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Montana: On Saturday, Melissa Barnes, 65, went to her rental property to do some yard work. She was attacked by her tenants' Pit Bull and is now brain dead

MONTANA -- A woman was left brain dead after being attacked by two dogs near Bozeman on Saturday morning.

Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin said the attack happened around 8 a.m. Saturday at 5499 Love Lane. Two dogs were involved, one of them a pit bull, he said.

The victim, 65-year-old Melissa Barnes, was initially attacked by the pit bull, Gootkin said, and the second dog followed suit. Barnes was flown to a Billings hospital for treatment and declared brain dead on Sunday, the sheriff said.

Both dogs were euthanized voluntarily by their owners, Gootkin said. The dogs, neither of which had up-to-date vaccinations, were then taken to the Montana Department of Livestock’s Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Bozeman to be tested for rabies.

Gootkin said Barnes was being kept on life support for organ donation pending the results of the rabies tests on the dogs.

The attack happened in Barnes’ yard while she was doing yard work, Gootkin said. The dogs belonged to tenants who lived on her property.

Gootkin said the dogs’ owners were cooperating with investigators. No charges have been filed yet, but Gootkin said his office is working with the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office in its continuing investigation.

The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office is handling the death investigation, Gooktin said.

Dog bites are a common incident the sheriff’s office investigates, Gootkin said. “Almost on a daily basis we’re dealing with dogs,” he said. And, he added, “they’re every type of dog you can imagine.”

However, Gootkin said in his 24 years with the department, this is the first fatal dog attack he has dealt with in the area.

(Bozeman Daily Chronicle - June 26, 2017)

Ghana: German Shepherd guard dog gets loose, attacks and kills little boy

GHANA -- Teachers and pupils of New Amanful Basic School, a fishing community near Takoradi, are yet to come to terms with the horror of how an Alsatian (German Shepherd) strayed into the school and killed a six-year-old class one pupil who was playing with his schoolmates on the school's compound.

The pupils were said to be playing when the dog attacked Bismark Adzie and inflicted serious injuries on him.

Some brave onlookers went to the aid of the victim, but he died hours later at the Kwesimintsim Hospital due to the deep wounds inflicted on him by the dog.

Dog owner's residence

The owner of the dog, whose house shares a wall with the school, is said to have suffered several robbery attacks since he moved to New Amanful in the Ahanta West District in the Western Region.

According to the police, in order to protect himself and his property, the owner of the dog bought large breed of dogs, typically used as guard dogs.

The owner of the dog, the police said, was shocked that one of his dogs managed to escape to the nearby school to cause havoc.

A family member of Bismark, Mr Solomon Praha, told the Daily Graphic that Bismarks’s parents, the school and members of New Amanful were currently devastated and yet to understand how the whole thing happened.

He said from an eyewitness’ account, Bismark and his mates were playing during their usual break, while the managers of the school were holding a meeting with the school's parents teacher association (PTA); the dog suddenly appeared and attacked the pupils who were playing football.

"The rest managed to escape, unfortunately my little nephew could not," he stated.

The police are said to have begun investigations into the matter while the dog has since been referred to the Veterinary Services for examination.

Meanwhile the body of the victim has been released to the family for burial.

(Ghana Web - June 26, 2017)

Texas: This ad listing a pet kangaroo for sale perfectly describes the issues owners of exotic pets face when that cute, cuddly baby animal begins turning into what they are -- a wild animal.

TEXAS -- This ad listing a pet kangaroo for sale perfectly describes the issues owners of exotic pets face when that cute, cuddly baby animal begins turning into what they are -- a wild animal.

I give her credit for being so honest in her ad - she lists a lot of details about this kangaroo's behavior - a lot of which will turn off potential buyers. She didn't lie and say he was a great pet, loved kids and that they were moving or something and that that's the only reason she's getting rid of him. Instead, she was honest - people need to know that these animals are not like having a dog or cat.

I am a bit concerned at her saying treat him like a human - remember the woman whose face was mauled off by her friend's chimpanzee? You can never forget that they're not just animals - but not really domesticated animals either. I'm glad her husband put his foot down and even she seems to accept that this growing kangaroo is too dangerous to be in a household with her young son.

Yes, children can be rough with pets. Children can even be bratty with them. But animals are like swimming pools to children -- an irresistible attraction. Far too often there are news stories where children wander outside and are attacked and killed by dogs that the parents say they 'warned' their child to stay away from. It's best to get rid of the potential problem now rather than wait until tragedy strikes. This child likes to rough-house with the kangaroo. The kangaroo, though, is maturing into an adult and likely sees this little boy as competition and someone to fight with. As it grows up, it'll likely challenge and attack anyone who doesn't let it do whatever it wants.

According to National Geographic:
The red kangaroo is the world's largest marsupial. Adult males can reach nearly six feet in height and weigh 200 pounds.

Red kangaroos hop along on their powerful hind legs and do so at great speed. A red kangaroo can reach speeds of over 35 miles an hour. Their bounding gait allows them to cover 25 feet in a single leap and to jump 6 feet high.

Male kangaroos are powerfully built. Like many species, male kangaroos sometimes fight over potential mates. They often lean back on their sturdy tail and “box” each other with their strong hind legs. Kangaroos can also bite and wield sharp claws, which they may do in battle with an enemy like a dingo.

⧪  ⧪  ⧪  ⧪  ⧪

Red Kangaroo Joey for sale
Title: Red Kangaroo Joey
Name: Kelly Torgerson
Date: 6/17/2017
Website: N/A
Phone: 2815085073
Location: Pearland

It is unfortunate, but I am going to have to sell my beloved Rocko. Rocko is an 18 month old Red Kangaroo Joey which I love very very much. He is a sweetie pie and like all juveniles, is spunky and wants to play, play, play. I have been doing my best to teach Rocko to not play with us (he can get a bit rough, but that is how kangaroos play), even going as far as getting him a punching bag and stand and a large stuffed animal to play with. He has been doing well and playing with those items when he gets in play mode, but my 4yr old just taunts him and instigates Rocko into playing with him instead. When Rocko stands upright, he is as big as my 4yr old. Combine play mode with Rockos sharp claws (vet said not to trim) & powerful legs, he hurts my 4yr old. My son just won't leave him alone despite Rocko's rough housing. My husband, who does not like to spend any money whatsoever refuses to put up a separate fence for either Rocko or our son so im left to make a decision that I do not want to make. Since I cannot get rid of the latter, it's Rocko that has to go.

Rocko has been with me since the day he was able to be taken from his biological moms pouch (7 months old) and from that day on, I became his surrogate mom, bottle feeding & carrying him everywhere with me in a pouch until he was too heavy to carry any longer. Even though he's at the weaning age, he still enjoys his bottle every day (hes down to only 1 bottle per day and its more of a treat/bonding thing, not as his main diet).

When not spunked up and wanting to play, he is very mellow and loving. He greets me every morning with a huge hug and kisses. It kills me to have to make this decision. It will take some time for him to adjust to a new home & mom as he sees me as his mom and he's just not going to understand when he is taken away by a new family. He will need some time to adjust and you will need to stick to the same regime as i have been doing to help him adjust. They are one owner animals and do not like crowds or meeting new people. He starts shaking in terror when he is forced to meet someone new (a friend visits, etc). I won't be able to say how he will act at first with a new family. He may be shy/scared at first or he may go all out into defense mode & throw a tantrum, so be patient with him & give him lots of love and alone time to adjust. No loud noises or other people around for a while until he is ready.

Rocko will need AT LEAST a half acre area with a MINIMUM of a 6 foot fence to roam. He loves to hop full speed around our yard so he needs plenty of space to get his exercise. He does well with our dog, cats & chicken but that is because he was raised with them. I cannot say how he will do with animals he has never met.

I have read that they do not like other animals (even other Roos) except for the ones they were raised with, but Rocko is still young so there's still plenty of time for adjustments to be made before he reaches adulthood (around 4 yrs old).

Rocko stays outside full time with access to our garage. If the weather gets really bad he is allowed inside the house and wears a diaper (large pull up with tail hole cut out). He sleeps in a dog bed with a stuffed toy which he likes to cuddle with.

Keep in mind that wherever Rocko is kept, you will no longer have beautiful flowers or plants growing (if applicable) as he nibbles at and eats flowers, leaves, grass.....they are purely herbivores. I planted Hibiscus and a vegetable garden in the yard just for Rocko to nibble on (no tomato plants as the stems & leaves are toxic to all animals, including humans). He also eats Kangaroo feed which the Steinhauser's in Alvin carries. He loves bread & crackers, etc (I will give you the full rundown of his care and likes - you won't have to worry, you won't be left guessing & you can always contact me with any questions/concerns on his care). I would also like to visit him from time to time.

I am deeply saddened on having to make such a decision. Rocko is my son and with him having to go, it will be like me losing a child. It hurts so much to even write this ad so please only SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. Please do not contact me asking me why i am not turning him over to a rescue or sanctuary or bashing me for not doing so. If you read the ad fully, you will know that Roos do not do well with other roos unless they were raised by them. He needs a loving home with a family because he sees himself as a human. I am going to be very selective on where he goes, so please don't be offended if you are not chosen. Its just that i know Rockos personality and I know best on where/who he might be the best fit.

Please do your research on owning a kangaroo as a pet/family member before inquiring. Joeys are just like rambunctious toddlers & they get into EVERYTHING. i cannot even plant a tree without Rocko getting into the hole I'm digging and trying to eat the tree that i am trying to plant (& then digging up the tree after planting). If you have any garbage cans, small kennel enclosures, containers or barrels within reach of him, He will be inside them or have them knocked over and whatever is inside them will be all over the place.

Rocko is neutered and even though i can put a harness/leash on him, he Will not walk on one. It is just to keep him from getting scared & running off while not enclosed in yard. Gates must be LATCHED at all times as he is very curious as to what foliage is on the other side of the fence and will try to open the gates. He does not like water (on him) so he will need shelter from the elemets. He likes to dig holes so a sand box or something for him to dig in he would like.

I am asking $4k for him. He will come with his punching bag/stand, large stuffed animal that we hang from a tree for him to roughhouse with, large dog bed, small stuffed toy he sleeps with, harness/leash (even though he's almost outgrown them), couple of bottles, 2 special nipples/teats, his formula, kangaroo feed, something with my scent on it so you can have it around you while he is transitioning (he uses smell mostly to identify people). His vet is an exotic vet located in league city. He's never had the need to go yet since roos don't require shots, but i will give you the info in case the need to see a vet ever arises.

Please ensure your city or county ordinance allows kangaroos/marsupials before inquiring. Typically, roos are classified as livestock.


Located in Pearland, Texas.

Thanks to Zara Corsten-Ibarra for pointing out this ad.

United Kingdom: Horrified mother, 60, 'fainted' after she watched two Alsatians named after the Kray twins escape from a van and tear her beloved Lhasa Apso apart 'like a chew toy'

UNITED KINGDOM -- A heartbroken dog owner has revealed how she was forced to watch as two Alsatians (German Shepherds) jumped out of a parked van before mauling her beloved pet to death.

Jacqueline Hunt was taking her two-year-old dog Dave to a grooming parlor in Gorton, Manchester on Saturday when he was attacked by the dogs.

The 60-year-old claims the pair, named Ronnie and Reggie, used her Lhasa Apso as a 'chew toy' and only stopped when she and passers-by kicked and screamed at them.

Dave suffered a crushed chest, dislocated spine and nerve damage and later died in the arms of Jacqueline's son, Danny Paul-Medati, 25.

When the owner of the Alsatians returned from a nearby bookmakers, Ms Hunt claims he told eyewitnesses to 'mind their own business'.

Ms Hunt said: 'It is absolutely terrible. I keep thinking what have I or my dog done to deserve this. It is so distressing.

'The way it happened was horrendous. I saw everything. I can't take it out of my head. I collapsed. It was enough trauma to put me out. It was shocking. As I drove up to the dog parlor, I saw two Alsatians but I just thought if they were running about they would have someone with them.

'I started walking to the shop and a woman started screaming at me saying "they are going to get your dog" and then the next minute they were on him.
 They just ran at him.

'Vehicles stopped, people came up to help. I started panicking, we were trying to get them off him but the dogs wouldn't leave him alone. I was trying to punch the dogs off him.

'They used him as a chew toy. They were off the lead and had no collar to restrain or hold. I couldn't look any more.'

The two dogs jumped out of this van

Ms Hunt claims she has since been told other stories of the Alsatians 'escaping and being violent towards other animals'.

She added: 'I can't believe it. The stunning little creature who was a big part of his surrounding community and loving neighbors was brutally and literally ripped apart.

'People were kicking and screaming at them and nothing would get them off. Dave died in my son's arms after suffering a crushed chest, dislocated spine and nerve damage.

'This isn't the first time they have gotten out and it won't be the last. Something needs to be done. I just want my Dave back.'

The dogs have gotten out before, through their
fence that the owner haphazardly repaired

After they managed to get Dave away from the dogs he was taken to the vets where he had to be put down.

Ms Hunt said: 'When the people who owned those dogs came back they took them and put them in a van and everybody was running up to them and having a go at them.

'A woman came back to me and said she couldn't believe what she had heard, the owner had said "f**k off and mind your own business".

'Those dogs have done it before. My son went around to the place it happened and took pictures of the fence. It is disgusting. You shouldn't keep dogs in there.

'I haven't lived in that area before so I wasn't aware of how violent those dogs are, but I am now. They are called Ronnie and Reggie.

'That little boy of mine was a big part of the community. It was overwhelming to see everybody trying to help us. The support has been amazing.

'We are having a memorial service for him on Sunday. Many people in the area have been distraught. Everybody has been so nice about it. Everybody loved him.

'He was our best friend, he loved kids and he would play out with other dogs on the lawn. When people used to go past they would say hello to him. He was just amazing.'

(Daily Mail - June 26, 2017)

United Kingdom: Schnoodle named Teddy who helped speed up owner's coma recovery receives award

UNITED KINGDOM -- It was a story that touched the hearts of many.

A Hampshire man in a medically induced coma woke up three days early with the help of his beloved pet dog, Teddy.

Now, Teddy has won an RSPCA animal award at a ceremony in London.

That man was Andy Szasz, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in August 2012, three months after his wife Estelle brought Teddy home from Stubbington Ark in Fareham.

Despite initial treatment and overcoming the cancer, Andy became ill in December last year and was admitted with pneumonia to the intensive care unit.

After stopping breathing, doctors placed him in a medically induced coma, and Estelle convinced staff to allow her to take the dog to see him, as Andy and his beloved pet had been video calling every day since Andy awoke.

At the time, Estelle said: “There’s no doubt that talking to Teddy every day after Andy woke up sped his recovery.

“Being able to take him in gave Andy that drive to recover much faster than doctors expected.”

Andy, 62, said: “Ted is such a remarkable little dog in many ways. He’s clever, loving, loyal, funny and a right little character. He really stole my heart when we first met five years ago.

“I always tell people I rescued Ted and Ted rescued me.”

Teddy was given the award that recognizes an animal that has cared for and shown compassion to a person and has made a difference to a life, helping in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Teddy won the prize at the RSPCA honors ceremony last Saturday.

Andy added: “I was so proud of him at the ceremony. He behaved so well and wasn’t fazed by anything.

“I think Ted and I got to meet every single person there and he high-fived most of them as well!”

Michael Ward, RSPCA interim chief executive said: “Teddy is a brilliant example of the intense bond between a dog and man.

“The connection between the two of them is so strong, that even in a coma, Andy responded to Teddy. It just shows how rewarding – and life changing – giving a home to a rescue animal can be.”


(Basingstoke Gazette UK - June 24, 2017)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rhode Island: Two Pit Bulls jump fence and attack man and his Sheltie-Collie mix. Officer that arrives shoots both Pit Bulls dead to stop attack. Pit Bull owner says his Pitties were "provoked"!

RHODE ISLAND -- A man was injured when he was attacked by two dogs in Warwick Tuesday night, according to police.

Witnesses told NBC 10 News that two pit bulls jumped the fence and attacked the man, identified as 57-year-old Robert Joyal, who was walking his dogs on Titus Lane at about 6 p.m.

“Oh, he was right on top of him, shaking him like a rag dog,” Paul Taylor, who said he saw the attack, told NBC 10.

Taylor said he dropped his gardening tools and started running down the street to help.

“I noticed a dog on top of another dog, giving it a good beating,” he said.

Taylor said the pair of pit bulls wouldn't let go of the man's Sheltie-Collie mix. The man's second dog ran away.

“I ran down there and I was going to help anyway I could,” Taylor said. “Thank god the police officer was there and took care of it very quick.”

Warwick Officer John Zaborski happened to be nearby, according to Taylor.

When Zaborski approached, police said both dogs went after him. Zaborski stunned one of the attacking canines with his Taser, but he had no time to subdue the other aggressive dog using non-lethal means. Fearing himself or bystanders could get hurt, police said the Zaborski killed the second dog with two shots from his service weapon.

Police said Officer Zaborski went to tend to Joyal and the smaller dog, but the dog he had Tased revived and resumed its attack. The officer tried to fight off the dog, which police said kept lunging and biting at him.

Meanwhile, the man is screaming, his little Sheltie mix is screaming and they're both being viciously mauled by the two attacking Pit Bulls.

He had to do SOMETHING to stop them.

“When he wouldn't get off, the cop shot that dog and stopped it,” Taylor said.

When the second Pit Bull didn't run away and instead came after him, the officer shot and killed it too.

Even underneath the fear and the adrenaline, Taylor remembers hearing at least three shots fired before both pit bulls were killed.

NBC 10 arrived around 6:45 p.m. as officers were processing the scene. Two dead dogs, which were laying in the street, were covered in white sheets.

NBC 10 asked Taylor if the shots seemed necessary.

“Yes, yes. Definitely,” he said.

Police later told NBC 10 that they had to use force, which resulted in them shooting both pit bulls.

Authorities said the man was rushed to a hospital and that his dog was taken to a veterinarian. Their conditions were not immediately available.

It was also unknown if any charges would be filed.


Earlier in the evening, police had blocked off the end of Titus Lane where the street meets Post Road.

A group of people stood outside 658 Post Road near a fence along Titus Lane.

After police left, they swore at a Providence Journal reporter who approached on the street to take a photo of the property.

A neighbor declined to comment.

Police said in a news release Wednesday that their initial investigation determined Officer John Zaborski’s actions “were lawful and necessary to protect the lives of citizens and him[self] from serious bodily injury.”




(Turnto10 - June 20, 2017)

United Kingdom: After woman's German Shepherd attacks elderly man, she tells him she's going to "get help". She never comes back.

UNITED KINGDOM -- A man has been treated for significant injuries to the arm after being bitten by a dog.

The 77-year-old-man was riding his mobility scooter along Western Way, South Ham, when he stopped by a woman and her German Shepherd-type dog.

The dog, which was on a lead, then bit the man on the arm, causing a significant wound to his right forearm which required treatment at Basingstoke hospital.

The dog owner told the man she was going to get help, but did not return to the scene before the victim was taken to hospital.

Officers reported the incident took place sometime between 7.30am and 8.05am on Friday, June 9, with the woman being described as a white woman in her 50s, with shoulder-length blonde hair. She wore a coat and trousers.

PC Emily Dixon said: “We would like to find out more about what happened and would like anyone who witnessed this incident to get in touch.

“There are roadworks along this road, and motorists may have seen something while being held at the temporary traffic lights.

“We are also urging the dog owner to contact us directly.”

Police are appealing for anyone with information or anyone who witnessed the incident to call 101, quoting 44170217818.

(Basingstoke Gazette UK - June 12, 2017)