Monday, October 24, 2016

New Jersey: State trooper rescues drowning deer from swimming pool

NEW JERSEY -- A New Jersey state trooper rescued a deer drowning in a swimming pool on Friday.

New Jersey State Trooper Dwayne Phillips was dispatched to a home in Harmony Township where he found the deer struggling for dear life in a swimming pool, WPIX reported.

“Now believe it or not, we don't necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer, but we do teach them how to think on their feet and adapt and improvise when a peculiar situation presents itself." New Jersey State Police said in a Facebook post.

“Well, he grabbed the buck by its rack and pulled him from the water to safety!”

“Now, there is always the possibility of serious injury or worse when trying to rescue a drowning victim and even more so when the victim is a wild animal. But this trooper did an outstanding job!

"He was so exhausted that he hunkered down on the ground for some time before he could regain enough energy to even stand.

"We are happy to report that he eventually regained his strength and ran back into the woods.

“The most rewarding thing that we can do as troopers is to save a life, human or animal,” New Jersey State Police said.

( - Oct 23, 2016)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Alabama: "The vet thinks he's got neck and spinal damage and if so there's nothing that can be done" says woman of her little dog after it was attacked by a pit bull

ALABAMA -- Everyone please pray for our little fur baby Rex he just got attacked by a pit bull. Dusty has rushed him to the vet, but he don't look good.

JoAnn Isom Cheek: Oh no !!! Dusty loves Him so ! I hope He will be ok . So sorry.

Whitney White: Dusty is back he said the vet said that Rex will have to stay 4 days if he makes it. They have him sedated and gave him something for pain.

He has 2 big holes where the dog bite him that tore through the skin so he has internal damage. We're all torn and upset dusty is going crazy Rex is his Lil side kick. Pray he is ok

Today has been a terrible day. I wish I could just close my eyes and open then up and start it over agsin. Our Lil Rex isn't doing good everyone pray for him and us also, he's like one of our kids.

Beverly Sharon Morton Hudson: Prayers that he will be okay.

Marquetta Heptinstall: Praying!

Sarah Potter: Praying that he gets better. Bless yalls hearts.

Whitney White: Thanks yall but he's not good the vet told me this morning that he's not good he thinks he's got neck and spinal damage and if so there's nothing that can be done

Florida: Horrifying new PETA sting video shows abuses of animals, including baby tigers, at Dade City's Wild Things

FLORIDA -- Not that any of us needed another reason to be outraged and/or depressed these days, but a new undercover video taken at a local "zoo" is utterly disheartening.

In 2015 and 2016, someone affiliated with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) volunteered and worked at Dade City's Wild Things, a somewhat popular — if not exactly accredited or respected by other animal-centered attractions in the area — roadside zoo that features a diverse array of animals, including the famous Mystery Monkey that eluded authorities for years in the Tampa Bay area.

A key attention getter at the 22-acre Pasco County attraction?

Pay a little extra, and they'll let you swim with a baby tiger.

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Agriculture filed multiple warnings and ultimately a complaint against the "zoo" because of the distress that causes tiger cubs as well as unacceptable living conditions for other fauna on the property.

From the complaint:

"Despite having received multiple inspection reports identifying noncompliance with the Regulations and failures to comply with the Standards, and the receipt of an Official Warning, respondent [Dade City Wild Things] has continued to mishandle animals, particularly infant and juvenile tigers, exposing these animals and the public to injury, disease, and harm. Respondent held or participated in events that included allowing members of the public to handle young and juvenile tigers, to paint the fur of young and juvenile tigers, and to force young and juvenile tigers to 'swim' and to 'play' with members of the public."

The violations include handlers forcing a little tiger to swim in the pool "despite the tiger's obvious discomfort," exposing them to "rough or excessive handling," exhibiting monkeys and tigers at unsafe distances from the public and failing to keep enclosures in decent repair (including excess water in cages and loose electrical wires).

The PETA video backs up those claims and then some.

And it's very hard to watch.

Included are clips of staff manhandling newborn tiger cubs, separating them from their mothers by trying to pull them out through their cages. The body of tiger cub who didn't make it is callously left on the ground. A tiger cub being trained to swim with guests can barely keep its head above water. Another is dragged through the mulch in an attempt to force it into interacting with guests.

Near the pool during a training session, the video shows an employee slapping a tiger cub, then shoving it into the water.

When they're too old to perform, tigers are confined to small cages with little to no stimulation.

When they're no longer able to be used in "tiger encounters", they may be sold off to "canned hunt" facilities in which they're somewhat tame, but kept inside caged/fenced areas for rich people to come by in a Jeep and then shoot and kill them for sport. There is no way for the animal to escape and the paid client is guaranteed a "kill".

Deer are kept in close confines during mating season until a fight breaks out, after which an employee fires a gun into the air in an effort to scare them into stopping the ruckus.

A monkey suffers from self-inflicted wounds, likely due to mental distress, but gets no care. A parrot lies sick in a container for weeks, later dying when management refuses to give it medical care.

Too big to be handled and used for encounter and
photo ops, tigers live in cages until sold off to
be used in canned hunts or bred for more baby tigers

And so on.


PETA hopes the video will compel potential visitors to stay away from the property.

"Dade City's Wild Things is churning out tiger cub after tiger cub to be manhandled and exploited as props in photo ops and then left to suffer in barren cages," PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Brittany Peet said in a media release. "PETA is calling on the public to refuse to support this cruel tourist trap's abuse and exploitation of endangered animals."

The nonprofit notes the cruel irony of how tigers bred in captivity at such attractions can never be released back into the wild when they become too big to "perform" yet wild populations in areas of the world where they're indigenous face extinction.

All right, humans, we had a shot. And we blew it. Royally. Time to let the octopi take it all over.

Staff/management at Dade City's Wild Things did not return a call asking for comment as of Thursday night.


Note: If you can't view the embedded video, you can click HERE to go directly to YouTube's page with the video.

(Creative Loafing Tampa - Oct 20, 2016)

Arizona: Dog named Ginger attacked by neighbor's pit bull

ARIZONA -- My Ginger was attacked by a pit today. The inside of the ear is a lot worse than the outside. Don't really want to touch it for photos. She is 13 and when Cathy found her she was curled up in submission with the other dog standing over her. Very scary. Hope she will be herself when she heals.

Mickey Electro-Rock Robinson: Where the hell did this happen? Did u get the owners of the fucker???

Joe Ryan: I wasn't home. Someone called 911 and the police had to pepper spray the dogs. Not Ginger, there were two pits. They called animal control. The owner came over. He is playing vet bills.

Michelle Mills: Aww did u call the cops or pet control?

Joe Ryan: I wasn't home. Someone called 911 and the police had to pepper spray the pit. The cops called animal control.

Joe Ryan: These dogs are just left in a yard. No attention given to them. I pet them over the fence and they are fine. The only time I have seen them mean, it was directed at other animals. After the one got in my yard and tore Ginger up they both went down the street and tried to get at a German Shepherd, in his yard and muzzled. Someone called 911. The police had to pepper spray them. Police called animal control. That's when I got home.

Michaelene Ryan: I hope the owners are held responsible. Most "animal problems" are really "people problems,"

Joe Ryan: He came over after work today. The dog that attacked her is being put down. He is paying vet bills. Very sorry and cooperative.

Joe Ryan: David Hill, I don't like being called a liar. Take it somewhere else.
David Hill: Joe, I did not do that, I question the facts, since I don't know you, I would never do that, but for the sake of debate, and I mean this in best of terms, who would let an animal in harms way? and how can we prevent it from happening again. If interested, we could rehab animals in the shelters, tell me when you are available. Blaming the Pit is not the answer

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers for Ginger. She is feeling better and the swelling is going down. She's eating and we have even gotten some tail wags. The owner of the other dog has agreed to pay for the vet bills. It has been traumatic for her and us, but all the support really feels good. Thank you all.

Florida: Brianna Shean, 27, already charged with animal cruelty and child neglect, facing additional charge

FLORIDA -- A Fountain mother accused of child neglect and cruelty to animals is now facing a new charge after investigators reported they found a sexually explicit video of her in which a child was present, according to court records.

Brianna Devon Shean, 27, was arrested in September on a charge of use of a child in a sexual performance. She and 31-year-old Bobby Franklin Norris initially were arrested on charges of child neglect and animal cruelty in August.

About a month later, though, deputies got a tip about pornography in the home and served a search warrant on the couple’s iPad only to find a sexually explicit video where a child allegedly can be seen climbing onto the bed with her, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office reported.

In one video, investigators said, Shean is seen in bed rubbing her breasts and using explicit language while the child can be seen climbing onto the bed.

Shean was conditionally released from custody on a pretrial program and ordered to have an adult present any time she is in the child’s presence. However, after reviewing the video, prosecutors asked that Shean’s bond be revoked. She was again arrested Oct. 18 and is being held without bond, court records indicated.

In August, Shean and Norris were arrested after deputies discovered their children suffering from a skin infection, smelling of urine and feces and a starving dog in the bathroom of her home. Shean allegedly told deputies she had been drugged and raped.

During a search of the home, deputies found it a “disastrous mess,” with food on the counters, floor and couch. There were allegedly garbage and dirty diapers lying throughout the home, and a dog that looked to be near death from starvation also found was trapped in a bathroom along with “a lot of feces,” deputies said.

Despite the children’s skin infections, neither Shean nor Norris had sought medical treatment for them. Shean, however, told deputies she went to the hospital Sunday to get treatment for herself.

Shean was charged with felony counts of child neglect and animal cruelty. Norris also was charged with child abuse, child neglect and animal cruelty.

Norris was ordered to not have contact with the child or Shean.

(NWF Daily News - Oct 22, 2016)


Pennsylvania: Budweiser Clydesdale horse photobombs police officers during photo

PENNSYLVANIA -- At a 9/11 Memorial Heroes Run, a Clydesdale photobombed a group of officers posing for a photo. Kim Supko, of Kim Supko Photography, captured the hilarious moment on camera.

 The 9/11 Memorial Run was dedicated to never forgetting those who suffered loss and tragedy on 9/11 and the wars since then combating terrorism around the globe.

Supko told News of the Horse

"I was taking photos at the 9/11 Heroes Run on September 11th in Norristown, PA organized by Montgomery County Hero Fund and Sean Cullen.

"Days later as I was editing over 500 pictures I got to this group of local Police Officers from local townships and our Sheriff’s Department and could not believe my eyes as I looked closer.

"Best part is the officer 2nd in from the right is a very good friend of my family. I am astounded by the thousands of shares this photos has had and so happy to make others smile by sharing. Make it a great day!"


(News of the Horse - Sept 25, 2016)

Florida: Woman's dogs attacked by pit bull, which still has not been caught

FLORIDA -- Charlie and I are going home. Courtney is at rest at home. They have dear friends, Scott and Shelly and the daughter, Sarah coming tomorrow. We will come back when we hear anything about Abigail's pending birth. I am the dog sitter while they are in the hospital.

I need to go check on my sweet dogs, especially Louis, who was most injured in the pit bull attack. I don't think the dog has been caught.

I'll let you know when we know more. Please keep praying. Thanks a million.