Monday, January 2, 2017

Ohio: Army Private says her dog was sold by her "friend" Angelo Sullo while she was on training assignment

OHIO -- Army Private First Class Katelyn Gallagher spent most of her day Monday, her last day of leave, posting signs looking for her dog Buck.

“When I left in May for training, I left him with a family friend, Angelo Sullo, who told me he would care for Buck,” Gallagher told Fox 8 News Monday. “I was so excited to get home and get him.”

But when Gallagher returned home last month, and she went to the house to get Buck, she was told he was no longer there. She said Sullo told her that he could not care for the dog so he gave him away.

“He wouldn’t REFUSED to give me any other information so I don’t know who has him,” Katelyn said. “I am not upset with the people who may have him because I am sure they don’t know. But I really want him back.”

She said Buck is a purebred male Bloodhound, is 5-years-old and weighs over 100 pounds.


“He is very, very, sweet,” Gallagher said. “I got him when he was 9 months old. He is like my son, he is my best friend. I really want him back. This has been very difficult for me.”

Katelyn filed a report with Cleveland police. Sullo is now facing a petty theft charge.

We reached Sullo by phone. He refused to talk about the issue on camera, but says the matter is a misunderstanding and he expects to be “vindicated.”


If he, for whatever reason, couldn't continue taking care of the dog for her, why didn't he call her? Why didn't he call her family? I think he sold this dog because he needed the money - Bloodhounds are not a common dog breed so they're more expensive than other dogs - and that's the reason he refuses to tell her where the dog is at. 

Hopefully that's all it is - that the dog really is somewhere - and not dead. Maybe he killed the dog, maybe it was hit by a car and died or maybe it was attacked by his dog and died and he is lying about giving away (selling) the dog. I hope not. 

(Fox8- Jan 2, 2017)