Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ohio: Army private reunited with beloved dog after court battle with Angelo Sullo, who illegally gave away / sold the dog and Christina Grapo, who may have gotten the dog in good faith from Sullo, but who initially refused to return the dog even after police told her it was stolen property

OHIO -- A local Army private did something she never thought would happen again: She hugged her dog, Buck.

“Good boy, good boy,” said Army Pvt. Katelyn Gallagher as she hugged her 5-year-old bloodhound. “I missed you so much.”


Gallagher was reunited with Buck on Tuesday when she returned from a nine-month training program. The reunion came after a court battle for the dog.

When Gallagher left for training last year, she left the dog in the care of a family friend. When she returned home in December, on leave, she went to get the dog and was told the friend gave Buck away.

“He said he gave him to a family and he wouldn’t tell me where Buck was,” Gallagher said. “It was a nightmare.”


Gallagher filed a police report at Cleveland’s second district police station. A theft charge was filed against her ex-friend Angelo Sullo, who gave the dog away.

Because she didn't know where her dog was, Gallagher had to canvas the town posting flyers of her dog asking for information.


Sullo refused to tell police or a judge where the dog was, but police eventually tracked Buck down at Christina Grapo's home.

She said that Sullo had told her Gallagher gave permission to rehome (sell) the dog and - even after being told Sullo had been criminally charged for theft and that she technically was in possession of stolen property - she still refused to return him.

Instead of doing the right thing and returning this dog back to its owner, she hired a lawyer.

Finally, their patience had reached its end and police told Grapo that if she didn't hand the dog over she was facing a FELONY charge herself. At that point, their attorney advised her to return the dog.

At the end of February, Buck was returned to Gallagher’s family. In exchange, the criminal charges were then dismissed against Sullo.

“I did not want to fight,” Gallagher said. “I didn’t want to battle. I didn't want other people to be hurt. I just wanted my boy back, that’s all.”


Gallagher’s attorney, Paul Cristallo, said he is glad the issues were resolved.

“She adopted Buck as a pup, she loves him and she deserves to have him back,” Cristallo said.

And her family agrees.

“When you see Katelyn, you see Buck,” said her brother, Terry McCready.

Gallagher said Buck will be at her side from here on out.


(Fox8 - April 12, 2017)


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