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(August 2017) New Hampshire: Keni-Lynn Mone re-arrested in Rochester trash-filled home case

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- As the child endangerment case involving a trash-filled Rochester home gets closer to trial, authorities have arrested the resident for a second time in order for prosecutors to seek harsher misdemeanor penalties.

Keni-Lynn Mone, 33, of Rochester, had been charged June 23 with two counts of child endangerment and one count of animal cruelty, all misdemeanors, after the city found nine months of trash and animal waste inside her 7 South Blueberry Lane manufactured home.

Due to the conditions, the Division of Children, Youth and Families removed a teenage boy and a preteen girl from the home, while animal control officials removed a dog and a cat, police have said.

Prosecutors intended to seek Class A misdemeanor penalties on the child endangerment charges, which are normally Class B offenses. However, because they never filed a notice of intent to do so, Mone’s original charges had to be dismissed and Mone had to be re-arrested on Aug. 18, according to police.


Police said that Aug. 18 arrest, which occurred when Mone turned herself in that day, will allow prosecutors to seek the Class A offenses when Mone’s case goes to trial in Rochester District Court on Sept. 12.

Mone was arraigned on the new, but identical, set of charges on Monday. Her previous bail conditions weren’t affected by the second arrest, according to court records.

Mone now resides in the Partridge Green Apartments off Old Dover Road, according to court records.


Her former home at 7 South Blueberry Lane was demolished a few weeks ago after pest remediation company Modern Pest determined doing so wouldn’t lead to a dispersal of rats and other pests into the surrounding neighborhood, according to city Health Inspector Bob Veno.

According to Veno, Modern Pest removed dozens of rats from the 7 South Blueberry Lane and the surrounding area in the weeks after Mone was ordered to vacate the property, which is a part of Briar Ridge Estates.

Rochester Police Capt. Jason Thomas said Mone only faces one animal cruelty charge because there were “obvious signs” her dog was affected by the living conditions, whereas her cat showed no such signs.

The dog was removed June 23, the day of Mone’s arrest, whereas the cat wasn’t located and captured until about two weeks later, said Thomas.

( - August 23, 2017)


California: After woman loses control of her 2 Pit Bulls, which chase and nearly kill a Poodle, she runs off with the dogs and hasn't come forward. There's a reason I have a category called "owner fled with bite dog". They do this all the time!

CALIFORNIA -- The owner of a 10-year-old poodle mix named "Bobo" is on the hunt for a woman who owns two pit bulls that mauled Bobo while they were on a walk early Wednesday morning.

It happened in a neighborhood near Garret and Villines, and it was all caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

The video shows Bobo and his owner, Enrique Carrillo, walking when all of a sudden a woman loses control of her two pit bulls, and they charge Bobo.

"When I heard her saying Oh my God, Oh my God, I turned, that's when she couldn't hold the dogs no more," Carrillo said.

Carrillo desperately tries to protect Bobo to no avail, as the dogs pursue him and begin to maul Bobo.


Neighbor Leandra Maquinales told FOX11 she heard all the commotion and came outside with a stick to help separate the dogs. She said the owner of the pit bulls was being dragged by the dogs.

"Even for a second she just sat there and let them run after him, I was telling her get up what are you doing, help, get your dogs!" she said.

By the time the attack was over, Bobo was in bad shape.


"He was in a lot of pain, his eyes were rolling over, his tongue was sticking out, I thought I was gonna lose him," Carrillo said. "First thing I thought about was saving his life, take him to the emergency room."

While they were at the vet, Maquinales was with the owner of the pit bulls for a short time before she left the scene.

"She was kicking them and she was like this is the last straw I'm taking you to the pound cursing at them," she said. "Even her actions afterwards, and not even taking responsibility for herself, like these are my dogs I'm sorry, she wasn't even acting like that."

That's why Carrillo said he blames the owner, not the dogs, and he wants her to take responsibility for her actions.

He said Bobo's vet bills topped over $1,100, but he would pay whatever it took to save his life.

"Hopefully he'll be an active dog very soon the way he was before, he's a very happy boy," Carrillo said. "I don't think he ever deserved to be done like this."


The owner of the pit bulls has not yet been identified, and the dogs haven't been located.

Carrillo said he did make a report with authorities, and they've been patrolling the neighborhood in search of them.


(FOXLA - Sept 18, 2017)

California: Tens of thousands of beloved pets are mauled to death by Pit Bulls each year. Lindy was loved by his family. Here's his story.

CALIFORNIA -- Paul Joe Posti posted on Facebook September 21, 2017 ·

Last night my dog and I were attacked and severely bitten by a 110 # pit bull. Im doing much better. Please say a prayer for Lindy. He did not get so lucky. Surgery on him later today. Many know him and he is the most loving dog.

We will need a blood thirsty attorney and he/she MUST have a good detective that can find out about these people. The internet says that 18 Hispanic people live in that house. Probably rented and if we go down to talk to them they will say its not their dog or the one who owned him is gone. I will meet with the Animal control in the morning and get more info. We will walk down to the 10 neighbors that saved us and ask for a statement. It looks bad for LIndy and Im on pain pills and antibiotics. No broken bones but some good pain. The Pit bull is in quarantine and weighs about 120 pounds. Only two hours sleep and I need some rest. to be fresh tomorrow. Thanks Jeff for your input as your name was out of my mouth at the ER last night

Note: Unfortunately, Lindy could not survive the Pit Bull attack. He died at the vet's office.

GoFundMe: Help Lindy with justice
Created September 23, 2017
Paul Joe Posti

Lindbergh Posti
Born March 7, 2006     -     Died September 22, 2017

Lindy liked to go for a short walk after dinner and we took our walk two blocks from the house at 8:20pm of September 20, 2017. Lindy on his leash and walking slowly with us when all of a sudden, a 110-pound Pit bull dog came running out of an open garage across the street and attacked Lindy. He hit our dog so hard it pulled him right out of his collar, still attached to the leash. When I tried to push him away he bit me on the hands many times. I kept trying to get him away and he was very strong and aggressive and kept tearing at Lindy.

Kelly was screaming and luckily for us the neighbors all came out and two big men finally got the Pit bull away from us. I called 911 and the Sheriff, Animal control and the paramedics all came. My dog totally in shock and pressed up against me while the paramedics helped my wounds.

Kelly ran to get the car and we put Lindy in the back and she had to drive 45 minutes away for the Vet closest hospital. All the way lindy was coughing up blood from his neck and did not move an inch while still wondering what just happened to him.

The doctors tried to stabilize him for surgery the next day (Thursday) and after sedation Lindy stopped breathing and they had to bring him out and put him in an oxygen breathing chamber. They said if they could get him stable on Friday they would try again. The doctors dressed the visible wounds but stated that Lindy had much more damage inside and blood, mucus and puss was draining into his lungs and they could not stop it. They could not operate because he would die for sure under anesthesia.

On Friday September 22 at 11:30AM Kelly and I went to the hospital to try and give him hope and let him know we are here. We opened the small round window and let him smell our hands. He wanted to leave and showed a small amount of energy. I scratched him on back of his neck as that was his favorite. He seemed to know we loved him very much. We stayed about 20 minutes and it was hard to leave him. Everyone who knows Lindy knows he is always next to Kelly or me within reach. He was no match for that dog who we found out has had no shots, no license, no chip and no collar or leash. The gate to the back yard had been broken for years and the owners only put a barrel next to it.

Animal control [had been] called three times that night to report the Pit bull running loose by the neighbors up to 45 minutes before we arrived [and were attacked]. They refused to come and pick up the dog [leaving me to be attacked and Lindy mauled to death].

We would like you to get to know our Lindy.

November 18, 2006, Joe & Kelly went to the West Palm Beach animal shelter. Each cage had the dogs’ information. One cage had a small sign that read “Take me home, I’m a star.” We took him into the introduction area and he wanted to play ball. He loved us right away and this would-be Kelly’s first dog. The dog had been neutered and had all the shots a dog could get and was very healthy.

The Family decided that we would name him Lindbergh, but we always called him “Lindy.” He loved his new house, except he would not go upstairs as he had never seen stairs before. It took about three months before he would come upstairs to my office.

He grew to 65 pounds and in June 2007 Kelly and the dog went to dog school, where they used Lindy to train the other dogs; because you could tell him something once and he did it. Lindy was the most well-behaved dog I have ever had and always loved everyone, especially the ladies.

We wanted the best for Lindy and Dr. Patty Wade at All Paws was seen every six months for heart worm pills and check. Lindy would walk straight to the scale and then lie down in the waiting room for the doctor, never flinching while she checked him. Lindy was loved where ever he went and gave love back three-times.

His first Christmas he had never seen a tree and he tried to play ball with the lower ornaments and broke a bunch. We told him no and gave one tap on his rear with a newspaper. He never did he touch the tree again for all the years. His favorite things were playing ball, his small stuffed toys, going for a walk and a car ride. He received most of his toys in 2008 and never destroyed them, although he did try to eat a tennis ball. From that year on he would exercise his jaw on the tennis ball and when it would deflate we would throw it away and give him a new one. He always had two to play with and they would last years.

Lindys’ understanding of the English language was unbelievable and he would obey our commands easily. You could start a sentence and he knew what was coming. Kelly would say: “Lindy do you want to” and lindy knew that meant he was going to walk or ride somewhere. He would get so excited jumping and wagging his tail until you went. Lindy would bark at the UPS and FED EX trucks driving by and other dogs, but rarely barked in the house for no reason.

One day we thought it would be fun to walk on the beach with Lindy, never knowing he was a swimmer. He had a web between his toes! I had a 20-foot leash and wadded out to my waste and lindy swam out past me to meet the waves, turned around and body-surfed them into the shore. We laughed every time we saw him do that. He would not go into the swimming pool unless we said it was OK. He would stand on the top step with front paws and look at us for approval. He loved to swim.

I sort-of retired in 2014 and wanted something more to do. I started working on a new business idea and found a market in California. Still looking for investors we sold the house in Florida and on July 2017 Lindy and I jumped into the big truck and moved the car and house to San Jacinto, California. On the way, we would stop at parks and he would run and jump and stretch his legs.

See moving truck in background.

Two weeks after moving, lindy lie on the floor next to me and I could see he was having a hard time breathing and I tried to get him up and he had no energy. I put him in the car and drove to the local Vet where they said he had pneumonia and after checking his blood found he had diabetes. We gave him antibiotics and insulin twice a day. Within two weeks he was a good as a new old dog.

I’m only asking for help as Lindys medical was over $8,300 and we do not even have a bill for me and my right hand is still swollen and black & Blue. We are paying with a burden, but will survive.

I could use some financial help for legal fees to try and get recoup money for our medical bills and damages from animal control, who failed to respond to the many phone calls that night before the incident.  The owners of the Pitbull are renters and have no money.

Lindy will be cremated on Monday and his ashes placed in the Pacific Ocean where he can swim all he likes.

Kelly and I thank you for any help you can give, as the County, CIty and the Pit bull owners are all at fault.

 Rest in peace, poor Lindy.

California: After woman's Pit Bull mauls tiny Dachshund, she grabs her mauler and runs off

CALIFORNIA -- Kyle Anne Schlick posted on Facebook September 14, 2017 ·

On Tuesday 9/12 am, my friend was walking his adorable little Dachshund dog Fritz at Baker creek in Big Pine and was attacked by a white and grey pit bull with a pink collar

The owner and dog ran from the scene and the poor Dachshund ended up at Vet with large bills and injuries

Any information would be greatly appreciated just think the other party should have to pay for bills.

California: Pit Bull busts through screened-in window to attack and kill little dog

CALIFORNIA -- Susan Carlson posted on Facebook September 17, 2017 ·

We've lost a family member. Our Jenn Jensen's little Jameson was attacked by a pit bull and has passed away. Such a special little guy.....very beloved by all. Please keep Jenn in your thoughts and prayers.....

Susan Carlson - The bigger dog actually jumped through a window screen to go after poor little Jameson. A very dangerous dog....

[used "jumped out of vehicle" tag b/c I don't have a "jumped through window" tag]

Texas: Neighbor's three Pit Bulls break into woman's fenced yard, attack and kill her dog

TEXAS -- “I’m screaming help me,” Sherry Cushman said, as she broke into tears while describing fighting off three dogs, including two Pit Bulls and a Pit Bull mix [so basically three Pit Bulls].

She said the three dogs had her tiny eight-pound dog in their jaws.

“Somebody!” Cushman screamed. “They are killing my dogs and no one is coming!”

Now the San Antonio woman is desperate for justice after she says her neighbors dogs killed her tiny pet.

After fighting off the dogs off with her bare hands, she now wants the city to fight to make sure these dogs never attack again.

“He shredding her and her neck is broken,” Cushman said. “I looked up and the pit bull was right here with Darsa in his mouth and her neck is already broken. The only thing that can move were her eyes. Her eyes were looking at me and I almost grabbed him.”

She claims the neighbor's dogs made their way through a hole in the fence that has since been repaired.  She says those dogs attacked two year-old Darsa, a black miniature pinscher chihuahua mix.

“I said get away from me or I’ll kill you and he ran,” Cushman said. “I’m screaming give me my Darsa, and there’s that dog licking the blood on his face and he has her.”


An SAPD report says near the hole in the fence officers found chicken wire and a large stone that the dogs had been able to move.

Eyewitness News knocked on the neighbor’s door with questions about the dogs that attacked.

There was no answer, but there was a violation notice from Animal Care Services. ACS said the investigation has just begun and owners of aggressive or dangerous dogs are held accountable.


In an email ACS said:

Animal Care Services is currently engaged in the Dangerous Dog Investigation process with the complainant, Ms. Cushman, whose pet Darsi, was apparently killed by her neighbor's dogs. While this investigation has just begun and it's outcome has not been determined, San Antonio's animal laws remain clear. It is illegal to allow your pet to roam off your property. This is a matter of public safety and protection for both people and their pets. Cases such as these are taken very seriously by Animal Care Services and owners of dogs legally found aggressive or dangerous will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

According to the police report, officers told Cushman to keep her other small dog, Namaste, inside her house so this won't happen again.

Nice advice - you're a prisoner in your own home. Your home (and property) is supposed to be your castle, your safe haven. Guess not.


(KENS - September 18, 2017)

Illinois: Judge found probable cause for Kerry Talburt's to continue. Talburt is accused of letting his Pit Bull maul a man in July

ILLINOIS -- Probable cause was found Tuesday in Adams County Circuit Court against a Quincy man accused of letting his pit bull bite another man in July.

Judge Debra Wellborn ruled there was enough evidence for the case against Kerry D. Talburt II to move forward. He is set to appear for arraignment Sept. 19.

Talburt, 21, faces charges of home invasion, aggravated battery, reckless conduct, criminal trespass of a residence and two counts of obstructing justice.

Charging documents say Talburt put his thumb in one of the other man's eyes and allowed his pit bull to bite him. They also allege he gave false information to police.

The Quincy Police Department said officers were called to 1005 Jersey on July 8 on a report of a 30-year-old who was bitten in the face by a dog. Police said Talburt had gotten into an altercation with his downstairs neighbor, and Talburt's dog got loose and bit the man in the face.

Talburt faces six to 30 years in prison if convicted of the home invasion charge, a Class X felony. He also faces the possibility of consecutive sentences if convicted of other charges.

Talburt posted $2,000 bond in the case but is being held in the Adams County Jail in other cases.


Quincy teen arrested for marijuana possession
Aug 18, 2015

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - A Quincy teen was arrested Monday night after deputies say they found 30 grams of marijuana in his home.

Kerry D. Talburt II, 19, was arrested for possession of cannabis with intent to deliver.  Adams County Sheriff's deputies say they found the drugs during a search of Talburt's home at 1005 1/2 Jersey Street.

Justin R. Agans, 19, was arrested for an outstanding Schuyler County, Illinois, warrant and possession of alcohol by a minor. Deputies say several juveniles were also released to their parents with pending charges.


Task force finds several pounds of marijuana in Quincy home
Jul 26, 2016

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - Police arrested three people Monday night just before uncovering several pounds of marijuana in a Quincy home.

It started when officers pulled over a vehicle over near 8th and Madison streets as part of a drug investigation.

West Central Illinois Task Force M/Sgt. Patrick Frazier says task force members and sheriff's deputies arrested the 17-year-old driver and Kerry D. Talburt II, 20, for unlawful possession of cannabis.

While they were at the scene, Frazier says Zana S. Owsley, 37, who is related to one of them, came up to the officers and they arrested her for a failure to appear warrant. Frazier says Owsley also had drugs on her.

After the arrests, officers went to search Talburt's home, at 1005-1/2 Jersey Street, where Frazier says they found cannabis, cannabis edibles and drug paraphernalia.

Frazier says Talburt faces charges for cannabis trafficking and unlawful possession of 2,000 to 5,000 grams of cannabis, which is roughly between four and 11 pounds.

The teen was released to a parent.

Releasing him to a parent probably wasn't a good idea since his daddy is a criminal, too:

Talbert Arrested on Drug Charges After Attempt to Escape by Bicycle Fails
July 23, 2013

(Quincy, Ill)— Kerry D. Talburt of Quincy tried to escape by bicycle as West Central Illinois Task Force officers closed in on him Monday afternoon.

Officers report the thirty-eight year old was the subject of a drug investigation in the 400 block of Elm Street in Quincy.  Talburt was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Task Force Agents seized meth and hypodermic syringes at the scene.

Talburt was already on parole for meth possession when he was arrested Monday for Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver.

Court records indicate Talburt received sentences for Aggravated Battery and Armed Robbery in 1994, Obstruction of Justice in 1997, and Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and Escape from a Penal Institution in 2002.

Talburt remains lodged in the Adams County Jail.

(WHIG - Sept 12, 2017)