywhere if it was labs or retrievers"

CANADA -- Although the attack happened in late 2015, it's currently making the rounds on social media. That explains why the nutbags like Karen Carver-Millett have crawled out of their holes to complain.

"It still gives me chills when I think about it," Rebekah
said. "I just know that God answered my prayers because
I prayed and 
she showed up right at that time."

When the woman saw what was happening and
drove into the field, the pit bulls scattered giving
her a chance to save the girls.

Karen Carver-Millett posted on Facebook on February 23, 2017

For one I seriously doubt that 4 dogs mauled these two girls for over 30 minutes .. so I call bullshit on that.. and this would never been be on the news anywhere if it was labs or retrievers .. good lord I had a retriever out run my pit bull one day showing all it's teeth while mine was scared shitless and wanted to go home.. I'm never saying that none of my dogs would ever bite cause I don't know.. all I do know is I love all mine as my children and would protect them just as much as I know they would protect me. People really need to stop being negative about this amazing breed when they don't even know one thing about them .


Florida: Disabled veteran, beaten for trying to save turtle's life, gets big surprise

FLORIDA -- A disabled Navy veteran was given the surprise of a lifetime on Wednesday — nearly a week after police said the 45-year-old was beaten by three men after he asked them to stop torturing a turtle in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Local car dealership Daytona Beach Kia-Mitsubishi gave Gary Blough and his family the keys to a 2012 Kia Forte, which is worth up to $10,000.

Richard Nisbett, owner of Daytona Beach Kia-Mitsubishi, said he was touched by Blough’s story and felt compelled to help.

“Here’s a guy that’s trying to stand up for some defenseless animal and he ends up getting beat up,” Nisbett told CBS News. “He was taken to a hospital from a beating that shouldn’t have happened. He had to walk home with his walker — I mean, I just couldn’t take it. I wanted to do whatever I could.”


Salespeople and customers crowded around Blough as he made his way into the car dealership Wednesday. He was in a wheelchair, wearing an eye patch and wrist braces, and had a cane in hand.

Nisbett thanked the man for his brave actions, and both of them got emotional as Blough tested out his new ride.

“He was choked up as I was, and just couldn’t have been more appreciative,” Nisbett said. “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Blough’s wife, Jennifer, created a GoFundMe page after the incident to help cover medical expenses and pay for a rental car to transport the family and their 1-year-old daughter to and from doctor appointments.

“My husband Garry now has to have surgery on his eye,” Jennifer explained. “And another major surgery. He has metal in him from the war in 1991.”

Thousands of people rallied around the family, and within 7 days, they had raised more than $32,000.

“Thanks for helping those who can’t help themselves,” one donor wrote.

“Thanks you for helping a defenseless creature,” another added. “You restore my faith in humanity and you deserve the best.”

Blough was outside his apartment complex when he said he saw a group of three men torturing a turtle last week, reports CBS affiliate WKMG. 

One of the men, identified as Johnnie Beveritt, 18, picked up the turtle and threw it down on the sidewalk; the two others, Ryan Ponder, 23, and a 16-year-old whose name was not released, kicked the turtle toward the apartment building, Blough told the news station after the incident.


Blough says when he told them to stop, they attacked him. First responders said Blough suffered injuries including broken skull and facial bones, internal bleeding and a concussion.

The turtle was later found dead. All three men were charged with aggravated battery and animal cruelty.

Blough said he doesn’t regret standing up for the animal.

“I would take the beating I got again if it meant saving that turtle,” Blough told WKMG.

(CBS News - Feb 23, 2017)


Georgia: Man tired of calling Animal Control over and over about the same pit bull

GEORGIA -- Chuck Clark posted to City of Griffin Police Department Facebook page on February 26, 2017

You know it's a crying shame when you can't take your own dog out in your own yard without fear of being attacked by a pit bull dog who's owner is not responsible enough to to keep his or her dog on a leash or in a fence.

I have had to call the City of Griffin Police out three times in 24 hrs on the same dog. Animal Control says they have to return the dog to owner. That's a shame when a animal becomes a nuisance to the neighborhood and they can't take the dog to the pound..

Don't get me wrong I love animals but this is too much. I'll be in Chiefs office In the morning

Massachusetts: Man warns others at dog park about vicious pit bull which attacked his dog

MASSACHUSETTS -- David Fair posted on Facebook to A Street Dog Park group page on Feb 26, 2017

Luka was attacked by a dog yesterday at the park.

I myself was bit in the commotion and during all of it the owner and dog left.

Luka is currently at the hospital getting surgery to his ear.

Be on the lookout for a white pit bull with brown spots. Female owner mid 50s. I had never seen them at the park before.

Maryland: "In the last 5 years my son, my dog and a friend have all been attacked by pit bulls."

MARYLAND -- Jeffrey Kraus posted on Facebook February 26, 2017

Sooo, Maddie is out on a walk on her leash when a neighbors pit bull on the loose attacks her and tries to rip her throat out.

I wasn't there, luckily a neighbor kicked the pit off of her or she would be dead.

In the last 5 years my son, my dog and a friend have all been attacked by pit bulls. To all that say they are a gentle misunderstood breed I say Bullshit!


North Carolina: Next door neighbor "rescues" pit bulls. They've attacked her, killed her dog and now they've attacked her daughter

NORTH CAROLINA -- Andrea Long Jackson posted on Facebook February 25, 2017

My daughter Amber was attacked by the neighbors pit bull this evening. One of the same bunch (pack) that attacked me & Chaos a couple months ago.

We just got home from the ER. They done fucked up. Seeing the Lawyer Monday. THESE are the idiots that are the reason WHY Pit Bulls have such a bad rep. If you can't control your fucking shouldn't be able to own them. Mama's seriously pissed. BEYOND pissed but sad also. I HATE having to contribute to the bad statistics concerning Pit Bulls. I love my pittiebabies...but after all this...I don't think I'll be getting anymore in the future.  :(

Ricki Rogers Williams - I bet that scared her to death! How is she doing?

Andrea Long Jackson - She's doing ok right now. She's in pain and wondering how she's gonna do her job come Monday. Lou, I don't think I ever posted when they attacked me. The 4 ( or 5) pits next door broke thru the fence when I was outside with Chaos. I was laying over top of him to keep the dogs from attacking him and one of the dogs peeled a couple strips of my scalp. We ended up having to have Chaos put down. He had gotten a few deep punctures that went thru his skull (frontal lobe). He had almost immediate personality changes and became extremely aggressive.

I blame these idiots for everything. They KNOW their dogs can JUMP a 6ft fucking privacy fence...use their bodies as battering rams to break the fence...and attack any dog they see. Usually one of mine. I'm done with this. We're pressing charges & seeing the lawyer on Monday. Animal Control seized the one dog that bit Amber and it will be euthanized since this is the 2nd documented attack. Now... the remaining ones need to go. I love Pitties. Anyone that knows me knows this... but this pack is dangerous

Mimi Zimmerman - I hope you got a police report. That will help.

Mimi Zimmerman - Poor amber. It's not the dog, it's how they raised the dog. People like that should not have dogs. And if you know your dog is aggressive then have a fenced in yard so people don't hurt tell amber I'm praying for a speedy recovery.

Andrea Long Jackson - Mimi, the neighbor lady volunteers at the Hoke City Animal Control. All these pits are ones she has "rescued". Ticking time bombs  :( I'm all for rescue...but sadly, you have no idea what that dog has been thru or what "triggers" they have.

Amber Rhoades - Both our yards are fenced with a 6ft privacy fence but the side we share is in disrepair and they've known since they moved in that it needed fixing since it's legally their fence but they haven't done anything the fence jumping is a new thing the one called Titus learn how to do just this week he clears it like it's an Olympic event...he's the one that got taken. I'm okay just now starting to feel pain from the stitches and took some meds, Dante our foster dog is okay a little shaken but in good spirits he's has some superficial wounds around his ear and chest thankfully he's going to his new home tmrw he's had a rough week I'm just glad he didn't get hurt worse ??