Thursday, March 22, 2018

(February 2018) Maryland: Loose pit bull rips King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Hank out of owner's arms and viciously mauls him

MARYLAND -- Hank, a handsome and lovable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, 13 months old, was viciously attacked and mauled and nearly killed, by a uncontrolled pit bull mix dog, having been pulled out of Tony’s arms.

He was saved from bleeding to death by the hands of Tony pressing on the worst of the puncture wounds to stem the bleeding until reaching the emergency vet for surgery and repairs to the many punctures, including one in the lung, and broken rib.

The funds are needed to help pay for the enormous vet bills already incurred, with more to follow.  Hank is Jill and Tony’s, especially Tony, lovable pal.  He rides everywhere with them on a golf cart, saying hello to everyone with a wag and lick.  Please help them with these growing vet bills.

They are so grateful already for the outpouring of concern and caring from many who know them, and others who have just seen them smiling (Tony) and joyful wagging tail of Hank.  They wouldn’t do this request themselves, but we know the expense will be a burden on anyone, so we would hope all loving pet owners understand to give just a little.  Thank you to everyone in advance for all the support, prayers, and caring given to these devoted pet owners.

Update 1
I just want to thank everyone again for all the support given to Tony and Jill following the vicious attack on their beloved little pal, Hank. Thank you also for all the donations to go towards the large and climbing vet bill. Tony and Jill have been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.

Hank is doing better every day and has to be reminded that he has to continue to take it easy. He will be visiting the vet again later in the week to have his stitches removed. We will be giving another update after that visit. Thank you again on behalf of Tony and Jill and, of course, Hank.

Update 2
Hi, everyone. This is Hank. I’m doing so much better now thanks to my wonderful veterinarian in Eustis, FL. I, along with my mommy and daddy (Jill and Tony), want to thank everyone who donated toward my vet bills, and most especially, for all the prayers and support given for me and my dad and mom.

We are so overwhelmed from all everyone has done. Thanks again and see you around as I ride again in my golf cart with my dad, saying hello. (Mom rides with us sometimes)

Hank says thanks
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GOFUNDME: Hank’s Veterinarian bills
Created February 26, 2018
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