Friday, January 27, 2017

Pennsylvania: Elderly woman, 96, in "extremely critical condition" after being mauled by two loose pit bulls

PENNSYLVANIA -- Philadelphia police say a 96-year-old woman was attacked by two dogs on the 5800 block of Brush Road in East Germantown.

It happened around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

“One dog was on her arm, biting her arm, and the other dog was on the other side, pulling on her clothes, and then she turned around. And then, the big dog started biting her in her head and the little dog started biting her on her face and I was just screaming—hollering,” said neighbor Lillian Watson.

Neighbors say she's an energetic 96-year-old who was sweeping the alleyway behind her house with her two grandchildren working on the roof when the neighbor's two Pit Bulls got out the back door.

"With the broom. She was sweeping. So they just went after they stick. After the broom cause the broom looked like a stick to them," Elijah McCants explained.


Elijah's father, who just had his foot amputated, hopped over to the dogs and separated them.

The woman was found lying on the ground, unconscious with multiple dog bites to her face, head and body when police arrived they picked her up and drove her to the hospital.

Police say she was in extremely critical condition when taken to Einstein Medical Center.

The dogs immediately ran back into the home.  Animal Control arrived and left with them.  The dog's owner was taken by police for questioning.

Neighbors say there hadn't been any other problems with the dogs in the past but that they were aggressive. According to police, the dogs were 10 and 3 years old.

(Fox29 - Jan 25, 2017)

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