Wednesday, January 9, 1991

Florida: Timothy Jenk, 42, accused of ripping the tail off a kitten

FLORIDA -- A man was jailed on an animal cruelty charge after he tore the tail off of a kitten he was carrying at a soup kitchen on Monday, police said.

Timothy Lee Jenk, 42, was arrested after a witness told police Jenk was holding a bloody kitten at the First Lutheran Church. Jenk was confronted by a police officer when he returned to the soup kitchen, apparently after changing his shirt, police said.

Jenk lied and told the officer a veterinarian had removed the kitten's tail the day before. Police said the black 12-week-old kitten appeared to be in severe pain and the injury was fresh.

When the officer told Jenk he was going to call Broward Animal Control, Jenk fled, police said. After a short chase, the officer caught Jenk and found a blood-soaked shirt.

Jenk was jailed in lieu of $100 bail, which was raised to $5,100 on Tuesday. The cat was turned over to Animal Control and underwent an operation for its injury on Tuesday.

(Sun Sentinel - January 9, 1991)

Saturday, January 5, 1991

Florida: Girl, 9, bitten by John Trucks' Pit bull. Police officer who responded also attacked by the same Pit Bull

FLORIDA -- A police officer and a girl were bitten by a Pit Bull mix that attacked children who were walking home from Flamingo Elementary School, police said on Friday.

Officer Jay Seiler was bitten twice on Thursday on the right leg, one puncturing the skin and the other failing to penetrate his leather boot, police spokeswoman Christine Murray said.

The dog also bit Jessica McClung, 9, on the hand but did not puncture the skin, Murray said.

The pit bull's owner released the dog to authorities, and the animal is expected to be euthanized and tested for rabies, police said. The dog has never had a rabies shot, Murray said.

A second police officer, Scott Kiso, saw two pit bulls run up to a group of children, and then go after a second group of youngsters. He did not know whether anyone was bitten during those incidents, Murray said.

Jessica told her mother that children near her who were walking home from school had yelled at one of the dogs and stomped their feet at it before it ran over to her and bit her, said Jessica`s mother, Ella Burdick.

Police were called to the 700 block of Southwest 133rd Terrace when a passer- by reported that two dogs were attacking children.

The officers saw the dogs run under a trailer and into a yard. Officer Seiler was walking to the front door of the trailer looking for the owner when he was bitten by the dog that bit Jessica, Murray said.

No charges had been filed against the dogs' owner, John Trucks, Murray said. An investigation is continuing.

The second dog, also owned by Trucks, a female who had puppies recently, will be quarantined for 10 days to determine whether she has rabies. Murray said the dog`s rabies shots were not up to date.

(Sun Sentinel - January 5, 1991)