Monday, May 1, 2017

Texas: Five-year-old horse named Fiona shot and killed while in her pasture

TEXAS -- The Grayson County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a horse that was shot.

Jennifer Jones says their 5-year-old horse, Fiona, was shot in the pasture next to their home on Sears Road near highway 56 in Bells.

"We noticed a very small, very small hole in her side and we didn't even think it was a hole. We thought it was a scratch."

She says at first the family thought Fiona had rolled onto wire somewhere on their property.

But when they took her to the vet, they found out she had been shot in the chest with what they believe may have been a 22 caliber bullet.

"I think we're still in shock to be honest. At her loss and that it was a gunshot."

Fiona was put to sleep on Friday.

Jones told us she hopes the incident was an accident.

She says they have a creek right next door to their property where neighbors hunt coyotes and wild hogs.

"Somebody could have been hunting and if they missed, or went astray, it could have hit the horse."

But she says her vet thinks otherwise.

"Because of the placement, it looks like an intentional shot because it was right in her rib cage."

It's the fifth report of a horse being shot in this area over the last eight months.

"I'm sad more than angry that people would do something like that and I know that many people have had a loss and that's it. I'm more sad than anything."

Fiona's death is still under investigation.

Jones warns others to keep an eye out around their neighborhood, just in case.

(KXII - April 29, 2017)

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