Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ohio: After initially refusing to tell a judge where Army Private Katelyn Gallagher's Bloodhound was, Angelo Sullo changed his mind and her dog has been returned. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the criminal charge against him

OHIO -- A Cleveland Municipal Court judge dismissed a petty theft charge filed against a man, accused of giving an army private’s dog away while she was at military training.

City prosecutors asked the judge to dismissed the misdemeanor charge filed against Angelo Sullo, and the judge agreed.

Army Private Katelyn Gallagher told Fox 8 she agreed with the charges being dismissed because her dog, Buck, was returned.

“That’s all I ever wanted, was to get my boy back,” Gallagher said.

Sullo was charged in December, after Gallagher returned home on leave. She said Sullo told her he gave the dog away and wouldn’t tell her where Buck was located.

Because Sullo refused to tell Gallagher where her dog was, she was forced to walk around town posting flyers for information about her stolen dog. She filed a police report and thankfully she lives in a town where this type of crime is taken seriously (rather than telling her it was a civil matter and to sue him in civil court).

Sullo refused to tell the judge or police where the dog was. However, police eventually found the dog, but the family that had him refused to return him - even though they were told the circumstances of the incident, that Sullo had illegally sold/given away Pvt. Gallagher's dog and that they were in possession of stolen property.

Only after police told Christina Grapo that she was now facing a felony charge herself, did she give the dog to police.

Buck was returned to her family members last month. Gallagher is expected home from military training in April.

(Fox8 - March 7, 2017)