Sunday, March 25, 2018

Kansas: Cyclist says Pit Bull chased and attacked him for 1/2 mile

KANSAS -- Steven Sutton posted on Facebook March 15, 2018 ·

*Slightly Graphic*
Riding gravel with Keith Ehrlich last night and got chased by a Pit Bull and a couple of other dogs at 143rd E and 111th S. Been by there many times and seen the Pit Bull before but it never came out in the road before.


It kept trying to get in front of me and managed to bump my front tire once and then came around and latched onto my leg. It let go, bit again and then chased me for 1/2 mile before giving up. 

Keith Ehrlich went to the ER with me. The folks at the Wesley ER were great and I choose to start the Rabies shots as a precaution. Hurt like hell last night but better today. No Land Run 100 for me now. I also ordered some dog repellent.

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  1. Shoulda had a .357, bro.
    That'll take care of him.
    Vicious dogs?
    Come onto public roads?
    Lettm gitta taste of their medicine.