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Ohio: Woman brutally mauled in the face by her friend's Pit Bull

OHIO -- February 17, 2018 seemed just like an ordinary day, but soon Queen would experience a tragic attack that would change her life forever.

While celebrating her recent selection in a local fashion show, she traveled across town to pick up her friend who was supporting her in her first rehearsal.

While waiting on her friend to get in the car, his pit bull darted out of the house and attacked her. 

The attack resulted in Queen losing 75 percent of her facial muscle structure, a piece of her cheek removed, and a broken jaw. 


After a five hour surgery in attempt to repair the damage, tissue and cartilage was removed from her nose to create her a new mouth. Doctors say this is the first of several surgeries needed to repair her mouth.

As we all know reconstructive and plastic surgery can be very expensive and she has already exceeded the allowed insurance available towards her recovery. She also has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and will need professional counseling to rebuild her self confidence.

She currently has her mouth sewn shut and will not be able to eat or talk for at least the next six months. She will be out of school for the remainder of the year and will need home schooling.

With doctor bills already piling and limited funds we are reaching out to the community and asking for your help. Any donations towards this campaign will greatly be appreciated.

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Earl Preach Clemons


California: Newly adopted Pit Bull attacks family's cat, breaking its leg

CALIFORNIA -- This couple recently adopted a Pit Bull and introduced it into their home with another dog and several cats.

For about a month, things seemed to be OK. Until they came home one night and found that the Pit bull had done what Pit Bulls are known for doing -- going into the "red zone" after being triggered and attacking one of the cats, breaking his leg.

This cat is very lucky to be alive. Likely it was able to scramble on top of something or squeeze itself into a hiding place to get away from it. Most cats attacked by Pit Bulls don't survive.

The owner is unsure if she should put the Pit Bull down or try to rehome it. It needs to be euthanized because it has shown its true nature. It will do this again. You can't just say, "Oh well I'll only give it to someone without any other pets" because time and time again these dogs get loose and attack and kill someone else's pet.

Give this dog a steak dinner and be sweet to it. Then take it to the vet and have it put down. It's the right thing to do.

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Ryan Whitaker

Last night I came home to my best friend attacked by our pit bull barely hanging on for his life, we rushed him to the er and got him the necessary treatment to keep him here with us. However we ran short on funds when it came down to his broken leg, please help Walter get a cast! He’s a very active little guy and I’d like to get him on his feet as soon as possible



Arizona: Child attacked by 'emotional therapy' dog that was allowed on Southwest Airlines flight

ARIZONA -- A child was injured by an emotional support dog on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon Wednesday night, fueling the debate over regulations regarding animals on airplanes.

The dog’s teeth scraped the child’s forehead after the passenger approached the animal during the boarding process, according to a spokesperson for Southwest.

The child received minor injuries and was examined by an EMT before continuing on the flight, which departed 20 minutes behind schedule. The dog and its owner did not stay on the plane and instead remained in Phoenix, the spokesperson said.

Another passenger on the same flight, Todd R., took a photo of the support animal and shared it on Twitter in a post that’s since been deleted, arguing that dogs should not be on planes and he would no longer be flying Southwest.

In another tweet, the passenger wrote: “When dogs are biting 6 year old kids on planes, it may be time to reconsider rewriting your 'safety' policy and procedure manual,'' AZ Central reported.

Reactions to the incident were mixed on social media. While some agreed with Todd, arguing that Southwest should create stricter regulations for emotional support animals, as other airlines have done recently.

Others felt the dog was not at fault and that the child should never have been allowed to approach the animal.

This dog is NOT a service dog. It is an 'emotional therapy' pet. Anyone who wants to need only go online pay a fee, answer a questionnaire and have a 'doctor' mail them a letter saying they need this animal for whatever reason. It's no different than the prescription pill mill doctors who write prescriptions all day long to drug addicts. They do it for the money.

That being said, ESA (emotional support animal) animals do NOT perform any task. They merely exist so that the owner can drag them everywhere so there is NO reason that said animal shouldn't be muzzled when taken out in public. They're not picking up items for this disabled owner. They're just sitting there. Or in this case, biting children on airplanes. 

Southwest notes on its website that service and emotional support animals are allowed on both domestic and international flights, but the animal must be trained to behave in a public setting and can be denied boarding if it fails to do so.

“Southwest Airlines welcomes fully trained service animals and emotional support animals accompanying a Customer with a disability on our flights. As our requirements for transporting each type of animal are different, our Employees are trained to ask some fact-finding questions to determine which classification applies to a Customer’s animal,” the website reads.

The airline does note, however, that it will not allow “unusual or exotic” animals to act as support pets, including but not limited to the following: rodents, ferrets, insects, spiders, reptiles, hedgehogs, rabbits or sugar gliders.

In regards to the incident of the dog injuring the child, Southwest said: “As always, the safety of our Customers is our highest priority.”

Two other major airlines have introduced stricter regulations for service and support animals this year. Last month, Delta Air Lines announced new strict guidelines for bringing service and support animals on board, citing customer abuse of the policy and a rise in animal-related incidents.

After an emotional support peacock was denied entry on a United Airlines flight, the company followed in Delta’s footsteps, issuing similar new regulations for those who wish to bring animals on board.

United cited an 84 percent increase in poor animal behavior by so-called 'emotional therapy animals' (ESA) such as urinating, defecating, biting and attacking people on flights as impetus for the change.

Anita Roman Fox 10 @ANITAROMANFOX10 posted on Twitter

This photo was taken by @SouthwestAir passenger who says this service dog bit a child as it boarded.  Airline says paramedics checked the child out and everything was ok that safety is priority.  The dog and owner got off the plane.  Man who took pic says no dogs on planes.

(Fox News - February 22, 2018)

Canada: Family says American Bulldogs that mauled little boy had previously mauled their dog to death - and that nothing was done it

CANADA -- A Wallaceburg family is feeling a number of different feelings after hearing that a little boy in their neighbourhood was attacked by two American Bulldogs, because they say the two dogs have attacked before.

Nick and Lisa Persyn say their dog Jordan, a Jack Russell / Labrador Retriever was also attacked by the same two American Bulldogs in October of last year, and later died from his injuries three weeks later. 

They say they want changes in the way dog attacks are reported and addressed so that incidents don't happen over and over again.

The condition of a three-year-old Wallaceburg boy Tucker Marcolin, who was attacked by two dogs on Monday, is improving as he remains in a Michigan hospital.

Marcolin, 3, was attacked by a dog while sledding at Wallaceburg's Jaycee Park down the street from his house with his babysitter and six-year-old brother.

Police said two dogs escaped from their home and attacked the three-year-old child around 5 p.m.

The incident with the Persyns happened at Jaycee Park as well. They took their dog and their two-year-old daughter to the park on Oct. 20.

While at the park, two dogs, who they say were unattended, charged at Jordan.

“They got Jordan on one side of the neck and the other dog came around the other side of me and got him on the other side of his neck,” said Lisa Persyn. She tried to kick the dogs off of her dog, but they wouldn't stop them.


“They just had this growl and this determination that this is what they were going to do and they were going to tear him apart,” Lisa Persyn said.

Nick Persyn, a mountain of a man at almost six-foot-eight, covered up his dog to prevent it from being attacked.

“The dogs were jumping on me and over me and trying to get in wherever they can to bite him,” Nick Persyn said.

The Persyns said the attack went on for almost 15 minutes.

“They were just relentless. It was the most vicious thing,” Persyn said.

They say up to the incident their dog was doing well for an older dog, but that  Jordan wasn't same after the attack. He had been hurt pretty badly and wasn't eating after the incident. He kept on getting sick. Jordan developed bleeding stomach ulcers and died three weeks after the attack.

The incident haunts the Persyns.

The Persyns said they wanted something done about the dogs. They warned neighbours and contacted Pet and Wildlife Rescue (PAWR). Lisa Persyn credited PAWR for following up on the incident, and said they were working on the file, but said more should've been done.

“Those dogs should've been euthanized,” Lisa Persyn said. “These dogs were out for blood, this was different, this wasn't just a little nip.... If he (Nick) wasn't there (Jordan) would've been done right there.”

The incident also left the Persyns with a $1,000 veterinary bill.

After hearing about the incident with Tucker Marcolin on Monday, they said their hearts broke after hearing from neighbours that the dogs attacked again, this time a little boy.

The Persyns said there was feelings of guilt that they didn't get the job done in pushing for action against the dogs. They said they felt flustered.

“Something needs to be done or changed, so that an attack at that level things have to happen more than a slap on the wrist,” Lisa Persyn said.

Three year-old Tucker Marcolin

They said the dogs have terrorized the neighbourhood in the past, the Persyns said, prior to the two attacks.

The Courier Press attempted to get a comment via social media from the woman who neighbours say owns the dogs, but she hasn't yet responded.

During Monday's incident a man and woman visiting family on Larkwood Street immediately ran to the park to help the young boy and babysitter, police said.

Tucker's six-year-old brother ran to safety and the injured boy was carried from the scene to a home as 911 was called, police said. The babysitter, who sustained non-life threatening injuries, was treated and released from hospital.

The injured boy was taken to the Sydenham Campus of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and was later transferred to a Michigan hospital for further medical treatment.

The dogs were identified and seized by Pet and Animal Wildlife Rescue and are currently in quarantine.

The community has rallied around the boy, as a GoFundMe set up on Tuesday, has raised over $18,000 in just under 24 hours. The goal for the campaign was $2,500 and that figure was surpassed in the first hour of the campaign.

In an update on the page, it said Tucker has had a few surgeries, and things are looking up.

“Tucker "The Tank" is a strong little boy who will get through this, he is currently in Detroit and will be there for over a week while he is monitored 24/7 healing,” they wrote in an update.

In an update on the GoFundMe page, it said it's expected that Tucker will make a full recovery. The GoFundMe page said Tucker had lots of stitches on his face and leg.

The money raised is aimed at helping the family with travel costs and the lost time from work for the parents.

Police continue to seek information from the public as the investigation into the incident continues.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Const. Ed Vannoord at or at 519-436-6600 ext. 8668. Anonymous calls can also be made to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

(Chatham Daily News CA - February 8, 2018)

Missouri: Pit Bull owner complains after her dog is shot while attacking police K9

MISSOURI -- June Tucker's vicious 5-year-old pit bull, named "Repo," is in an animal hospital with two bullet wounds. He was shot by an Overland Police Department officer near Mary Ridge Park Monday night.

"He just doesn't deserve to be shot and just to leave him on the porch to bleed to death," complains Tucker.


Tucker said she took her dog out for a walk around 10:30 p.m. using a belt as a leash. But she said the dog got 'spooked' and pulled the leash out of her hand and ran off.

BTW, in the video we find that her 'leash' is actually a belt. A belt. Serioiusly. I'm starting to doubt that she was ever 'walking' him in the first place. Likely she just let her mauler roam around the neighborhood all the time because she was too lazy to properly walk him with a collar and leash.

Tucker didn't bother to go after her Pit Bull, a breed of dog known for roaming and seeking victims to attack... Instead, Tucker said she went back in the house and assumed whenever her dog was through breaking the law and roaming loose, it would return soon.

At the same time, Overland police officers were searching the neighborhood for a prowler.

"It was like, maybe fifteen seconds and that's when you hear boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," said Tucker.

According to Overland Police Chief Michael Laws, the pit bull came running from a dark area and attacked the department K-9, named "Tzar."

"And according to the witnesses we interviewed and the officers who were there, had him by the throat and had him pinned to the ground," said Laws.

Chief Laws said the K-9 was able to break free and the pit bull backed up, but then the pit bull started coming at the K-9. Laws said that's when the officer shot the dog.

"I was a K-9 officer years ago and we're all dog lovers. So we hate to see anything like this happen but we also have to defend our property and our animals. The dog is a part of our department, a valuable member of our police department," said Laws.

Because Tucker won't stop running her mouth about how the police 'unfairly' shot her nasty dog, they say they're seeking charges against her.

(KMOV - February 20, 2018)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kansas: Nearly three months after attack, little boy mauled by his friend's Pit Bull mix still hospitalized but slowly making progress

KANSAS -- Nearly three months ago, nine-year-old Chance Orozco was at a friend's house playing. This friend had a Pit Bull - German Shepherd mix that was chained to a tree.

At some point, Chance wandered close enough to the dog, which attacked him.

Chance lost his left ear, portions of his scalp and now has a tracheostomy.

The Kansas Highway Patrol worked the incident and told Chance's family that the attack lasted about 20 minutes. Initial news reports said that police had no plans of conducting an investigation, preferring to chalk it up as a "tragic incident".

Note: An investigation always needs done when an attack is this severe. Where did they get the dog from? What's its history? Has it bitten before? Why was a chained dog able to maul this little boy for 20 minutes without an adult intervening? Were the boys left alone? Were the children in this household afraid of this dog? Is that why it was chained to a tree? 

It's irresponsible policing to say no investigation is going to be conducted when this little boy has a lifetime of injuries he'll be dealing with.

This photo was posted recently showing Chance still hospitalized and slowly making progress. Like I said, a lifetime of recovery. 

Despite all this, his father Stephen Orozco told a reporter he doesn't blame Pit Bulls. He's one of those who desperately wants to believe in "blaming the deed and not the breed". 

Created December 10, 2017
Patrick Nakfoor

United Kingdom: Gizmo hangs on for 6 agonizing days before dying from horrific Pit Bull attack

UNITED KINGDOM -- On Saturday 10th of February 2018 I took my beloved Gizmo out for his usual walk in his usual place nothing out of the ordinary..

we turned a corner and could see another dog running loose with its owner, I automatically put him on a short lead as I always do when we meet other dogs as all good owners and handlers do.. this said dog is a PIT BULL!!


It spotted Gizmo and came running at him grabbed him by his scruff and threw him in the air there followed a horrific attack which lasted 15 minutes or possibly more ..

during this time the dog was uncontrollable the owner could do nothing with it.

the dog eventually let Gizmo go, I scooped him up in my arms and turned my back in that split second the dog jumped up at me and snatched Gizmo from my arms.

Again the dog would not let go, the said owner dived on the dog and was screaming at me to grab Gizmo and run with him (good ehh).. I proceeded to punch and kick this dog to get it to let go of my precious Gizmo he wouldn't harm a fly!!

In this time again the owner was laying on the dog still screaming at me to grab Gizmo and run. The said dog again let go I scooped Gizmo up and cradled him but the dog jumped up again and snatched Gizmo from my arms. The noise was horrendous and something which I'll never forget..

again the dog let go with all the screaming and shouting the said dog managed to get free and snatched Gizmo for the third and final time but this time sends shivers down my spine as the noise my darling Gizmo made as he was pulled by his back leg I can not describe.

Many of my neighbours heard the racket and came running out to help us, it took two men to wrestle the dog off gizmo and get the dog under control and back on its harness!! Yes it had no collar on or harness! One of these men escorted the dog and owner back to her property whilst the other scooped Gizmo and myself up and drove us to the Vets!!

But as I'm writing this totally heartbroken and so so angry it is with such sadness that I have to say after 6 days having intensive care from the vets my beloved chunky monkey sadly passed away late last night from a massive cardiac arrest!

We have been left with a tremdous vets bill and the said owner is unlikely to pay anything towards this, so I'm hoping that this story tugs on the hearts of all you dog lovers out there to help us with as much or as little as you possibly can.. Thankyou x

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£305 of £2,000 goal
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