Sunday, March 25, 2018

North Carolina: "One of My babies was bitten by a pit bull mix"

NORTH CAROLINA -- Angel Brockman posted on Facebook March 23, 2018 ·

One of My babies was bitten by a pit bull mix who runs around periodically in my mom’s neighborhood spraying territory. We were on our property and the dog just lunges out of nowhere and picks my dog up by the tail.

I was able to get the dog to leave her alone but the damage was already done. There have been many calls made to get someone to put him up but nobody wants to claim him as theirs, many ppl would’ve shot the dog but I am an animal lover. I respect all life and I value peace.

I took her to the vet but they wanted to euthanize her or do emergency surgery (which would result in more blood loss and was still not guaranteed). You don’t know how much you love your pets until something like this happens. she had already lost so much blood but I would’ve had to make it to their emergency clinic in rush hour traffic ( in 10mins)

..needless to say it was a hard decision but as I sat in traffic I felt her getting limper and limper so I made the decision to just go home.God gave me the wisdom to stop the bleeding and nurse her back to health. Some of you may not believe it but God Loves animals too, I’ve seen Him heal. Happy #NationalPetDay I love animals like I love ppl!

You can’t trust every vet, some of them just want money and they don’t do all they can to help animals before suggesting killing them. Use your gut! If you have a vicious dog who has bitten anything or anyone, put them up it’s not cute to have a dog who attacks, they should never be off the leash bc if they bite small animals, they I’ll eventually bite small children!

I didn’t post all the blood bc it’s too graphic just know it was enough to be life threatening. If you are reading this and you know who’s dog it is just let them know if the dog comes in the yard again he will be picked up by Animal Control. Enough is enough!

This dog doesn't really look like  Pit Bull mix in this blurry photo


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