Friday, April 13, 2018

Pennsylvania: Woman claims man stabbed her Pit Bull mix for no reason; doesn't mention the dog was loose and tried to attack man

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I read the GoFundMe page, I immediately suspected the owner, Jesse Mortimer, wasn't being 100% truthful. She says:
"A man was passing by our home while Clark was outside, on his leash, to go potty. The man suddenly stabbed Clark when Clark went up onto the sidewalk to greet him. He showed no aggression towards the man, as he is a very sweet boy. The man then immediately took off, leaving our poor boy bleeding out on the street. He was stabbed in the lower abdomen, close the lungs and stomach."
If this dog is leashed he wouldn't have had an opportunity to get to the sidewalk. If a person has a reasonable fear of being attacked, they are legally allowed to protect themselves.

When we get to the news story, which is one-sided on her part, we get the truth:
Wednesday night, Clark was outside on a leash when a man walked toward Fretts' home on Burrows Street. Clark started barking.

"He said, 'Girl, get your dogs in,' so I was like, all right, I'm going to make sure they're all contained," Fretts said.

In the process of getting Clark inside, the dog slipped out of his collar and ran toward the man.
*   *   *   *   *   *

Clark is a friendly dog, claims its owners.

"When we adopted him, he had no record of aggressive behavior," owner Greta Fretts said.

Wednesday night, Clark was outside on a leash when a man walked toward Fretts' home on Burrows Street. Clark started barking.

"He said, 'Girl, get your dogs in,' so I was like, all right, I'm going to make sure they're all contained," Fretts said.

In the process of getting Clark inside, the dog slipped out of his collar and ran toward the man.

Fretts is adamant that Clark wasn't attacking the man, but said that as the dog ran toward the passerby, Clark was stabbed by the man, who then ran away.

"Not real aggressive or anything," Fretts said. "He was just trying to run and greet him like he usually would anyone else, and the guy had a knife already and stabbed him in the said."

Immediately, Fretts applied pressure to the wound. She and her roommate got Clark to a veterinarian at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in the North Hills.

"It penetrated his chest cavity and caused an injury to the lung, so it was a very deep wound," Dr. Kelsey Sutcliffe said. "He's a young, otherwise healthy dog. I think his prognosis is excellent, as long as he continues to do as well as he has."

Pittsburgh police are investigating the incident.

(WTAE - April 11, 2018)

Missouri: Pit Bull kills 13-month-old Missouri girl. Her babysitter is charged with manslaughter

MISSOURI -- A southeast Missouri woman faces manslaughter charges after a dog she was keeping killed the 13-month-old girl she was baby-sitting.

The Cape Girardeau County, Mo., prosecutor filed a second-degree involuntary manslaughter charge against Erica N. Jordan “for acting with criminal negligence that resulted in the death" of the girl, Loxli Chavez, said a police department statement.

Jordan was arrested last week and posted bond, court records show. Loxli was attacked March 9 at Jordan’s home in Cape Girardeau and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

KFVS 12 reported that an autopsy showed she died from two puncture wounds to the skull.

The Southeast Missourian reported the dog, named Smokey, was part Pit Bull, Labrador and Malamute.

Jordan told police that she was keeping the dog at her home for her brother and that the dog was “not good with kids," the newspaper reported.

The woman said the dog had bitten her son "about a year ago", but claimed she thought the dog had calmed down after being neutered.

Loxli's mother, Tia Bailey, said she wasn't informed of the attack on Jordan’s son, or of the dog's behavior around children, the newspaper reported. Jordan had started baby-sitting the girl and her 5-year-old sister earlier in the week of the attack.

In court records, the babysitter described hearing “screaming and crying” and saw “blood everywhere” when the dog mauled the girl, the newspaper reported. She said she pulled the dog off the child and called 911.

The dog was taken to a shelter and is expected to be euthanized, per protocol, police said.

Following Loxli's death, the community raised more than $4,800 through GoFundMe to help the family.

"Loxli was full of life, she was happy, strong and was always full of joy," said a statement on the fundraising website. "She is also described as having a beautiful attitude. She would wrinkle up her nose and snort. Just a couple of weeks ago she started taking her first steps. Today, Loxli's life was cut too short by a tragic accident. ... It was all (too) unexpected."

Baby Loxli Willow Chavez Memorial
Created March 9, 2018
Jeremy Verhines
on behalf of Michelle Seabaugh

On March 9, 2018, Loxli Willow Chavez went to be with the Lord. Loxli was born on February 4, 2017. Loxli was born premature, weighed 3lbs, 3 oz. She was a warrior and made it out of the NICU and went home with her parents. Loxli was full of life, she was happy, strong and was always full of joy. She is also described as having a beautiful attitude. She would wrinkle up her nose and snort. Just a couple of weeks ago she started taking her first steps.

Today, Loxli's life was cut too short by a tragic accident. The family is devastated and in shock right now if you can imagine. It was all to unexpected.

The funds that are raised will help the family with support through this tragedy. As you can expect, returning back to normal life and routine is going to take some time. The family has limited income to live on and any support you offer will go farther than you can ever imagine.

I set the goal high because that just a fraction of the real picture of what they will need to be able to take care of the accommodations they are responsible for. In addition, they are going to need support in their healing, grieving the loss of their child, and being able to take the time they need to recover and start over.

The father and mother have been through many rough trials. Life has thrown them many curve balls and they continue to do their best to make ends meet. They are going to need our support through this time and financial gifts will ease the stress and concerns they already have.

(Ledger Enquirer - April 12, 2018)


Georgia: Pit Bulls maul 16 year-old girl, a man in his backyard and a 77-year-old man who may lose his leg

GEORGIA -- Xiaohong Davis was searching frantically for her father Monday when she got the call telling her that he was in the hospital and had been severely injured after he was attacked by a pair of pit bulls earlier in the day.

Zhong Kai Mao, 77, had been at Ronald Reagan Park and was walking home afterward. When he didn’t arrive home, his daughter went to the park but couldn’t find him. Mao immigrated to the U.S. from China two months ago and speaks little English.

Davis began to panic.

“I was waiting for him for dinner and I couldn’t find him,” Davis said. “So after I found out where he went, we looked all over, all over and then got the call from the emergency room so you can imagine what kind of a shock that is.”

Mao was one of three people attacked by pit bulls on or near Five Forks Trickum Road in unincorporated Lawrenceville on Monday. The dogs had escaped from the home of their owners and began roaming the area.

A Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement officer wrote in a report that Mao’s left calf was bleeding uncontrollably after the attack. A police officer had to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, the report said.

“When he was brought in (to Gwinnett Medical Center’s emergency room), he was in critical condition,” his daughter said. “He’s been in ICU for a few days.”

On Wednesday, Mao began having heart issues and doctors had to do a cardioversion on him to get his heartbeat back to a normal rhythm.

Now Mao faces an uncertain future. He has large gaping wounds on his leg with muscle and other internal tissue visible. The wounds are so large, in fact, that doctors told his family he will need skin grafts once it’s possible to safely do the procedure.

In the meantime, doctors and family members have to wait and see what will happen. His leg may still have to be amputated. Initially, doctors told the family that amputation would be needed, but they then began trying to see if that could be avoided.

“They’re still observing and trying to treat the wounds to make sure they’re not infected because if they get infected, then they’ll still have to cut that leg off,” Davis said.

One issue complicating matters is that because Mao only recently immigrated to the U.S., he doesn’t a job to provide income or insurance to cover medical costs. Family members have set up a GoFundMe account so they can raise $300,000 to help pay for his medical expenses.

The GoFundMe page is located at

The severity of the attack has Mao’s family upset over the fact that the dogs were able to escape from their owners’ home and attack people.

In addition to Mao, the dogs also attacked a 16-year-old girl who was also walking along Five Forks Trickum Road. After they attacked Mao, they headed up Rosa Drive and attacked another man who was in his backyard.

The family that owned the dogs surrendered them to the county’s Animal Welfare and Enforcement Division, which had the dogs euthanized and sent to a state lab for rabies testing. The dogs tested negative for rabies.

“I feel that this should be equivalent to assault with a deadly weapon and they should be prosecuted as such,” said Robert Davis, who is Xiaohong’s husband and Mao’s son-in-law. “It’s just that bad. If you take one look at my father-in-law’s leg, he’ll be lucky if he can walk on that leg again, and if he does, it’s going to require a lot of treatment and a lot of expense.

“Think about what you’re doing to somebody else’s life when you let these dogs get loose.”

Meanwhile, Mao’s daughter said she doesn’t consider pit bulls to be safe enough to be owned as pets. She said Georgia should pass a law addressing pit bull ownership. Other states have similar breed-specific laws, she said.

“I want to really, really advocate that Georgia pass the same law, like those other states, so that people cannot own this type of dog,” she said.

(gwinnettdailypost - April 5, 2018)

Alabama: Stacey Jordan says she's a rescuer, brings a Pit Bull home; it attacks the neighbor's Poodle

NORTHPORT, ALABAMA -- A woman who has been running a dog rescue out of her home said she's shutting down her operation after allegedly receiving threats.

And she's telling her side after one of her Pit Bulls attacked and viciously mauled her neighbor's pet.

Stacey Jordan has been fostering dogs out of her home for nearly 5 years. But after recent events, Jordan said she's closing up shop.

“People talking about driving by and shooting the dogs in my yard. I can't continue to do this community service and have my life threatened,” said Jordan, who says she's the director of "Southern Paws Animal Rescue".

Jordan said this has been going on since one of her dogs attacked a neighbor's pet.

But she told us she's not completely to blame, sharing this surveillance video of a boy going to her yard and letting her pit bull out before the attack.

“I am not without concern for the safety of my neighbors and the safety of their pets. I'm not going to say I'm without fault or without mistakes but I've made every effort possible to correct,” said Jordan.

She said she got collars to prevent her dogs from barking so much and an electric fence to keep them in her yard. “We've also enrolled them in a training program,” said Jordan.

A former rescue worker of Jordan's said conditions were poor at her previous rescue site.

“Twenty and 30 dogs sometimes in a neighborhood residential. These people are afraid. If you're going to run something, run it right. Run it safely. You can't have vicious dogs on your property,” said Darlene Richardson.

Jordan said all she wanted to do is help animals. “I look at those little faces and I know that if I don't take them, they are going to end up having something bad happen to them,” said Jordan.

Her statement right there is your red flag. She thinks only she can save them, including the vicious Pit Bull that nearly killed her neighbor's Poodle.

Northport has an ordinance which states: you can have 3 dogs per enclosure  that's within 50 feet of another home but it doesn't specify the total number of dogs one can have.

Northport city leaders said they are taking a closer look at the rule.

(WBRC - March 28, 2018)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Missouri: Babysitter Erica Jordan, 33, knew dog in deadly mauling was aggressive with children, say court documents

MISSOURI -- A 33-year-old Cape Girardeau woman has been charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter after her brother’s Pit Bull / Labrador / Malamute mix fatally attacked a 13-month-old girl she was babysitting last month.

Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Limbaugh announced the charge Friday against Erica N. Jordan of 46 N. Hanover St. The charge alleges “criminal negligence.”

Jordan was arrested and posted a $5,000 surety bond. As a condition of her release on bond, Judge Benjamin Lewis barred Jordan from caring for any children in her home other than her biological children, Limbaugh said in a news release.

“These charges come after a careful review of the evidence, an opportunity to speak with the victim’s family and follow-up investigations with witnesses,” the release stated.

The girl, Loxli Chavez, was taken to a hospital where she later died from “severe injuries,” according to a probable-cause statement.

The attack occurred March 9 at Jordan’s home.

In an interview with police, Jordan said the dog, named Smokey, weighed between 30 and 40 pounds. She said she was keeping the dog temporarily for her brother, according to the probable-cause statement from police Sgt. Darren Estes.

Jordan said she began babysitting Loxli and Loxli’s 5-year-old sister, Juniper, on March 5, Estes wrote. Jordan said Loxli’s parents knew about the dog, according to the statement.

Estes wrote “Jordan stated she frequently lets the dog loose, but sometimes placed the dog into her son’s room because the dog is ‘not good with kids.’”

She recalled the dog had “attacked” her son, biting him in the head about a year ago.

Jordan said the dog had since been neutered and “she thought the dog had ‘calmed down,’” Estes wrote.

Jordan said Smokey was drinking water from a dog bowl within a few feet of Loxli just before the attack. She said she suddenly “heard screaming and crying” and saw “blood everywhere, ”according to the probable-cause statement.

She said in the statement she tried to pull the dog away, but “he was so aggressive” and “just kept going for the baby.”

Jordan said she finally pulled Smokey off the girl and secured him in a closed bedroom. She then called 911.

Tia Bailey, the victim’s mother, told police it was never disclosed to her before the attack Smokey previously attacked Jordan’s child. Bailey said Jordan had reassured her the dog would not pose a risk to her children, according to the statement.

If convicted, Jordan faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison, the prosecutor said.

Police said after the attack the dog was impounded and would be euthanized.

(Southeast Missourian - April 7, 2018)

Saturday, April 7, 2018

New Mexico: After four dogs maul woman, two dogs including a Pit Bull, 'disappear' from owner's yard

LOS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO -- A Valencia County woman was taking a walk in her neighborhood when she was attacked by dogs.

The Sheriff's office confirmed the case Sunday night, and KOB spoke to family and friends about what happened.

KOB also obtained video of the attack. Neighbor Karla Brannan said it shows what happened to 33-year-old Carolyn Lucero early Easter morning. The attack outside Los Lunas left Lucero with injuries and multiple surgeries to try and save her arm.

"She was down on the ground face down and just screaming and asking for help, and there were four dogs on top of her just ... they were just mauling her," Brannan said. "They were growling and they were biting and they were just fighting."

Brannan said she woke up from the noise and ran out to help about 10 minutes after the dogs ran out.

"I found her phone and we called to get somebody to come be with her, and you're just wondering what can I do for this woman," Brannan said.

Brannan called Animal Control. KOB asked the home where the dogs appeared to be coming out from what happened.


"It's just crazy and ridiculous. These are my only two dogs that we have and the cops came asking too. Where's all the pit bulls at? Asking my husband," said Vanessa Quintana. 

She denied being involved and said her dogs weren’t responsible.

But moments later, Animal Control drove off with the two dogs she said weren't involved. Neighbors believe there are two more dogs out there.

"I saw a pit bull in the backyard yesterday on the chain that's white that was not taken today. And also there was a black-and-white dog that was bloodied that has now disappeared and that came out of her yard too," Brannan said.

Meanwhile, Lucero tries to recover in the hospital.

"Thank God we were able to save her. Thank God," Brannan said.

Animal Control said it's under investigation and they would be doing extra patrols.

(KOB - April 2, 2018)