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New Mexico man, Dokquwon Biggers, arrested for stabbing dog with scissors, police say

NEW MEXICO -- A New Mexico man was arrested for stabbing a dog with scissors while fighting with his girlfriend, police said.

Dokquwon Biggers, 20, was apprehended Sunday afternoon after months on the run for extreme cruelty to animals, police told KRQE.

Biggers took his anger out during an argument by jabbing the shears into a pit bull's right hip in his apartment in March, police said.

The Albuquerque man was also charged with battery against a household member and criminal damage. It is unclear if the charges are related.

The dog was bleeding and required stitches but was expected to recover.

Biggers was released after making $15,000 bail or surety, according to court records.
(NY Daily News - Dec 30, 2014)

Macon attorney, Veronica Brinson, defends pit bulls after attack

GEORGIA -- Veronica Brinson says her son's three pit bulls are not dangerous.

"I've not known these animals to be vicious," Brinson said, "I've not known these dogs killing any other dogs."

The three dogs are accused of killing a schnauzer, and biting its owners, Jose Munoz and his wife, Claudia Naranja, Monday morning.

"We are sympathetic to anybody generally harmed or generally injured, but we do want the complete facts to come out," Brinson said.


A report by the Bibb County Sheriff's office says after the initial attack, a neighbor said he saw Munoz return to the Brinson home twice.

The second time, the report says Munoz was carrying two knives and chased after the dogs.

The witness reported hearing yelping afterwards.

Brinson's son soon arrived on the scene.

"Whoever went on the scene with a knife and took the law in his hands, slashed Pearl, after the initial incident," said Brinson, "If Bryan had come on the scene just a little bit earlier, he could have directed his anger at my son."

Brinson's house on Brookfield drive is under renovation after a fire in June.

Although no one lives there right now, officials say the dogs were fenced in the backyard Monday morning.

Brinson says the dogs are well-attended.


"If they are not with Bryan, they're with family members, sometimes they are with me, it depends."

When asked, she did not give an exact location of where the dogs lived.

But after 13WMAZ's Sitarah Coote asked for more details on where the dogs are usually kept, Brinson had enough.

She said she appreciated the reporter and WMAZ for following up with her, before finishing the interview.

The Bibb County sheriff's office says they're still investigating the case, and have not decided whether anyone should be charged.

(WMAZ - December 30, 2014)


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pit bulls attack woman and mauls her Schnauzer to death

GEORGIA -- Dogs belonging to the family of attorney Veronica Brinson are accused of injuring a woman as they killed her dog in north Macon.

RIP Ronaldo

Shortly before 9 a.m. Friday, Claudia Naranjo had taken her schnauzer outside on Millwood Court when three pitbulls came after the dog, named Renalto.

Naranjo, 38, of Miami, was visiting Tora and Zarina Gore for the holidays at the end of the cul de sac around the corner from the Brinson home on Brookefield Drive, which runs off Bowman Road behind the Publix on Bass Road.

Zarina Gore was inside her bedroom when the victim’s husband started knocking on the door asking her to call 911 for an ambulance and deputies.

“When I opened the door, he said that they attacked her dog and attacked her. The dog is dead, her dog is dead and she got bitten all over her fingers,” Zarina Gore said.

Her guest was taken by ambulance to the hospital with multiple injuries to her hands and also had a wound on her nose, Gore said.

“These dogs had come to my yard two weeks ago,” Gore said.

One of Brinson’s dogs might have been stabbed during the incident, according to a Macon-Bibb animal welfare officer.

A neighbor said the victim’s husband, identified by the victim’s attorney as Jose Munoz, got in his car and drove up the street and through the backyard of the home next to Brinson’s house, which had been under repair since a June fire.

A Bibb deputy pointed out what appeared to be blood on the front bumper of the man’s car, but it was not initially clear if he had hit one of the fleeing dogs.

An animal control officer later recovered a large bloody knife believed to have been used on one of the dogs.

A man who identified himself as Veronica Brinson’s son declined to comment on the incident.

Macon-Bibb animal welfare officer Sonja Adams told Brinson’s son he would receive three citations for failing to restrain his dogs.

He could be charged with animal cruelty or neglect if he does not get immediate medical attention for the dog that was stabbed, she told him.

Two of the dogs were contained at the Brinson house after the attack, and one was still “at large,” Adams said.

Officers continued to look in the neighborhood for the missing white, female pit bull with brown markings whose name is Coco, Adams said.

Anyone who spots the injured animal is asked to call 911.

The Brinson dogs could remain under strict quarantine at the house as long as they remain secured inside with only brief trips outside on a leash, when necessary.

Earlier this year, when food was left unattended on the stove in Brinson’s home, a half-dozen pit bull puppies perished.


Neighbors said the family has not been living there while the house was being repaired, and the dogs had gotten out before without incident.

A man, who only would identify himself as someone making repairs on the Brinson house, said he thought the gate had been tampered with on the tall wooden fence around the Brinsons’ backyard.

Veronica Brinson will be conducting her own investigation, he said.

Repairs were made to the gate Monday morning.

Bibb deputies were called to the Brinson home just before noon to investigate any injuries their dog sustained.

(Macon Telegraph (blog)  - ‎Dec 29, 2014‎)

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‘Horrific’ Case Of Animal Torture And Starvation

CANADA -- A man charged with horrific animal abuse crimes has recently pleaded guilty in the torture and deaths of a cat and a dog.

The suspect, identified as Nicolino Camardi of Calgary, Alberta, is accused of starving a dog and then “hanging” a cat with a piece of string. Global News shared this December 12, 2014.

This latest update on the story discusses Camardi’s actions and why prosecutors are looking for a serious criminal sentence in this heated case.

Nicolino Ivano Camardi

Nicolino Camardi, of Calgary, was recently charged in a disturbing set of abuse allegations against a dog and a cat. Last Friday, Camardi pleaded guilty to two separate animal cruelty charges, both of which involved the victims’ torture to the point of death. These senseless killings led to not only serious public backlash, but serious aims from prosecutors hoping to land the suspect in extended prison time.

The Calgary Humane Society began investigating January 9, when a starved dog was found dead with tape around its muzzle. A dead cat was found in the same area a week later with green painter’s tape covering most of its face.

An examination at a veterinarian’s office determined the dog suffered chronic malnourishment before its death. The cat had been strangled and had injuries to its head, tail and hind limbs. Crown prosecutor, Gord Haight, read an agreed statement of facts into the court record saying the animals were a two-year-old Husky named Shadow, and a six-month-old domestic short-haired kitten named One Tooth, and that both were severely malnourished.

The attacks on the animals often occurred when Camardi, who was addicted to crack cocaine, would get angry about issues such as house soiling or making noise. Haight said these incidents would trigger Camardi to commit horrific acts of abuse.


“Due to the lack of adequate and proper food, Shadow became progressively more malnourished, and toward the end of her life became increasingly weak and lethargic. A few days before Shadow died, the accused taped her muzzle shut with clear medical tape. Shadow was too weak from starvation to resist. Camardi also kicked and punched the cat. The accused, in an effort to stifle her cries of pain, applied painter’s tape all over her mouth and nose.”

The prosecution asked for a pre-sentence report and a psychiatric assessment of Camardi before sentencing, said Haight.

“The Crown will be seeking considerably more time than the seven months the accused has been in custody. Because of the abject horror of the crime, a psychiatric review is necessary.”

(Inquisitor - Dec 15, 2014)


Jamie Broadbent starved two dogs to death after locking them in bedroom with no food or water

UNITED KINGDOM -- Two dogs starved to death after their owner refused them food and water.
A shocked RSPCA inspector said it was “one of the worst cases” she had ever seen.

Roxy, a German shepherd, and Cassie, a terrier, were found dead in a bedroom.

A court heard their owner, Jamie Broadbent, 29, had lived with the pets as they suffered a “painful and protracted death.”

Animal inspectors, alerted by his landlord, had to break down the door of the bedroom because the handles had been removed.

Two bags of food were found alongside the dogs but they had not been fed.

One had been dead at least 10 days and the other more than a week.

Broadbent admitted causing unnecessary suffering by not providing proper and necessary care and supervision, resulting in the death of the dogs last February.

His solicitor, Rebecca Stanton, said: “Something has changed within his life quite significantly to allow this offence to have taken place.”

The case was adjourned until January 8 for a pre-sentence report.

Speaking after the case at Burnley magistrates, Lancs, RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Booker said: “He had moved out and posted the key but we think he must have been living there when the dogs died.

“He was there for possibly a few days or even weeks after they died. He had taken the door handle off the bedroom door which we assumed was to stop kids from going in.

“Both dogs were emaciated and were very dirty. He was saying he couldn’t afford to feed them but two bags of dog food were found.

“He didn’t give either of them any of water which makes it worse as water is free and takes nothing to fill up a bowl of water. The fact that there was food there too makes it all the worse. If you genuinely needed help there is help.

“This is one of the worst cases we’ve seen - the bedroom was appalling there were faeces are urine on the floor because they were locked in that room and didn’t go anywhere else. The puppy was going on about one and the German Shepherd was about two or three years old.

“The post-mortem proved inconclusive because the dogs were maggotted and had been rotting away on the sofa.

“The suffering must have been absolutely immense for the dogs. The vet commented that it would have taken several days - probably even longer for them to die.

“It’s a serious offence which carries a six-month jail term and £20,000 fine. We would hope for a ban to stop him from having any animals in the future.”

Broadbent, from Burnley, was living in nearby Bacup at the time the dogs died.

( - Dec 8, 2014)

Paterson children plead guilty to torturing, killing stray cat "Quattro"

NEW JERSEY -- Three Paterson children charged with viciously killing a stray cat have pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges, according to the Passaic County ASPCA.

"The case was heard on October 2014 - All three Juveniles involved pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and have been charged to the fullest extent of the law," the agency said on Facebook on Wednesday.


The death of "Quattro the cat" sparked outrage across the country (and in Paterson, for other reasons) in May after authorities determined three boys– ages 6, 10 and 12– had critically beaten the feline with rocks and bricks near Public School 4.

Two brothers, ages 14 and 12, were credited with having halted the attack. But Quattro had to be euthanized after having suffered two broken legs, a broken jaw, a fractured eye socket and head trauma.

School officials suspended the grade schoolers back in May.

As a result of their guilty pleas, Judge Greta Gooden-Brown ordered the boys to one year of probation and 30 hours of community service in a pet therapy program or an animal control agency, prosecutors said.

"Also, the juveniles were ordered to undergo mental health counseling which will focus on empathy awareness, anger management and impulse control," Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes said in a statement. "Futhermore, each juvenile was ordered to engage in family counseling."

Renee Olah, who founded Second Chance at Life cat rescue, said on the "Justice for Quattro"
Facebook page that supporters sent prosecutors more than 1,000 letters and emails demanding that justice be served.

( - Dec 4, 2014)

David Shuck killed his dog by leaving it for days in freezing temperatures

INDIANA -- In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, police arrested a man who left his dog outside for days in the freezing cold.

Officers arrested David Shuck after his 12-year-old shepherd-collie mix died in its outdoor kennel.

In court paperwork provided to FOX59 by the Kokomo Tribune, an officer said Shuck told him that he had left for a few days on a weekend hunting trip.

“He was going to tell someone to put his (dog) inside out of the cold while he was gone but forgot to do so,” that officer said.

Officers reported no wind break or any insulated shelter for the dog. They also said Shuck took two days after he got home to check on the dog and another few days to call animal control.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Tara Harris with Every Dog Counts Rescue said.

Harris has seen other cases of animals being left outside in the cold, including one severe case last winter.

“You could actually see the pattern of how he must have been laying in the cold, because all that skin had just torn away once he stood up,” Harris said.

She and other advocates said you should keep your pet indoors during below-freezing nights or, at the very least, provide shelter and straw to keep them warm.

At Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, the dogs go outside for short periods of time because of this very issue.

“It is extremely risky to leave your pet out in bad weather,” Dawn Contos with IACC said.

Contos encouraged anyone who sees an animal being kept outdoors and worries about its safety to call their local police non-emergency number or animal control.

“We would rather have you report it and have an officer sent out and then find that maybe it’s not as severe a case as you thought,” Contos said.

In Indianapolis, you can also call the Mayor’s Action Center at (317) 327-4MAC.

Shuck was charged with a count of animal cruelty. He’s expected in court next week.

(Fox59 - December 9, 2014)

Actor, Dimitri Diatchenko, charged with killing and eating ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit

UPDATE TO STORY: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor, Dimitri Diatchenko, pleads guilty to animal cruelty after killing and eating ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit and then sending graphic photos to her

CALIFORNIA -- A 'Bones' and 'Sons of Anarchy' actor has been charged with killing his female roommate's pet rabbit and threatening to do the same to her, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced today, Dec. 11.

According to a press release from the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, Dimitri Diatchenko, 46, of North Hollywood is facing two felony charges: cruelty to an animal with a use of knife allegation and criminal threats.

"While the victim was out of the house, Diatchenko skinned the pet, cooked it and ate half of it while sending her step-by-step pictures of what he did, the prosecutor added. When she returned the defendant allegedly told her he would do the same to her," the District Attorney Office stated in the press release.

Diatchenko killed the rabbit and made the threat on Dec. 7, after the victim said they should no longer be roommates, said the prosecutor. The two had been living together for some time after their romantic relationship had ended.

Diatchenko faces a maximum sentence of four years and eight months incarceration if convicted. At the arraignment scheduled for Dec. 30, the prosecutor will be asking bail be set at $90,000.

The press release also stated that the case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The story is reminiscent of the infamous scene from the 1987 hit thriller, Fatal Attraction, in which Michael Douglas' character finds his daughter's pet rabbit boiled in a pot by spurned one-night-stand played by Glenn Close. Close's performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Diatchenko's management team has said they will not comment on the story at this time.

(7online - December 11, 2014)

Sparks woman accused of beating, strangling 2 cats to death

NEVADA -- A Sparks woman was recently arrested and accused of killing her two cats while believing them to be "demons" during a mental breakdown, police said.

Elizabeth Bergland, 35, faces two counts of willfully torturing and maiming an animal and one count of third-degree arson after police found her two cats dead in the front yard of her home in Sparks.

Bergland's mother had called police early last month saying her daughter was having a mental break down and had burned one cat, said Lt. Chad Hawkins. Police had responded to the call in the 500 block of K Street.

Upon arrival, officers found Bergland outside with her cats, Hawkins said.

"She was clearly upset… and she seemed to think that these cats represented the devil in some fashion, and that's why she did it," Hawkins said.

Police said they found one cat beaten with a golf club and the other strangled with an electrical cord and lit on fire, he said.

"With the help of some of her family, we got her in for a psychiatric evaluation," Hawkins said.

"In the next week or two, she was stabilized enough that we went to the judge and told him it would be better – since some of the help wouldn't be available in jail – for her if she was released, that way she can continue her treatment," he said. "Hopefully she stays stabilized."

Bergland had no previous history of criminal behavior or animal torture, but family told police she's had mental breakdowns in the past, Hawkins said.

Bergland was released from custody and is set for an arraignment at the Sparks Justice Court early next month.

( - Dec 10, 2014)

Severely abused puppy rescued in Tennessee

TENNESSEE -- When Julie Bird Marecki picked this puppy up from the side of the road on Hubb Gilchrist Rd. near Ramer, Tennessee, she never dreamed of the outpouring of love headed her way for her selfless act. All she knew was this pup was injured, and she wanted to help him.

The vet report revealed even more disturbing news than she imagined, far more that what meets the eye

Now dubbed "Chip," this sweet puppy, believed to be a purebred yellow labrador, has suffered some of the cruelest torture his vet has ever seen. He's also becoming the newest internet animal star.

The swelling and hair loss on his face are what veterinarian Dr.Gina Welton believes were flammable liquids being poured on him, then attempting to set him on fire.

Chip's eyelids have been completely removed, as well as his bottom lip. The tip of his penis was cut off. Chip also has an indention on his head from blunt force trauma, as well as missing several teeth.

Dr. Welton is contacting an outside surgeon, where the estimate to repair his abused body is estimated to be between $2,000 and $3,000.

Julie gave Chip a good bath, after finding him covered with dirt, fleas and ticks. He's also on oral and topical antibiotics to help him heal.

By sharing Chip's story, you will bring more and more attention to his cause and hopefully the person who did this can be caught. Plans for a reward are being considered, and Chip is also helping catch his abuser. He's terrified of camo clothing, so his abuser may be a hunter.

Julie spoke with the Sheriff of McNairy County. There are so many versions going around as to what may have happened to Chip. Some say his injuries resemble a meth flash back, others think he has strangles-a nodular and pustular skin disorder that affects puppies.

Neither of these would explain the dented head, or the mutilated penis. Willful abuse seems most likely, and we all know abusers start with animals before moving on to humans.

( - Dec 27, 2014)


A Woman Accused of Starving and Abandoning her Fostered dog Speaks out

GEORGIA -- Ralph the dog was reunited with his owner on Christmas Eve, after the owner saw where a local shelter posted his picture online. Ralph was starved and had chemical burns on his back. The owner of the dog says his most recent foster parent, Kristy Duckett is to blame.

Duckett began fostering Ralph in late July, after his owner, Pamela Johnson found herself unable to care for the dog for the time being. Duckett says she offered to help her friend out.

Owner Pamela Johnson

“The agreement was to foster the dog until she was able to have a place where she was able to have a dog she said that she would pay for dog food that was the agreement to foster him never to keep him," she said.

After four months fostering Ralph, Duckett's landlord said she would have to pay an additional $350 pet fee or get rid of him. She says she was unable to pay that fee, and that's when she contacted Johnson on November 6th.

Text messages show Johnson wouldn't take the dog back

“She didn't answer my messages so a month goes by and still no answer, post still no answer nothing so I had no choice but to take him to the pound," Duckett explained.

On November 28th she dropped Ralph at Augusta Animal Services. 

Duckett claims Ralph was healthy and pleasantly plump when she dropped him at the shelter. Shelter workers says that is not the case.

“He's a good dog, he's a sweet dog and he doesn't deserve, this he deserves the care that he's getting, but don't slander my name because of all of that," Duckett said.

We have spoken with employees at Augusta Animal Services who say Ralph was thin and burned when he was brought to them. While at the shelter Ralph gained 3 pounds.

News Channel 6 plans to speak more with the shelter about this case. We will continue to keep you updated on the latest information.

(WJBF - Dec 28, 2014)

Odessa Family's Dog Doused in Chemicals, Set on Fire

TEXAS -- Tammy Cryer's dog, Hershey, is fighting for his life after being doused with flammable chemicals and set on fire.

The black Border Collie underwent two surgeries at Angel Veterinary Clinic, and may need to be put down in the coming days.

"We have no idea who did this to him," said Cryer, who took Hershey five years ago.

"We came home from dinner and my son found him curled up on the front porch [after he had let himself out of the backyard enclosure], drenched in some kind of chemical. We thought it was transmission fluid. We thought he was hit by a car."


Veterinarians said the dog sustained third degree burns on large portion of its body, and would need extensive surgery to remove dead flesh and treat surrounding skin.

They could not identify what type of flammable chemical Hershey was doused with.

Cryer's father, Bill Loyd, has lived in their home on E 16th Street since 1995 and "never knew of anything like this happening in the area."

"They're sick to do that to an animal that can't take care of itself," said Loyd. "None of the neighbors [we spoke with] saw anything happen or know who's behind this."


They have yet to file a police report.

Animal cruelty is a felony in Texas, punishable by 180 days to two years in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

Anybody with information about the person or people responsible for Hershey's burns can contact Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS.

( - Dec 26, 2014)

St. Paul woman, Anna Robole, pleads guilty after leaving 2 puppies in dumpster

MINNESOTA -- A St. Paul woman has pleaded guilty to one count of felony animal cruelty after leaving puppies in a dumpster.

Anna Robole (Anna Bertha Robole), 47, entered the plea Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court.

In May, authorities said two dogs were found in a trash bin behind the Scenic Hills Animal Hospital on Burns Avenue, near White Bear Avenue, in St. Paul.

Hospital staff called police after they found the malnourished puppies, one of which was dead. A necropsy couldn't determine a cause of death.

The surviving puppy found in the dumpster

Robole told authorities she "left the puppies in the trash hoping someone at the animal hospital would save them".

Witnesses told police she had kicked the puppies, choked them with their collars and covered their mouths with duct tape.

Robole is set to be sentenced in February.

Animal hospital workers named the surviving dog Scrappy and he was quickly adopted.

( / Pioneer Press - Dec 18, 2014)


Robert Murphy says he starved his dog because he had "a lot on his plate"

UNITED KINGDOM -- A BIRKENHEAD man starved his dog to within two days of death because he had “a lot on his plate”.

Robert Daniel Murphy admitted causing unnecessary suffering to his white American bulldog “Belle” when he appeared before Wirral magistrates on Tuesday.

The court heard how the 27-year-old, of Dingle Road, had failed to feed the dog correctly for at least two months between June 29 and August 29, 2014.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told magistrates how the defendant’s girlfriend had taken the dog to the vets after it had collapsed on his couch.

He said: “The vet was so concerned about the condition of the dog that he immediately called the RSPCA.

“The dog was emaciated, weighing just 11.6kg, was dehydrated  and was too weak to bare any weight.  The vet was sure that the animal would have died within the next 24 to 48 hours if left alone.”

Magistrates heard how Murphy had admitted ownership of the dog when interviewed by the RSPCA and said he had been working 10  hours a day.

“He said he had the dog for two years from a puppy and had got himself into a state. He was also seeing his daughter in the evenings,” added Chris Murphy.

“He was unable to afford proper food things and car for the animal and said he started feeding him biscuits but it had choked.”

The court heard that Murphy had “noticed the change” in the dog but said it had “always been skinny”.

He said the “stress of work” and the breakdown of his relationship had caught up with him.
Chris Murphy said: “He didn’t pay enough attention to the dog and accepted he should have done more or had the dog rehomed.”

Representing himself, Murphy said he was currently “off sick” and was a recovering alcoholic.
He told the court: “I had a lot on my plate at the time. I was doing volunteer work, trying to get myself back on the straight and narrow.”

Since being taken into the RSPCA’s care, Belle has recovered well and now weighs 23.5kg, something the prosecution said was down to a “proper diet”.

The case was adjourned for “all options” reports to be prepared ahead of sentencing on January 23.
Murphy remains on unconditional bail until that date.

(Wirral Globe-Dec 23, 2014)