Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New York: For the 2nd time in a year, Amy Person has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty

NEW YORK -- Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office have arrested a 50 year old woman on 31 charges of animal cruelty.

Deputies say Amy Person, was arrested after the sheriff's office received a complaint of animals that were not being cared for.

The pigs, 11 of them including two piglets, are among 35 animals the Montgomery County SPCA says they're currently feeding and will be removing this week.

Anthonio Baker of the Montgomery County SPCA says they're looking for fosters for 11 pigs, nine sheep, two donkeys, six goats, two cows and seven horses.

"The situation was pretty deplorable," he said.

Despite there are 35 animals in need, the Montgomery County Sheriff's office says it has charged 50- year old Amy Person with 31 counts of cruelty.

Person rents a room at 323 Polin Road, where Arhianna Fleres also lives - and has animals.

She says her dad owns the place.

"She moved in here and she was renting a room and had her animals here and so she was responsible for her own animals," said Fleres.

Fleres showed us the animals and says Person has destroyed their property, and says she can't afford to feed all the animals that aren't her own.

"It's not fair to the animals that have to stand and look at food and don't have it," she said.

A neighbor says some of the animals have gotten out looking for food- coming into her property- specifically the pigs.

"They got into the horse food in my garage and they ate my pumpkins," she said.


Back in April 2016, Amy Person and Scott Moxham were each charged with 17 counts of animal cruelty. Amy Person recently posted on Facebook the claim that:

"Amy C Person I just went through the same bullshit, all charges where dropped $6000 later. Had animals for 40 years some asshole gets pissed and they show up on a day after 2-1/2 inches of rain and arrest for horses in a muddy paddock ! Bullshit DA laughed at them, vet gave every animal on the property total clean bill of health"

As for these current charges, Person was arrested and released with a court date Thursday night.

(CBS6Albany - May 1, 2017)