Monday, May 22, 2017

New York: Toy Poodle named Preston mauled by woman's pit bull; $10,000 in vet bills. As expected, the pit bull owner hasn't paid the bill.

NEW YORK -- Jasper, Tennessee was just in the news because they are contemplating making owners of pit bulls and pit bull mixes to adhere to additional restrictions within their jurisdiction.

One of those restrictions include maintaining $100,000 insurance on each of their pit bulls. One woman in the news story was complaining saying her pit bulls hadn't done anything and it's not fair to make her get insurance to make everyone else feel more comfortable about her potential killers living in their community.


Well, this is exactly the reason that the insurance policy makes sense. How many times have we seen GoFundMe, YouCaring, etc. pages where people are begging for money because their pet (or a person) has been mauled by a pit bull and the pit bull owner

1) doesn't have two nickels to rub together or
2) flat-out refuses to hand over any money or
3) they grab their vicious dog and run off with it?

With this case, there is no mention on the fundraising page or on the Facebook page of them calling Animal Control, but maybe they just didn't mention it. If they didn't, they need to - NOW. However, if you read her comments at the bottom, it sure seems like she knows this woman. They may not be best friends or anything, but she says the woman "is alright" so she must've seen or spoken with her after her pittie attacked her... and she says she has a 2-year-old child.

This is getting me irritated. I want to know that she called Animal Control and filed a report. I want to know that she is going to insist that this dog be euthanized. I want to know that she is filing a civil suit against this woman to make her pay for the $10,000+ in vet bills.

I guess if there's a silver lining to this story is that this woman - before she ran off with her dog and left the victims lying there in their own blood - was attacked in the face by her own Wigglebutt Pibble so there may be some justice in the world after all.


This pit bull will absolutely do this again - read the description about how the pit bull zeroed in on little Preston and couldn't be stopped despite four grown adults trying. That is called Gameness. The dog does not lose focus on its target even when being beaten with baseball bats, tire irons, two by fours, golf clubs, etc. They often won't stop even when stabbed or shot, sometimes they have to be shot and/or stabbed multiple times to stop the attack.

Preston, the toy poodle who survived a pit bull attack
For: Preston
New York, NY
Organizer: Brandon Doyle
Preston, the toy poodle who survived a pit bull attack (Preston)
$1,535 of $12,000 goal raised by 26 donors

The Story
On Wednesday evening, May 17 my toy poodle was attacked by an off leash pit bull.  The owner had taken her pit bull into a private alley which is off limits and houses terraces from my building.

The pit bull saw Preston on my terrace and jumped 4 feet off the ground and grabbed Preston and pulled him through my terrace railing.  

Carlos was with Preston and quickly reacted by jumping over the terrace to fight the pit bull on the ground.  Carlos was then attacked in the process.

It took four people to get the pit bull to let go of his grip and three attempts where Preston was loose but the pit bull kept attacking Carlos' legs to recapture Preston.

On the third attempt Carlos was able to lift Preston over a neighbor's terrace and was brought out of harms way.

The owner then left the scene while ambulances arrived.

Both Preston and Carlos where taken to the emergency hospital.

Preston had stopped breathing and needed immediate resuscitation.  Preston presented puncture wounds to his neck, chest, abdomen, and hind legs.  The punctures were deep and surgery was needed.

After two days in the intensive care unit, Preston was released from the hospital.  Fortunately no internal organs were damaged and Preston will fully recuperate.

Carlos suffered deep wounds in his hands and superficial wounds all over his elbows and legs.  Not knowing the owner or the dog, Carlos had to undergo rabies treatment.  He also needed his hands sutured.

This incident has resulted in 10k of medical bills for Preston,  and 2k for Carlos who doesn't have health coverage.  Any donation you can make to offset these expenses is deeply appreciated.


Update #1
Posted on May 21, 2017

It's amazing how quickly Preston is progressing.  He's no longer whimpering and we actually got some sleep.  He also has life back into his eyes and his energy is up.  He is still very agitated and it takes him a while to get comfortable but I know in a couple more days that should get better too.  Here is a picture of Preston peacefully sleeping.

Update #2
Posted on May 21, 2017

Proud, relieved parent moment.  Preston has finally eaten some food.  The hospital warned me that he refused to eat and that it was necessary for his health and needed with his prescribed medications but I was unable to get him to eat all day yesterday and throughout today.  But tonight my baby eats!

Thanks for all the support.  I'm in seeing names unfamiliar to my family.  My heart is filled through you!!

Update #3
Posted on May 23, 2017

Preston really is a trouper.  We are back to sleeping most the night and there is no more whimpering.  He still gets agitated and zips round and round trying to get comfortable.  And the licking has started.  I'm doing my best to keep him from licking but his cone isn't hard enough to prevent him.  So now my waking in the night is to try to stop all this licking.  Tomorrow we go back to the vet for a check-up and his two drainages removed from his wounds.  Here is a picture with Preston's brother Duke.  Duke loves his brother and has stayed by our side.

Update #4
Posted on May 24, 2017

It's been one week now so Preston sent in for a check-up and drainage removals from two major wound sites. Unfortunately one of the drainages was met with resistance and the vet had to prematurely remove some sutures. As a result, Preston has been upgraded to a harder cone to prevent him from licking/chewing his wounds. Here we are together celebrating our new cones!


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