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California: "I almost got attacked today by a pit bull" says mail carrier who also says "I like pit bulls, too"

CALIFORNIA -- LoryAne Gu posted on Facebook February 28, 2018 ·

I almost got attacked today by a pit bull. He came out of nowhere. I was at a cbu unit, and went around the back of my vehicle to get a parcel [she's a mail carrier].

He trotted up to me not wagging his tail, which made me a little nervous from the get go. But, I reached down to pat his head anyway since he was so close, and I wanted to be as friendly as possible to such a strong dog.

I know dogs and have been around them my whole life. I like pit bulls too, they can be very sweet with their little pit-ish grins.😊 But this dog was not friendly he immediately started barking and growling at me.

I backed away, and yelled GET BACK! This dog did not get the memo. So I fumbled for my post office issued pepper spray, and gave him a nice little orange spot atop the bridge of his nose. He sneezed and trotted off back through the OPEN gate to his back yard. Where he continued to watch me as I finished the job. Scared me half to death.

Colorado: Pit Bull attacks dog in the lobby of a doggy daycare

COLORADO -- Amber Kraft posted on Facebook February 28, 2018 ·

Curious to know how other's feel but my reaction is WTF! I took my Hazel to doggy daycare this morning and we were greeted in the lobby by an unleashed pit bull that was only just rescued Saturday!!!

The poor pit bull attacked Hazel and me, Hazel taking the brunt of it. She is getting stitched up as I type. I have some bruising but definitely lucked out!

Who takes a dog they just adopted to daycare days after they adopt the dog? The poor thing probably thought he was going back to the shelter.

It took me a year and a half to take Hazel to daycare and she still hesitates and worries, as do I, but she does well and comes home exhausted. Ugh, I worry about that poor dog, despite its instincts.

Arizona: Mesa pet owner distraught after dog vanished from groomers

ARIZONA -- A Mesa pet owner says she’s devastated after her dog vanished while at the groomers.

"It's really hard not having her here,” Chrissy Willingham said.

Looking at the empty puppy playpen, Willingham says her and her family’s hearts feel empty as well.

“I want my baby, of course, but I also want answers. No one can give me answers," said Willingham.

Willingham says her 2-year-old Biewer terrier “Bebe” is only 3 pounds but is a huge part of her family.

"She is family, she's like my third baby," Willingham said.

Her “baby" is now missing. Saturday morning, Willingham says she brought Bebe to Animal Clipper Grooming in Mesa for a day of pampering. After a couple of hours, she got a phone call from the grooming facility.

"I have some bad news. We lost your dog. She is missing we lost her," is what Willingham said she was told.

The worst part Willingham says is that there is no clear explanation as to how it happened.

"They just don't know, it's like she just vanished!" she said.

"Never in the 26 years have we never been able to account for a family member that's been entrusted to us,” said Dan Castillo, the owner of the grooming facility.

Castillo said his place has been a long-standing mom and pop shop. He says he and his family are also distraught and sincerely sorry.

"We are devastated. Our hearts go out to the Willingham family. It's tough to come to mom and dad and say, ‘Hey listen, you entrusted us with your family member to do what we do and that is to provide a great service and to be able to say we don't know what happened.’ We're bewildered just as much as they're bewildered," he said.


He says he's doing all he can to get answers.

"We are still conducting our own internal investigation to see the protocols we have in place, what protocols were not put in place,” said Castillo.

Willingham says she wants answers, but she just really wants Bebe back.

"My question is, who has my dog? Where is she at? Who has her? I want my dog!” she said.

The owner of the facility says they don’t have security cameras. In 26 years, he's never needed them but says he will most likely put them up now. The facility also made up “missing” posters and put them up around the area. A police report was filed and Mesa police are investigating.


Update: Two people, including an employee of the grooming business, have been charged with felony theft. According to police, they admitted to stealing BeBe, but then claimed they'd dumped her on the other side of town. The tiny three-pound dog hasn't been found.

Izabella Santa Bujanda and Anthony Marc Barrera

(AZ Family - Feb 27, 2018)


Ohio: "My Lucky healing from a pit bull attack that almost killed him Sunday"

OHIO -- Monica Davis posted on Facebook February 27, 2018 ·

My Lucky 🐕 healing 💪 from a pit bull attack that almost killed him Sunday. I guess we named him right. Mama got you thru this recovery Lucky 💋

Texas: Woman continually puts her small dog in danger after her Pit Bull keeps attacking it - and her

TEXAS -- Dulcee Ann posted on Facebook February 27, 2018 ·

So my pit bull was attacking my small dog today

it’s happened before and I’m always able to get him off but today he was super vicious and I was trying To break it off and while I was doing that shit my dog fucking bites my arm

I couldn’t just leave my dog to die so I kept Trying till I got him off it was the most scariest shit ever but those cry’s I couldn’t bare it 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

California: Owners flee with their Pit Bull after it mauls small dog; only return to speak with police after witness follows them to their home

CALIFORNIA -- Deborah Craigo added 2 new photos to Facebook February 24, 2018 · San Diego, CA ·

Pit bull not on a leash attacked a small dog that was on her leash.

I don't care about your sympathy toward those dogs, after seeing that pit chomp on that dogs neck while the owners were punching it to let go, and then attack its legs and everyone using beach chairs to try to keep it away, then it ran out into the road.

Yeah, what if that were a baby, well.. it's this lady's baby, she's in tears and the fuckers with the pit bull finally put it on a leash and ran away. Fuck you! Cowards!

Deborah Craigo - Neighbor is checking on the dog this morning. Said the owners of the pit only came back after one of the girls had followed them to their house and reported to the police where they lived, that apparently they saw her and were like gone, took off and she didn't believe they honestly had any intention of coming back until they saw her follow them, used the excuse that they were putting the dog in their house and planned on coming back. Not sure why it took two of them to do it but okay, and then she said that both of the pits owners were bit as well and had blood all over them. What a lovely dog eh? Here we have a one bite rule, which means the dog will definitely be put down. Probably why they ran.

Deborah Craigo - Lets just say they sat out there with the small dog for an hour while they waited for the police, and the owners hadn't come back that entire time.


Oregon: Woman, whose sweet dog was mauled by a Pit Bull, wants us to know SHE LOVES PIT BULLS!

OREGON -- Sydney Lehman posted on Facebook February 24, 2018 ·

My sweet dog was attacked by a pit bull mix yesterday while we were on our walk. Although he’s rocking the collar, he’s in a lot of pain. The other dog’s bites went clear to Hector’s bone. Now: antibiotics, pain pills, and lots of limping. 😢

 Actually the owner of the victim is an APOLOGIST


Maryland: Men release Pit Bull to attack, kill cats in feral cat colony

MARYLAND -- On Feb 21, 2018,  Midnight a friendly colony cat was fed by his caretaker along with 4 other cats.

After the caretaker left, three men let their pit bull off its leash to attack the cats.  

Last year there were 13.  Now there are 5.  Three were found in the last few months dead and now they know how they were being killed.

The rest of the cats are needing trapped and rehomed to barns. This means there are vetting costs, food, litter, and transportation costs. There are another 4 cats fed very close to this location and we will rehome them too.

Please this is an emergency,  if you can donate anything, its greatly appreciated.  Checks can also be made out to Metro Ferals if you choose.  I can private message you my address.

Just an update...Midnight has survived but is very sore. Yes this incident has been reported to Animal Control. Trapping of the left over cats will be this Saturday.

Last night 4 cats were trapped/removed as 2 of them were friendly. There is 1 very trap savy one left and then we saw 2 new comers. It was a little scary night as it wasn't the best of area.

We got to see the dog that killed 1 of the cats a few months ago. Nothing was said but it was a little tense as they walked by with their dog as it was on a leash this time.

GOFUNDME: Cats being attacked by Pit bull
Created February 22, 2018
Mary Yost Jones

Ohio: Airedale Terrier attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull. Pit Bull owner claims he's only had it 2 months and 'didn't know' it was vicious

OHIO -- Kathleen McAtee Niarhos posted on Facebook February 25, 2018 ·

Colby was attacked this morning by a Pit Bull.

Hes doing okay now just keeping a watch on him. I have don't have good feelings about pit bulls right now.

The owner has been warned hes going to pay the vet bill if I have to take Colby if he doesn't I'm going to have his dog picked up. #don't mess with me I'm in a bad mood.

I'm taking him tomorrow to the Vets & making a report. The man said they only had the dog 2 months & don't know to much about it. I'm still pissed off


Missouri: Dachshund attacked by Pit Bull while she was in her own yard

MISSOURI -- Country View Animal Clinic added 3 new photos to Facebook February 25, 2018 ·

This Dachshund female was attacked in her own yard by the neighbor's Pit Bull dog.

The owner warned the neighbors that she would shoot the dog if it came back.The dog runs off when she goes outside.

The dog's regular vet was unavailable and the owner had been referred to the emergency vet in Springfield

North Carolina: Little dog named Abby attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull

NORTH CAROLINA -- Susan Mason posted on Facebook February 23, 2018 ·

My baby girl Abby got attacked by a pit bull this is one of her wounds.i am so angry that people let's a vicious dog run free in a housing development.

Barbara J Bryson I am so sorry is she better now?

Susan Mason no she has bites all over her and a big gash on her hindquarters

Donna Spell Poor thing. Could have been a child. Needs to be something done to that dog and owner.

Susan Mason that's what I told the cop

Leanna Flood Shoot shovel and shut up. That dog would be dead one way or another.

Tammy L Barton It has a taste for blood now! My sisters Boston terrior was viciously destroyed by a pit bull. There was blood dripping off the walls and blood everywhere! When they attack they need to be destroyed!

Kisha Nicole Taylor Give that pit a lead pill!

Florida: Woman has her leg amputated at the knee after being attacked by her own Pit Bull

FLORIDA -- A Homosassa woman is recovering from severe dog bites after her own dog attacked her without warning or provocation.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, deputies at about 11 a.m. on Thursday responded to a home off South Maxwell Point in Homosassa, where they found the homeowner, 20-year-old Jessica Calhoun, with serious bites on her body, especially her legs.

Calhoun and her boyfriend, Robert Guerra, told police their 4-year-old female pit bull terrier mix attacked Calhoun at home while she was on the phone. Guerra said the dog walked over to Calhoun, sniffed her clothes and then attacked her for no reason.

Due to the severity of her injuries, Calhoun was airlifted to a hospital and contact was made with the Florida Department of Health in case she contracted rabies, according to the sheriff’s office.

Calhoun surrendered ownership of her dog to the county and asked for it to be put down. Instead of monitoring the dog for 10 days to see if it had rabies, the county euthanized the dog and sent it to a state lab for more immediate testing.

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Lana Mullins Springer added 2 new photos to Facebook — with Jessica Calhoun. February 23 at 12:32pm ·


This is my Beautiful niece Jessica. Yesterday morning she was attacked by her own dog.

She is in pretty bad shape. She was in surgery for almost 7 hours yesterday. The dog tore both of her legs up especially the left leg. Hitting the main artery in her leg. The surgeon did a procedure yesterday taking a vein out of her right leg and placing it in her left.

As of the morning that procedure was not successful. I am asking all of my friends that are prayer warriors to please keep Jessica in prayer. The surgeon has now recommend amputating her leg.

At this point it's a life or death decision. Our family is heart broken! I know God is a big God! And he can change the situation before the surgery ever get started! Please pray for this sweet girl that is so full of life! Jess we love you baby girl! 🙏❤️🙏❤️


Her employer said she loves her three dogs and that she'd been trying to get rid of at least one of them.

It should also be noted that the Pit Bull pictured in this article is one that the victim was trying to re-home. It is not the actual Pit Bull that attacked her.

GOFUNDME: Jessica Calhoun medical fund
Created February 24, 2018
Lana Mullins Springer

Hi everyone,

This is Jessica Marie, our beautiful, wonderful, full of life girl.  She needs all of our help as she was brutally attacked by her family dog on Thursday morning resulting in life threatening injuries.

Jessica has gone through two major surgeries thus far, is still on a ventilator and fighting to get better every day. She remains in critical condition, having suffered severe trauma to both legs, resulting in the severing of a main artery in her left upper thigh.

After unsuccessful procedures in attempting to restore blood circulation to her left leg, doctors had no choice but to amputate the leg above the knee.

Jessica has been a employee at Brooksville's Coney Island Restaurant for 14 years, has no health insurance, and will have medical bills piling up quick, let alone the long road to recovery ahead.  We now are asking for your help financially; if you cannot please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This girl is going to need a lot of love and support from all her friends and family!  Thank you all and God richly bless you!