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Texas: Pekingese named Annabelle mauled by Pit Bull which has apparently been terrorizing the neighborhood

TEXAS -- Jennifer Marie Nagg posted on Facebook August 11, 2017

Please please say a prayer for my sweet little girl Annabelle!

She was attacked by a pit bull. Her jaw is broken in multiple places and just hanging off her face, puncture wounds all over her little body and possible broken back leg.. 

when the vet finally let me see her she was laying in the corner of the cage crying in pain and shaking so hard, when she saw me she tried to stand up and come to me😭 hoping she will be able to get her reconstructive surgery tomorrow, if not tomorrow then they will make her wait until Monday depending on how she is...

she is being well taken care of at the vet with iv pain meds and water to keep her hydrated and sedated.. say a little prayer for me too if you don't mind cause I'm a mess... nothing bad has ever happened to my baby so to see her like this and not her happy playful self is heart breaking....

Also PLEASE if you have an aggressive dog put a muzzle on them and make sure they are being taken care of properly... my boyfriend also got bit by the pit while trying to break up the fight... I love all animals but have realized that charges must be pressed in order to save the next victim 😢

Sandy Anastasi - Yes please press charges. I used to breed Pekes and a student of mine bought a brother and sister that became like children to her, going everywhere with her for years. One night she was out walking with her boyfriend and her Pekes and two off-leash pit bulls came running by, grabbing her little girl and ripping her apart between them and running off with her, also biting her boyfriend who tried to grab the poor thing from their mouths. She never saw her baby again. Her little boy died a short time later.

I hear so much about people who want to talk about how gentle, loving and protective their pit bulls are but remember the breed was bred to hunt, attack and kill and those are instincts that make many of them lethal outside of their own pack.

Pit bull and other attack-bred breed owners need to remember that and those dogs should never be allowed off leash or unmuzzled when around other dogs and people not part of their pack-family.

I am sending huge love and healing to your little girl. ❤️

Julie Kempke - Mine was attacked by a Rottweiler. He lost a eye but made a really great recovery. My heart breaks for you

Jennifer Marie Nagg - Currently we are dealing with animal control and our angry neighbors ): they haven't been able to do the surgery yet ): we are about to go check on her and see how she is at the vet I will keep you guys posted as best as I can thank you all for your sweet wishes of healing thank you so mucb

Sharmon Lester Beasley - Please press charges. Praying for you and your baby .When I was a teenager a pit attacked my peek, Pojo . Puncture wounds, and a slit across his throat, several days under vet care and weeks of recovery. He was timid after that when walking him. It breaks my heart to see pekes or any animal hurting. I would press charges for sure. I know it's awful but , the pit that attacked my Pojo , died from lead poisoning. My Daddy didn't play about his babies. He knocked on the mans door and ask him if he wanted to tell his dog goodbye.

Bonnie Barber-Jones - I'm so so sorry you and Annabelle are going through this. My Sugar Bear lost an eye to a Pit Bull attack. Then a few years later a Queensland Heeler knocked out several of her teeth and tore open her hind end at the dog park. I will be praying for little Annabelle.

GoFundMe: Surgery fund for Annabelle

Annabelle our beloved Pekingese was violently attacked last night by a Pit Bull. The dog ran my dog down and immediately tried to kill her, the dog almost severed Annabelle's bottom jaw completely off. 

Annabelle needs a very expensive reconstructive surgery for comfort and quality of life for the future. Never one to ask for help, but I need help. Anything you can do is appreciated this is me and Jennifer's baby and she is everything to us.

This is Annabelle after her violent attack she is doing ok out of critical but a long way to go. This is our baby and it is a tragedy that she is going through this..
We visited Annabelle today, to comfort her and show her love they have her on lots of meds, the surgeon that can fix her will be doing procedure Monday morning. So she is staying in hospital until most likely Tuesday. They are taking good care of her and trying syringe feeding, this is a horrible tragedy that no sweet fur baby should ever have to endure. We are looking into legal actions against the owner of the aggressive dog and the apartment complex who did nothing after reports of this aggressive dog! 

Keep Annabelle in your thoughts and prayers she is our everything.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Indonesia: Eight-year-old girl attacked, killed by family’s pit bull. Pit bull handed over to "a pit bull lovers community"(!)

INDONESIA -- A family dog is the main suspect behind the death of Ramisya Bazighah, 8, who was found lying in her house’s front yard in Lowokwaru in Malang, East Java with a severe wound to her neck on Sunday.

Malang Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Hariudin Hasibuan said no suspect had been named as investigators were still waiting for statements from a veterinarian.

The pit bull dog that allegedly attacked and killed an 
eight-year-old girl in Malang, East Java, on Sunday. 
(The Jakarta Post/Aman Rochman/Asia News Network)

Local neighborhood unit (RT) head Titin Utamingsih said Ramisya was being looked after by her grandmother.

“When her grandmother was praying, she heard the girl screaming from the front yard where the dog’s cage was located,” Titin said.

The cage was open but the white-colored pit bull was chained, she said.

The grandmother rushed over and discovered the girl had been attacked by the dog. She screamed for help and neighbors came, Titin explained.

Adj. First Insp. Imam Muhson Ridho, the head Malang Police’s K-9 police dog unit, said the eight-year-old dog was removed and later sent to a pit bull lovers community who would temporarily take care of the animal.

“When I found the dog, it was in good condition and seemed to be well-trained,” he said.

( - August 8, 2017)

Australia: After their Pit Bulls maul Schnauzer, owners provided fake names and phone numbers and ran off with their maulers. Police tell them it's a "civil matter" and won't get involved.

AUSTRALIA -- A Perth woman faces thousands of dollars in vet bills after being left with false details by the owners of two dogs who mauled their schnauzer at a Bunnings store in Inglewood.

Hannah Milk told 6PR's Oliver Peterson her mother was at the hardware store, leaving 12-year-old Monty on a leash outside.

While she was inside the shop she heard dogs attacking and Monty squealing in pain. She ran outside and found two "incredibly aggressive pit bulls or staffy-cross pit bulls" attacking Monty ferociously despite being on a leash, Ms Milk said.

Monty suffered pierce wounds to his skull and jugular, and one of his ears was ripped open.

"My dog was incredibly injured," Ms Milk said. "The owners said 'stop', but they had no control over them."

A brave bystander managed to drag the dogs off the schnauzer Ms Milk said, and an apologetic owner left Ms Milk's mother with their name and number and offered to help with the vet bills.

"In the fluster of it all she didn't ask the owners for their licence."

When Bunnings staff tried to contact the owners they found out they had been provided with fake names and numbers.'

Ms Milk said the vet bill will be "in the thousands", but attempts by Stirling rangers to track down the owners have been unsuccessful so far.

After putting up a post on social media with the description of the dogs and the owners, Ms Milk said numerous people came forward saying their dogs had also fallen victim to attacks by dogs in parks around Bedford and Inglewood with owners fitting the description.

"We want to find them and make them responsible," Ms Milk said.

She said the owners were a man and a woman with the man having an English accent and missing teeth.

"He looks really weathered, he could be in in his 40s or 50s," she said.

She said the woman looked also to be in her 40s with dyed black hair and a curvy figure.

"It's only a matter of time before these dogs kill a child," Ms Milk said.

Hannah Milk added 3 new photos to Facebook August 6 at 9:44pm ·
Monty got his own Channel 10 news story:
Pit bull attack 6/08/2017, your help needed. Please share!

Our lovely, sooky, silly family dog was mauled almost to death by two brindle coloured pit bulls this afternoon whilst sitting patiently as my mum ducked into Bunnings (Inglewood). He was wearing a halti head collar and didn't stand a chance. The pit bulls were viscous and unrelenting and tore at his jugular, ripped an ear and pierced his skull.

The couple who owned them left false names (Lana Henderson and Chris Wellington) and numbers with staff. The woman was mid 40s, Italian looking, had thick, shoulder length dark hair, a tight black t-shirt and boots on. Mum didn't see her parter. Both their pit bulls had thick studded collars.

Our family is asking for your help to find the irresponsible pet owners who caused this to happen. Why?

-The vet bill will be thousands more than my parents can spare right now
-Irresponsible dog owners put our whole community at risk, especially our CHILDREN
-Lying like that makes them SCUM OF THE EARTH who deserve the $10,000 fine for an unrestrained dog that causes injury.

Yes there is cc footage but we were told that it is a civil matter and that we can't get the names of the offenders, if they are ever found. Can't really see the police force putting much energy into this, so PLEASE help us find these mongrels! (The owners, not the dogs).

If you know of anyone who fits the description please contact me!!!

(WA Today AU - August 9, 2017)

(June 2017) North Carolina: Cop uses lunch cooler to save 2 puppies left inside hot car; Latoya Reid arrested and charged with Animal Cruelty

NORTH CAROLINA -- Two puppies are recovering after a Rock Hill Police officer rescued them from a car in nearly 100-degree weather.

The pups were spotted inside a vehicle at the Cherry Park Shopping Center parking lot around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday in the blazing sun.

The officer said the puppies were so overheated, she had to put the pups in a cooler to bring their temperatures down.

Their owner, Latoya Reid, is accused of leaving the puppies in the car while she was getting her hair done. 

The temperatures at the time of the incident was 94 degrees.

Rock Hill Police Officer Robin Gander's quick thinking saved the pups' lives.


"The only thing I had on me was my food cooler that I kept my lunch in," Gander said. "I was able to put them so they sat in my cooler. They both fit in there and (I) just started blasting the AC."

Reid was arrested and charged with ill treatment of animals.

Studies show, even in 60-degree weather, on a sunny day a car can get up to 100 degrees in just minutes -- even with the windows cracked.

NBC Charlotte's Billie Jean Shaw talked to Dr. Robin LePardo of Central Carolinas Animal Hospital about what that means for pets.

“The fur will insulate their bodies and then they start having clots, the clots can go to their brain and they can die.”


(First Coast News - June 15, 2017)

United Kingdom: Horror as eight-year-old girl mauled by large dog, believed to be an Akita, while playing outside leaving her covered in blood

UNITED KINGDOM -- An eight-year-old girl was left 'covered in blood' after she was mauled by a 'wolf-like' dog while playing near her home.

Little Roksana Lawecki suffered serious head and leg injuries after being attacked by the animal in Homethorpe, Hull, on Monday.

Her dad, Pawel, has described how he feared the worst after sprinting to the scene on Orchard Park to find "a lot of blood".

The youngster was playing not far from her house when the dog allegedly escaped from a nearby garden and attacked her, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

She had to undergo a three-hour operation at Hull Royal Infirmary to treat the serious injuries to the back of her head and her right leg. She also had superficial wounds to her arms.

Police are investigating and are trying to establish exactly what breed of dog the animal was. Indications suggest it was possibly a Japanese Akita.

The one-year-old canine has since been put down.

Roksana’s dad spoke of the family’s shock following the attack.

He said: “I wasn’t there when it happened but a woman told me the dog escaped through the gate of a garden and the dog just ran up and attacked Roksana.

“I ran to the scene and it was horrible to see. I was scared as there was a lot of blood and I feared the worst. Roksana was crying. There were a lot of people around trying to help.”

Mr Lawecki believes it was a large dog that attacked his daughter.

He said: “We are not sure what type of dog it was but it was big and wolf-like.

“Roksana had to have an operation on her leg and her head which took nearly three hours. She will need to go back next week to have the stitches removed.

“She cannot walk at the moment and is very sore.

"She is on medication. We don’t know if she will be scarred for life at this stage as it is too early to say but they are bad injuries.

“She liked dogs before, but we have been told she will probably remain scared of them forever. She is very upset by what has happened but thankfully she is okay.”

Humberside Police are investigating the dog attack and have confirmed the animal has been put down. No arrests have been made.

A spokeswoman said: “We were called to the report of a dog attack on an eight-year-old girl at 7.45pm on Monday at Homethorpe in Hull.

“The dog is reported to have got out of its garden and attacked the girl as she ran away. She sustained serious puncture wounds to her legs, back and head in the attack.

“The one-year old dog was surrendered by the owner who has given permission for the dog to be destroyed.

“We are fully investigating the attack under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 that the dog was dangerously out of control.”

Anyone with information about the dog attack should call Humberside Police on 101 quoting log 540 07/08/2017.

(Mirror UK - August 10, 2017)

United Kingdom: Mark Hook, 38, admitted to RAPING Labrador and uploading bestiality videos to internet

UNITED KINGDOM -- A man who had sex with his friend's dog and shared videos carrying out his "sick fantasies" online has been jailed.

Mark Hook, 38, admitted to RAPING his friend's Labrador numerous times as well as other deviant sex animal cruelty crimes against the animal.

Hook recorded video of him abusing and RAPING the dog and shared the videos with other sick perverts via the apps Skype, Kick and Whatsapp.

He was sentenced to three years and two months yesterday, the Bristol Post reports.

Bristol Crown Court heard how Hook CLAIMED he had descended into drug-fueled spiral which saw him downloading the most extreme kinds of child pornography and animal pornography before acting out his sick fantasies with the poor dog on a farm in Somerset.

Hook, from Hartcliffe, lived at his parent’s house following the collapses of a long term relationship.

He rarely socialized, instead preferring to spend his time alone in his room where he snorted the drug Mephedrone, drank and shared vile images with an online community of pedophiles.

He was arrested after police found messages from him on the computer of another man.

Hook had been sharing perverted fantasies with the man about child abuse and bestiality / animal cruelty – using the nickname DirtyBristolBoi.

Hook’s iPhone, laptop and hard drive were seized by police in April 2016 and officers found dozens of child sex images, some involving babies.

The judge said Hook had been viewing "the worst kinds of sexual acts imaginable against a human being".

Prosecutor Richard Posner said Hook had shared the sado-masochistic porn with others.

Hook also had 797 "extreme pornographic images" depicting men and women having oral and anal sex with dogs, horses and cows.

The court heard Hook began acting on his perverted urges in late 2014. He had a friend film him being penetrated by the Labrador on a farm in Somerset.

Police found 20 videos of Hook having sex with RAPING the dog on his hard drive, created over seven different dates.

Hook was charged with ten counts in all, relating to creating and distributing child pornography and extreme pornography as well as having sex with RAPING the dog, filming it and distributing it.

Judge Horton said Hook was a "part of a network that processed, shared and facilitated the making of these images".

Robert Duval, defending, said Hook was of previous good character and that this would "come as a cataclysmic shock" to people who knew him.

He CLAIMED that following his arrest Hook had made a "concerted effort" to kick his drug habit and seek counselling for his problems.

Passing sentence Judge Horton said: "Abuse of drugs proved a gateway for him which meant there was nothing even vaguely rational about what he watched and what he did with the images and with his own body.

"He spent time with the worst people imaginable and got into a pattern of life into which he completely disappeared."

Judge Horton sentenced hook to three years and two months for his crimes, telling him: "You are part of an ever-growing plague of men in this society who present as men of honesty, integrity and family values.

"But behind closed doors in reality you conceal very dark secrets. You sit in private rooms with computers and seek out the most appalling sexual degradation and abuse of young children and babies.”

An NSPCC spokesperson for South West England said: “The children in these pictures are the victims of child abuse and the horrific experiences they endured for the images to be created should not be underestimated.

"The proliferation of abuse images online is a growing problem, fuelled by offenders like Hook.

"More needs to be done by internet providers, governments and law enforcement to cut this material off at the source, but even then there is no guarantee that the existing abuse images will ever disappear from the web."

If any adult is worried that a child may be being abused, they should call the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000. Help for children and young people is available through Childline on 0800 1111.

(Mirror UK - August 12, 2017)

New York: Veleda Bailey pleads guilty to animal cruelty. She starved her six Pit Bull mixes, two of them to death.

NEW YORK -- A Wyandanch woman pleaded guilty to two animal cruelty charges for starving six of her dogs — two of them to death, Suffolk SPCA officials said.

Veleda Bailey pleaded guilty to the two animal cruelty charges, one felony and one misdemeanor for failure to provide proper sustenance, in court on July 19, SPCA Chief Roy Gross said.


Bailey had been charged in November after Suffolk County police, SPCA officials and members of an animal rescue group found one dog, named Soldier, dead and chained to a tree in Bailey’s backyard.

Five of Bailey’s other dogs were found emaciated, prosecutors said at the time. A second dog, which contracted parvovirus and pneumonia, later died.

Gross said it was “very disturbing” when officers responded to the scene of the complaint and saw Bailey barbecuing in her backyard with children present and the deceased dog “in proximity” to where a family gathering was going on.

The children were playing around the dead dog's body and Bailey was clearly planning on feeding everyone right next to the starving and dead dogs. How psychotic is this woman, that she would stand there grilling meat in front of these dogs, which were desperately hungry, and then sit down in front of these skeletal dogs and pig out on hamburgers and hot dogs while they were dying right in front of her eyes???


“That dog was a living creature . . . most of us that have pets consider them family members,” Gross said in a phone interview. “To allow that to happen, to see this total disregard for an animal, is very disturbing.”

Protesters had gathered outside of First District Court in Central Islip in January to decry the woman’s actions while displaying photos of the dead canine.

Suffolk SPCA Capt. Paul Llobell said Bailey had admitted to SPCA officials that she had not fed the dogs in two weeks. A necropsy showed that Soldier had died of starvation.

The four surviving dogs were put up for adoption through Almost Home, the Bohemia-based rescue group that first alerted authorities to the conditions at Bailey’s home.

An attorney who had represented Bailey at her arraignment did not immediately return a call for comment on Saturday afternoon. Information on a possible sentencing date was not immediately available.

“Hopefully this conviction will send a clear message out to anyone that may even think of neglecting or harming an animal that justice will be served,” Gross said.

The SPCA asks that residents call 631-382-7722 if they witness any mistreatment of animals. All callers will remain anonymous.


(Newsday - August 12, 2017)